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A 5e and Pathfinder adventure path about power and what you do with it.
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A Tentative Stretch Goal Ladder

Posted by Chamomile Has A Project (Creator)

As promised, I have a tentative stretch goal ladder ready. I've used the most pessimistic estimate as possible with these rewards, that way when the final stretch goal ladder is unveiled a week-ish from now, the worst case scenario is that everything reached will remain reached and maybe the order of the some of the unreached goals will be shuffled in response to popular demand. In a better case scenario, several of the stretch goals may actually get cheaper, and the funds already raised might suddenly be enough to reach one or more extra stretch goals when the finalized ladder is unveiled. You can find that stretch goal ladder on the current project page, but I'll also repost it here to save you a click (and for posterity, since that one's gonna get replaced):

$800: A .pdf version (reached!) - By popular demand, the first stretch goal is a version of the adventure with regular boring encounter tables instead of giant maps that can be freely explored. All $15 backers will receive a .pdf version by December in addition to the virtual tabletop version that will be out in November.

$1,000: Ramshorn tokens (reached!) - Rather than using the exact same two standard villager tokens over and over again, the major NPCs of Ramshorn will now have unique tokens that will make them stand out from the crowd and be easier to find when you want to sell some stuff or buy some new armor or whatever.

$1,500: Pathfinder conversion - Another popular request, the adventure will be converted to Pathfinder. All $15 backers will receive both .pdfs and virtual tabletop versions of the Pathfinder adventure by January.

$1,800: Hireling tokens - The current hirelings use a lot of repeat tokens, not only with other allied or enemy NPCs, but also often with one another, which can make it hard to distinguish them from each other in town when the PCs are picking which one to hire, and sometimes even in combat, since some of them currently have tokens in common with enemies. At this level, each hireling will have a custom token to make them stand out from each other, the townspeople, and the opposition.

$2,100: Vlatla tokens - The Vlatla Clan have lost control of their skeletal horde, which now threatens to break free from their catacomb and overrun Ramshorn. As the faction whose headquarters is right on Ramshorn's doorstep, I've decided to prioritize the Vlatlas to receive unique tokens for their leadership and minions.

$2,400: Third Eye and goblin tokens - While the other factions arrive in force, the Third Eye are a more distant and restrained presence in Ramshorn. Though the wizards of the Eye are frightfully powerful, they are also few in number, and at least as valuable due to their connections with the Lion and the Vlatlas as because of their sheer might. What this means for stretch goals is that they don't have mook squads the way the other factions do, which means getting unique tokens for them is much easier. Given that, it's easy enough to slip the goblins in with them.

$2,700: Orders of the forest tokens - The Order of the Bear and the Order of the Wyrd once kept the peace in the Great Forest together. Ever since the catastrophic battle with the Great Hive broke the back of the Order of the Bear, those times are past. Now the Bear are little more than bandits extorting money from Ramshorn, their former alliance with the Wyrd forsaken. At this level, both of these factions will be brought to life with unique tokens, not just the same "ranger" and "bandit" token stamped down over and over again.

$3,000: Order of the Lion tokens - The Order of the Lion are by far the largest military presence in the Eastern Frontier, and the most powerful potential ally Ramshorn could ask for - which also makes them the deadliest potential enemy. At this nice, round number, just about everything in Ramshorn and its environs will have unique tokens.

$3,400: Backer tokens - Let's not forget our backer NPCs. With enough funding, the backers at the $50 level will not only appear in multiple vignettes, their town NPC will also appear with a unique token. This level may get bumped up the ladder if there's enough demand.

$4,200: More illustrations - At this level, I can commission more illustrations to use as chapter headers in the .pdf and handouts for the virtual tabletop version, all to the same standard as seen in the cover art.

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      Loving the project! Keep up the good work.