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Valdis Story: Abyssal City's video poster

Valdis Story: Abysal City is a sidescrolling exploration platformer with an emphasis on intricate and rewarding combat. Read more

Queens, NY Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on April 27, 2012.

Valdis Story: Abysal City is a sidescrolling exploration platformer with an emphasis on intricate and rewarding combat.

Queens, NY Video Games
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Valdis Story Out Now!


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September 2 Update


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Dev Update and OST

Hey everyone,

 Just a quick update to let you know where we're at. Wyatt's play through is complete, but Reina still needs animations for one more weapon and some dialogue to be finished. Calum is working hard replacing the place holder sound FX. Gilda will also need her base animations for Idle/walking/running to be completed, she is not playable yet but she still appears in game as an NPC. 

All backers who pledged 30$ and up will be receiving an email with their download code for the Valdis Story: Abyssal City Soundtrack very soon. (Will try to get through all the emails on Thursday ) 


Website and Wallpaper!

Hey Friends!

I hope you guys are relaxing and staying cool because we are burning in NYC. Or maybe you are in a completely different side of the world where it's nice and rainy out. That's actually our favorite kind of weather. Anyway despite the heat , Kyron and I continue to work really hard to make Valdis Story the great game we want it to be. Reina only needs one weapon left to be completely finished.  The ending is also shaping up. However I mostly wanted to take this time to share some treats with you!

A Valdis Story Page! is up!  Not only is it a sweet looking page for Valdis Story but it is a sweet looking page crafted by one talented crew member  - Daborsk aka Shawn Borsky! When the game is out go find his character.  For now, check out  and have a great way of showing your friends the game you funded.

A Desktop Gift

I made some artwork of my favorite fight in the demo and I saved it in Desktop sizes so you can put it on your desktop if you wish. I also recorded myself painting this one. You can watch me paint it here: 


Normal(5:4) Widescreen(16:9)Widescreen(16:10)

Other News

So, our green light is still going strong but we could definitely use more votes to push us into the top 100. The truth is It is a difficult thing to promote while we are still working full time on the game. Even still we've had great help from our friends to push out the news and promote. More and more people are discovering this game we're working really hard on.  Here are a few links:

 If you want to help us get on steam, vote us up or tell your friends to do your dirty work!

Ok, that's it for now guys-

You have my never ending thank you for your patience and support. 

*Ehem*- Thank You!

Carolina & Kyron

The Valdis Story OST

Hello Everyone!

 We have been really busy getting everything together. For today I really wanted to tell everyone about the Valdis Story OST because among the other additions we were able to make, the music was the reason we created the kickstarter to begin with. 

Valdis Story OST

Thanks to your help, Valdis Story has an incredible soundtrack. The whole thing contains over 2 hours of music. That's right, OVER 2 HOURS! I can't wait for everyone to hear it all and I'd love to know what your favorite songs are.

You can see the complete track list here:

 Working with Zack has been amazing. It's been so great to develop the game and add music onto an area and instantly feel how much more intense the scene gets from it. Not only are his songs full of memorable melodies but on the technical side they are meticulously crafted to the very last detail.

If you are a backer of 30$ Tier and above, you will receive Valdis Story OST when it is released. If not, Zack has opened preorders at his BandCamp. And hey, 10$ for over 2 hours is a pretty sweet deal. 

Preview music / Preorder here:

Greenlight & Valdis Story

In other news, Valdis Story has been on Greenlight for 8 days now. Things are coming along nicely . Currently we are at 30% and rising until we get to the top 100. Some people have asked why we needed to do a greenlight if we already had a game on steam. When we contacted Valvesoftware they told us greenlight was the approach we needed to take.   If you'd like to see Valdis Story on Steam, and haven't voted yet- Go here

Anyway, that's it for this Update - Thanks for all of your support. 

Carolina + Kyron