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Display your WiFi network name & password proudly with this customizable letterpress print.
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Hi, I’m Ginger and I am a regular internet user. I’m often connecting to other folks' WiFi and sharing my own network with friends & houseguests. I wanted an easy way to communicate my credentials without having to dictate a long password or dig out a post-it note. Seems obvious, but when I looked around for an attractive way to display my WiFi details, I didn’t find one.

Fortunately, my friend Laura is an amazing illustrator and signed on to help out with the idea! We designed this print to be computery while still reminiscent of your grandma's embroidery sampler. Share your credentials and show off your radical network name to your house guests and collaborators. 

How do I customize it? 

Your kit will come with a blank print and two coordinating colored pencils. The customizable fields for network name and password are created by running a letterpress plate with no ink, leaving rows of indented circles. 

This screenshot is from our design file, ready to go to our letterpress shop. The gray shapes will be indentations, created by running a blind impression.
This screenshot is from our design file, ready to go to our letterpress shop. The gray shapes will be indentations, created by running a blind impression.

You'll color in the blank circles, using our alphabet template to spell out your information. Printed instructions with the font are included in the kit. 

What's included?

Each kit includes: 

  • One 12 x 7" print on 140# white cover stock
  • Two colored pencils in complementary colors
  • An instruction sheet with alphanumeric font & practice rows

Can I pick a color? 

We'll send a survey out after the campaign closes to get your color choice. We'll be printing versions in muted RED and BLUE initially.

If we raise $2000, we'll be able to pay for two more color changes and we'll add the YELLOW and GREEN options. 

Green & Yellow prints available at $2000 stretch goal
Green & Yellow prints available at $2000 stretch goal

Note that these photos show samples printed on an inkjet printer; the final product will match Pantone color swatches and have that crisp bite that only letterpress can do! 

Here are the ink colors we're planning to use: 

  • Blue: Pantone 314
  • Red: Pantone 1787
  • Yellow: Pantone 130
  • Green: Pantone 377

Let's start the presses! 

Back us and get a print. We'll use the money to:

  • Order the two custom letterpress plates
  • Cover the materials cost of the first run
  • Ship the kits to you


<3 Ginger & Laura


And some very honorable mentions: 

We're very lucky to have some amazing friends who have helped us out so far. Much love to: 

  • Conor Loughridge of The Wiggly Tendrils for the video's amazing song. Be sure to visit his website for all of your custom songwriting needs! #bespoke #sanfrancisco
  • Patrick Ewing for videography and editing help and Jon Beilin for de-tinifying our audio. 

Risks and challenges

Our design is finalized and we've gotten quotes from independent U.S. letterpress shops. We've priced all materials and have set our reward cost to cover expenses.

Our biggest unknown is converting the design to letterpress. We're confident in our choice of medium, but we won't know how the blind impression looks until we do the actual run. If we're not satisfied with the effect, we might need to make adjustments or order another plate.

Laura and I are fully committed to fulfilling the rewards to backers, and are prepared to spend additional time and money to make sure we do! Our strategy has been to simplify the reward structure to fully focus on delivering a single, thoughtfully constructed product.

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