$540 pledged of $1,000 goal
$540 pledged of $1,000 goal

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      Simone Di Domizio on November 13, 2016

      Thank you Brenda! Can you send me the type of mechs you have on my email simone.didomizio@gmail.com ? If possible I would like something with red jewels and as much as gears as possible, e.g. http://antiqwatch.com/images/f%2005.jpg

    2. Brenda Mattson 2-time creator on November 10, 2016

      HI Simone, I am happy to design them with the type of mechanism you would like, as long as I have them I am happy to do it. :) You can send my a message with your request and I can see if I have them for you. Also at the end of the campaign I will be sending out the surveys you can ask there also. Thanks so much!

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      Simone Di Domizio on November 10, 2016

      Hi Brenda i pledged the cufflinks, the final design is the same of the picture or would it be possible to choose also the type of mechanism to be used?

    4. Brenda Mattson 2-time creator on November 5, 2016

      HI Jiashu, Kickstarter only lets you pledge on one reward but you can add to that pledge the amount of the other items you want. So just chose the rewards you want total them up and pledge on one of the items adding the price of the other items to that pledge. Then just send me a message and let me know what those items are and I will make a note on your pledge. Please let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks so much!

    5. Missing avatar

      jiashu song on November 5, 2016

      You should really create a option where pledgers can buy more than one, I love your art piece, it's beautiful