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Pathfinder Roll20 Has Shipped

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)
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If you asked for the Roll20 Pathfinder version, you should have a link in your email inviting you to join a game. Once you join, I'll give you GM status, and the game is then yours to explore or run or promote someone else to GM of or whatever.

This does bring me to some bad news: There is still no functionality for creating new copies of the game without me directly doing it for you, like you can with a proper module. I can't even give this feature to people who wanted the 5e version, even though the 5e version is available as a module in the Roll20 marketplace and I own it. As in, not a copy of the game, but I own the actual game itself and receive royalties from it. Still no option to distribute free copies on any scale. I'm looking into alternative means of hopefully getting people a copy of the game that you can make other copies of and reset and so on, but since Roll20 apparently has no infrastructure for review copies or backer copies or anything, I have no idea how long it'll be until I can deliver (possibly "until Roll20 adds new infrastructure"). I'm still hoping to distribute future projects via virtual tabletops, but it looks like I'll probably have to fund the token art and other VTT-exclusive costs personally, while future Kickstarters will have to be .pdf-only.

This is really disappointing to me, because I do consider the VTT version to be the superior version. I've made every version of the product as good as I can, but there are features a virtual tabletop has that a .pdf just can't replicate. I want to be using features like GM layer tokens and fog of war and drastically expanded table space to push the boundaries on what an adventure can do, but until Roll20 (or a similarly sized competitor, should one arise) gives me the infrastructure I need to distribute fully functional copies of the game to my backers, I can't in good conscience run another Kickstarter promising VTT versions of the module. On a related note, while the VTT version I've distributed is completely playable and identical in content to the one on the Roll20 marketplace, if anyone who didn't ask for a .pdf version has decided they now want one, send me a Kickstarter message or an email and I'll get it to you.

Speaking of .pdfs, the Pathfinder .pdf does still remain on schedule and will be available no later than January 31st (and probably significantly earlier). With the Pathfinder version finally complete, I'm now free to spend more time figuring out how to convert to Fantasy Grounds, which will hopefully be easier to distribute (although the tiny proportion the people who want the FG version means it will almost certainly not be able to serve as a primary platform for the VTT versions of my adventures going forward). I'll be contacting those who bought professionally run games in the next couple of days so we can start working out scheduling, and I'm also working on a follow-up adventure that will expand the scope of the adventure to the entirety of the Eastern Frontier and explore the five factions and their leaders and lieutenants in more depth. The first book was mostly about picking sides in various disputes mostly isolated from one another, the second will revolve around building coalitions and fighting (or, if you're very diligent and probably at least a little bit lucky, averting) a war for control of the Eastern Frontier.

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      Since you can't give backers a free copy can you make a coupon and "sell it" to backers for like a $1. I would not mind paying a buck for the 5e and Pathfinders versions so I can own a copy outright.