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This Is Harder Than Expected

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)
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It's been a month, so I'm just dropping an update to let everyone know that yes, I am still working on the Fantasy Grounds conversion. It's taking a while principally because I find the interface incredibly obtuse and am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to populate a map with tokens that have stats attached. This seems like it should be really easy but every time I solve one part of the problem, I immediately run into another. Because of this, I still have no idea how close I am to actually finishing, but it is being worked on and will be released eventually.

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      Chris on

      You should set the token for each NPC when you create the stat block in the "NPC" interface. Then 1) create a new encounter in the "encounters" tab, 2) drag and drop the NPCs into the encounter window to build the encounter, 3) drag and drop the encounter onto the relevant spot on the map, 4) the encounter window will show tokens needed for the encounter under "placement" and THAT is how you should add the tokens to onto the map (add a grid to the map first and it will automatically give the tokens the correct size).

      FG definitely has a rough learning curve, but the community is pretty good if you post question in the forums or the FG college discord. There are also freelancers who code modules into FG format - I believe they usually work for a percentage of sales in the FG store, so if you are really beating your head against a wall you might be able to get it done for you without any upfront cost.