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A 5e and Pathfinder adventure path about power and what you do with it.
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Golly That Was Fast

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)

Every time I think this thing is out of gas, it kicks back into overdrive. This latest one was the most massive wave since the initial burst and carried me right over the Third Eye stretch goal before we were even able to finish formatting the Hirelings one-page, let alone Vlatla Clan. Remember when I was like "hey guys, let's try and get to $2,000 before the end of day 15?" We just finished day 11 and we're past $2,200.

Which means we're now aiming for the $2,500 stretch goal, the tokens for the orders of the forest. The Order of the Wyrd and the Order of the Bear have been guarding the Great Forest together for years. The Order of the Wyrd have focused on promoting harmony, especially between the elven minority - much reviled ever since the disastrous war with the elves fifteen years ago led to the reparations, the broken economy, the banditry and raids, and all the current troubles - and the humans and halflings. The Order of the Bear were always ruthless, and when the bravest of their number were lost in the titanic battle with the reawakened Great Hive, those who remained became little more than bandits, a menace to the Ramshorn region. At $2,500, these two Orders of the forest will come to life with a full set of tokens, making it easy to distinguish friends in the Wyrd from foes in the Bear.

Also, I'll be making a one-page RPG about the Order of the Wyrd at some point, which will probably involve furry friends or exploration or something. I'm still working on the Vlatla Clan one, so I don't really have any firm plans for the Wyrd one-page, but it's coming.


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