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A 5e and Pathfinder adventure path about power and what you do with it.
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PDF Preview and Progress Proceeds

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)

Today I have a two-page preview of ongoing work on the .pdf to share with you. The illustrations are proceeding on schedule (I'll have one or two of those to show off in a week or two), so I'm pretty confident that the .pdf will be shipping on time in December.

Using the tokens that have already been completed, I have converted all four of the dungeons to their final form, and I'm waiting on a few stragglers to convert the wilderness. That should be done within a week, however I'll also need to wait on backer tokens after that in order to get Ramshorn itself converted to licensed art. Provided nothing terrible happens to David North, who's providing the final two waves of tokens, the Roll20 version should be ready by the end of November.

At this point I have updated all of the enemy stat blocks and treasure for the Pathfinder version, and am currently working on the stat blocks for the factions. In theory, the Pathfinder version is playable right now, provided you don't mind being prohibited from ever fighting any minions or leadership of any of the five factions at any time. Which is something probably a lot of people would mind, but no worries, I'm getting those faction stats converted. It's not even completely out of the question that the Pathfinder Roll20 version will come out alongside the 5e version, although that's not a guarantee and it may end up shipping according to the original schedule in December instead.

Finally, the Fantasy Grounds conversion. I'm working on converting the maps now, but I've never worked with Fantasy Grounds before, which makes it almost impossible to guess how long it's going to take to finish. All I can say for sure is that yes, it is being worked on, and that the work being done now will make it much easier to make an accurate schedule for future projects.


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