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Build an A.I. robot out of anything! From potatoes to clay, you can build your own robot and re-use the parts!
Build an A.I. robot out of anything! From potatoes to clay, you can build your own robot and re-use the parts!
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Happy Christmas! Manufacturing done. Apologies again that your Smartibots aren't with you yet.

Posted by Ross Atkin (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

This is a quick update on where we are with production and shipping. It seems that since the last update, when I thought we would have been packing and mailing Smartibots last week, we have slipped another week, so packing and address labelling will start today (Christmas doesn't seem to be much of a holiday in China) with shipping happening at the end of this week, or on the 2nd. Everything finally arrived at the kitting factory at the end of last week. It seems the delay (to the circuit boards, which as you know were the only outstanding parts) was because the factory did some additional testing and reworking of boards that weren't working quite right. 

The kitting factory seem confident that they can get it done in a few days, but I'm learning to take these assurances with a pinch of salt, so will update you again when they are all actually packed and in the mail. They are packing the kits to include the outer packaging for postage, and the postage labels, so they can go straight into the fulfilment system, without any additional handling. After they have shipped we are expecting them to take about a week to get to backers in the UK, about two weeks to get to folks in Europe and the US and about three weeks to get to the rest of the world.

Akram and I used the additional time to do more testing of the iOS app (we've made some changes that we think will improve usability) and making sure it works really nicely with the Espruino-based firmware.  We're going to submit it to the app store on the 27th, after they come back from their Holiday Shutdown. I also re-wrote the firmware that is flashed to the circuit boards using the blocks editor in Espruino (and our custom Smartibot blocks). I'm hoping that this will make it really easy for people who aren't necessarily that familiar with programming to jump in and have a mess around if they want to make their Smartibot do something that it doesn't do out of the box (because all the functions that are, are there on the screen for them to manipulate as coloured blocks). For people who are familiar with programming and think blocks editors are for kids, don't worry it spits out JavaScript (for people who think JavaScrpit is for kids we'll hopefully have a C++ toolchain available soon). We should have the Android app up on Google Play in the first week of January.

Apologies again that you don't have your Smartibots today. If you need stand-ins I corrected a few typos on the single-fold and papercraft ones and here is a video you can show to recipients (that I shot at 5am before getting on a plane) that explains what they will be getting, and apologises that they haven't got it yet.

After posting the update I was really overwhelmed by the incredibly kind and generous comments that many of you posted. I wasn't able to respond at the time (because I had Precious cardboard parts to make, firmware to write and lots of testing to do) but it was, and still is, hugely appreciated, and made me feel a whole lot better. Kickstarter is a truly remarkable community and it is an incredible privilege to have the support of so many positive, empathetic and enthusiastic people like yourself.

Apologies again, thank you so much, and have a wonderful Chrstmas!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Tiziano Ameruoso on

      Hi Ross,
      It’s late January, and the last update was a month ago, I still didn’t received my smartibot, it was supposed to be a xmas gift for my daughter, disappointed it wasn’t. I’m writing from Italy, do you have a realistic shipping date?

    2. Missing avatar

      Laura Walter on

      Hi have the smart bots been sent out yet? Bought as a Christmas present for my hubby and showed him the video, (thanks for that). He was super excited but haven't heard anything yet and thought that they were being sent out on the 26th?
      Could you let us know when these will be sent out?

    3. Missing avatar

      Shaun "Killersheep" on

      @Ross Atkin, thanks for the reply. These things happen just glad to hear some news :)

    4. Ross Atkin 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone, apologies, I’ve been posting in the main comment thread but I realise that if you’re looking at this thread you have no way of knowing that. We had a major issue with the jig that we built for the kitting factory to program and test the main circuit boards (it seems the Raspberry Pi we put in it ended up booting into the wrong mode when they set it up in the factory). We finally got it sorted but it had slowed them down a lot (more than we had realised initially). Everything is now running as planned (and has been for the last week) but we haven’t been able to persuade them to parallelise any of the steps (they wanted to program and test all the boards before starting on the packing and they want to finish packing and labelling all the kits before releasing anything into the distribution channels). This has been frustrating, but it does make sense because they can much more easily spot (and fix) any mistakes if they run it like that. They have promised that everything will go into the distribution channels on the 26th or before, and we have been checking up on them daily so believe they are on track to do this. I'm not going to count my chickens before they have hatched though, so I’m holding off on the next update until we actually have confirmation that the robots have shipped. Apologies again for the ongoing delay and any thanks for your support and patience,

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Gibson on

      come on guys how about an update?

    6. ann crites on

      got my templates, but still no smartibot. is there any info on an ETA?

    7. Missing avatar

      Shaun "Killersheep" on

      to echo others, any updates on delivery or how its going in general?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin Lincoln on

      Any further update on when despatch due?

    9. Missing avatar

      Sara Dicker on

      Hi I also have not received anything, what are the time lines?

    10. Missing avatar

      Gerry on

      Hi Ross,
      Any update as to when I’ll receive my Smartibot?

    11. Missing avatar

      Deborah J Sousa on

      Question for you - I received an envelope in the mail this week - not the box shown in the video. It contained 3 metallic looking cardboard sheets for building but nothing else. Will the box be coming separately?

    12. Missing avatar

      Vincent Roman on

      Onwards and upwards for Smartibot in 2019! Thanks for all the hard work in 2018 and looking forwarding to getting everything, whenever it comes =) Happy New Year to you and the team!

    13. Missing avatar

      Arnaud Guitard on

      Merry Christmas to the team :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Budi Jap on

      Thanks for the update Ross. I really hope you have a Merry Christmas. Don't worry about the delivery. And, thanks for the hardwork that you've put in. Enjoy Christmas.

    15. Alex White on

      Thanks for the update, it just stretches the Christmas excitement into the new year! 😀 Have a great Christmas Ross and team!

    16. Henrik Norinder on

      Merry Christmas Smartibot Team. And thanks Ross!

    17. Bree (blakwngbrd)

      Thank you Ross! ❤️