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A 5e and Pathfinder adventure path about power and what you do with it.
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That Went Well

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)
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We've octupled our initial goal and hit every stretch goal I had time to get up there. Now that the Kickstarter is complete I can no longer edit the story page, but that $4,000 goal was reached. Man, remember a few updates ago I was like "$3,200 is gonna be a stretch, but it's not out of the question!" This isn't even the first time something like this has happened. The support from you guys has consistently been greater than I'd expected, no matter how many times I raised expectations in response to more support.

You guys have done your part, now I'mma do mine. Once I have the survey questions back and the Kickstarter money makes its way through the pipes and into my bank account, I'll get to work writing up new vignettes and commissioning token art.

An important clarification for $50 backers concerning those reward surveys: Due to a copy/paste error, the question asking which versions of Petals and Thorns you want did not receive an update making it clear that the Fantasy Grounds dates are approximations and not firm deadlines. They may end up later - possibly much later - than the dates given in the survey.

An additional clarification for my $100 and $400 backers about the professionally run game: I'll get in touch with you via the same email I use to distribute your other rewards. As the ship date on those rewards indicated, we'll be starting the professional game in January, so I'll email you about what times you're available and such in that month or possibly December. You will very possibly be getting a copy of the adventure long before you actually play it. I advise against reading the adventure in the meantime, although if you really want to spoil yourself, you did pay for it.

With the amount of money raised, I'll be able to create Ramshorn and its surrounding wilderness without having to compromise with repetitive tokens, and better yet, populate it with some new townspeople who will almost definitely not get eaten by spiders, provided the party is on the ball.

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