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Petals and Thorns: Hirelings, a one-page RPG

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)
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I whipped up a one-page Lasers and Feelings hack for Petals and Thorns. Behold, Petals and Thorns: Hirelings. This is the quick rough draft version. There's a much prettier version that my layout guy said he could finish up over the weekend, so look out for another update this Monday.

But that's not all! In addition to this completely free one-page RPG, there are as many five more one-page RPGs that I'll be releasing to every single backer $5 and up alongside the existing stretch goals, each one themed after one of the five factions in Petals and Thorns. The Vlatla Clan one-page casts the party as the eponymous vampires and parodies Vampire: the Masquerade (especially Dark Ages) the way Hirelings pokes fun at regular D&D tropes. The Third Eye one-page casts the party as wizards and will feature the mysteries of magic. Each one-page has some kind of new mechanic or twist to it to make it stand apart from the others in more than just name and premise.

Speaking of the Vlatla Clan, before I had even finished talking to the aforementioned layout guy about whether or not these one-page RPGs could be formatted quickly enough (answer: yes), a bunch more backers showed up and pushed us over the threshold for them, which means skeletons and vampires are getting tokens, and all backers $5 and up will be getting a Vlatla Clan one-page RPG sometime in the next week, exclusive to Kickstarter (for 15 minutes until someone uploads it to 4chan)!

Our next stretch goal is the Third Eye/goblin combo pack. The Eastern Frontier used to belong to the goblins, but it was conquered by the Kingdom of Vintaria some fifty years ago. The tensions between the two are still very strong, especially as law and order collapse. Goblin raiders and retaliatory pogroms have left the goblins of the Great Forest in nearly open war with their human and halfling neighbors. Ramshorn was never goblin territory, but a band of goblin rebels fleeing the onslaught of the Order of the Lion has taken up residence in a cavern network in the nearby woods and begun to pillage the caravans that pass nearby.

These aren't just any goblin raiders, however. The goblinoid form has long been known to be uniquely malleable. Magical experiments on goblins long ago resulted in hobgoblins, bugbears, and barghests, radically different morphologies yet still within the same species. A rogue wizard of the Third Eye, Sir Dagai, has begun experimenting on the goblinoids, hoping to create elementally potent goblinoids. The Third Eye turn their gaze towards Ramshorn in hopes of retrieving the results of Sir Dagai's experiments - before the goblin-sympathizing Lunatic Court can smuggle them back to the Great Forest.

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