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Pathfinder .pdf Has Shipped

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)
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The Pathfinder .pdf version is in the queue and should be shipping within minutes of this update being posted. It's probably out already, in fact, just because it takes me a few minutes to write these updates. Check your spam folder, sometimes things sent out to a big ol' mailing list get dumped there. This one's even got a fancy download button!

I realize I've said before that I can't say for sure when the Fantasy Grounds versions will be out, but now that they're the only bits of this Kickstarter that haven't shipped, there's not much else to say except that. I'm hoping to vet some decent freelance data entry specialists over the next few weeks so that I'll be able to do these kinds of conversions much faster in the future.

If you aren't following me on Kickstarter, you may not be aware that I've got a new Quickstarter for Magignosis, which contains full 1-20 progressions for those aspect classes that show up in the Vlatla Clan and Order of the Third Eye's stat blocks. No worries, the Petals and Thorns .pdf contains all the material you need to run those NPCs at the level they're at, but Magignosis contains all the information you need to build aspect casters of any level for your own for use as PCs or NPCs. Aspect casters are designed specifically to be easy to build and manage, which makes them ideal for GMs who need to make lots of NPCs fast and for players who want to play Pathfinder but don't want to dump a bunch of time into fiddling with bloodline options and spell selection (or for other 3.X games - Magignosis is technically released under the d20 OGL and not Pathfinder's, mainly for legal reasons). It's also got some of the neat tricks invented for the aspect casters split off into standalone feats or spells that regular characters can take, NPC stat blocks, and some fluff, including some blank spots in the fluff reserved for your usual higher tier backer levels where you get to submit custom characters as iconic NPCs and such.

I've also started outlining a Petals and Thorns sequel which, regardless of the success or failure of that Quickstarter spin-off project, should have a first draft and initial illustrations finished sometime in late February or early March. A major struggle with Petals and Thorns was finding a way to introduce and explore all five of the factions and their conflicts and alliances with one another while keeping things focused on Ramshorn and its immediate surroundings, a small enough area that I could fit it all into one book. With that book as a foundation, Petals and Thorns II: Heroes of Ramshorn can expand the scope out to the entirety of the Eastern Frontier. While the original Petals and Thorns was a struggle for who would control Ramshorn, the second will see the losing factions chased into their strongholds and wiped out completely, and a new order built in the aftermath. Who will rule the Eastern Frontier going forward is determined not only by who wins, but how they win, and what morals they compromise along the way. Given the right push at the right time, any faction could end up a paranoid, bloodthirsty tyrant or a defender of the people.

Decisions made in the original flow forward to impact the new situation: were the Order of the Bear routed, or do they garrison Karis? A routed Bear means the Order of the Lion need to leave more troops behind to defend Karis and have fewer to patrol the Great Forest or battle other factions, while leaving the Bear garrisoned there will inevitably lead to their returning to their old ways of extortion and villainy. Did the Vlatlas end up in control of the skeletons, the spiders, both, or neither? The amount of troops at their command could be anything from paltry to the second most numerous of any faction in the Frontier. Were the shoggoth's tentacles given to the Third Eye for experimentation, or were they destroyed? The experiments run on the tentacles could yield powerful magical secrets that the Third Eye can make use of in the coming conflict, but could also result in yet more hideous failed experiments disgorged from Third Eye dungeons onto an unsuspecting countryside. What became of Galdul, the fire hobgoblin created by the rogue Sir Dagai? If he roams free, he will seek to rally the goblinoids to his own cause of justice for their people, making him an ally of the Lunatic Court, but one who may or may not be able to maintain control of the hoard of embittered goblins he is amassing, but turning him over to the Third Eye burns a bridge - perhaps the last - between that Order and the goblins of the Great Forest.

That's the plan, anyway. As mentioned, a complete and playable first draft should be ready sometime in late February or early March. I'll let you guys know when the Kickstarter for that one is ready - it'll probably be the final update on this one. Hope you've all had fun in Vintaria so far. Happy National Blonde Brownie Day.

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    1. Chamomile Has A Project 3-time creator on

      There was indeed an error. I have sent out a new email that should have the correct version attached.

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      LECLERE Christophe


      Could there be an error in the link you sent? I got your mail about the Pathfinder version of the PDF but, when I follow the GoogleDrive link, I get the 5E version. The PDF looks very nice, and I can't wait to get to reading its contents!