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A 5e and Pathfinder adventure path about power and what you do with it.
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Proceeding On Schedule

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)

It's been a few weeks since the last update and some people are starting to ask if things are still on schedule, so it sounds like it's time for another update on how things are coming along.

The 5e .pdf is nearly done. Formatting is complete and David Shugars is working on interlinking. Barring sudden calamity, the 5e .pdf should be out by December 20th.

The Pathfinder conversion is complete with the exception of a small handful of stray stat blocks. I'm working on the data entry for the Roll20 version now, which should be finished sometime between Christmas and New Year's. With the actual conversion complete, I just need to take an hour or two to copy/paste all the text from Roll20 into a Google doc for David Shugars to format properly. The PF .pdf should be available before the end of January.

The Fantasy Grounds conversion dates remain very approximate, but once I've finished the data entry for the Roll20 PF version, I'll be able to dedicate a lot more attention to that. I will probably remain on schedule for the January and February releases of the 5e and PF (respectively) versions of Petals and Thorns on Fantasy Grounds, but it's still pretty early to say for sure for either of those two.

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