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A 5e and Pathfinder adventure path about power and what you do with it.
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Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)

It's Thanksgiving here in the States, so I am expressing my gratitude to those who've supported my creative ambitions by giving them the product they paid me for. I don't think there's a more American way to celebrate this American holiday than by fulfilling a business deal.

As I am waiting to hear back from Roll20 about getting my adventure on the Marketplace, for now I'm relying on guerilla distribution to hit my November deadline: Making manual copies of the game, emailing the join link to backers, and then promoting them to GM. This process is prone to human error and requires a lot of time, so I'll be rolling out the module to backers who requested the 5e Roll20 version in waves. Some of you should already have a join link in your email, and everyone should be receiving one before the end of November. Once you join, you won't immediately be able to see anything but the map, but give it a day or two and I'll promote you to GM. You can then access all other content and invite other players if you'd like to get a game of Petals and Thorns going immediately.

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