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Celebrities & kids bonding in the kitchen, promoting the importance of family time, while making healthy and fun foods in moderation.

Celebrities & kids bonding in the kitchen, promoting the importance of family time, while making healthy and fun foods in moderation. Read More
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About this project

I am raising funds to complete my cookbook “Cooking with Ellamarie, Celebrities, and Kids” and then get it published. In order to complete it, I have to pay for the final photo shoots (photographers, make-up artists, supplies, location rental for the shoots, etc.) and then work with my editor to finish the cookbook. My family has been funding this project for the last nine years and I really need your help to bring it to completion. I'm almost there! This Kickstarter campaign will provide me the opportunity to finish my cookbook. The cookbook's purpose is twofold. Not only is it an educational cookbook featuring up to 100 nutritional and fun food recipes, but also a beautiful coffee table book full of stunning photographs. Using a positive approach and an upbeat outlook, her commitment is to create a platform that promotes families working together and staying together. A coffee table book igniting a spark for families to spend quality time together. If you have kids that love to cook, let Chef Ellamarie’s cookbook be the catalyst to not only help them sizzle up serious fun but also encourage them to spend time doing it with their family. This coffee table book takes you on a culinary adventure through a variety of amazingly fun recipes, and beautiful photos. A universally appealing book for family, friends, and guests to look at while visiting any home. The book introduces both parents and kids to cooking vocabulary and techniques, the importance of nutrition for your body, mind, and spirit, safety in the kitchen and the positives of trying new foods. Ellamarie has made a decision to incorporate celebrities into her book. Not only do they make it interesting but more importantly she wants to get the message across that celebrities are just like everyone else. A big believer in the power of positive self esteem, she illustrates within the book lots of humble beginnings that many of the celebrities have had and also the dreams they held onto. The book serves as an inspiration to everyone with a common message that is woven throughout. Follow your dreams and never give up on them. Believe in yourself no matter what. Reach for the stars as many of the celebrities in the book have. Make your family a priority. Whether you have toddlers or teens, and whether you've got five minutes or 50, your kids can cook and they'll love it. Use this book to get them cooking with healthy habits now, and chances are they'll keep up those good habits as they grow older. Finally, a cookbook that is also a scrumptious coffee table book where both the parent and child are equal, giving them the nutritional, physical, and mental support that is lacking in so many families today. Remember you're making more than meals together. You’re making memories together! Ellamarie’s project is dedicated to promoting the empowerment of children to achieve lifelong successes while providing opportunities for everyone to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. The mission of Ellamarie’s book is to develop the total person-body, mind and spirit-through cooking. Her mission is to help children thrive, to increase their self esteem, to encourage them to reach for their dreams. Being mindful that our current global economic crisis threatens the survival of many programs directly benefiting children most in need, she is working with actor/producer Kevin Sorbo and his organization “A World Fit For Kids” (WFIT). WFIT uses physical activity, nutrition and mentoring to help kids and motivate them to stay in school. She hopes to help assure that all children can be given the education needed to grow up safe and healthy. Children who develop positive self-esteem are able to clarify their values on which to build a successful and happy life. Ellamarie’s promise is to benefit everyone she touches. The basic proposition of her book is simple, solid, and timeless. Bring positive self esteem, value, and joy to kids through cooking. Bring families together as a close knit unit through cooking. And never forget about your community. Dream big, and reach for those stars. And when your dreams are achieved give back as much you can to other kids, other families, other communities. Everything Ellamarie does is inspired by her enduring mission: - To be healthy and happy... in body, mind, and spirit. - To inspire moments of optimism. - To create value and make a difference... everywhere.

MAR 30 2012 05:00 PM ET

Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: Family Food for Thought

Elisabeth Röhm, best known for her roles as Serena on Law & Order and Kate onAngel, has marked a yearblogging for

The actress recently appeared on CSI: Miami. Beginning in April, she has a recurring role onThe Client List, while upcoming filmsTransitand Officer Down will be out later this year. She can be foundon Facebook,Google + and@ElisabethRohm.

In herlatest blog, Röhm — mom to 3½-year-oldEaston Augustwith fiancé Ron Anthony— participates in the production of a cookbook, which enlightens her about the importance of the family meal.

How often are you able to eat dinner as a family? How do you make sure it happens? ...

“A family that eats together stays together,” so a mom on a mission has shared with me lately. I know she is right and that this makes all the sense in the world. But with our hectic lives and the divide between kid food and grown-up tastes sometimes we find our kitchen table divided. But, but, but …

I’m sure that some of you relate! This mom on a mission — that I had the pleasure to meet and cook with — isn’t giving up on us just yet. She is trying to inspire all of us to keep it together and make time for that defining moment of the day where we are creative, close and fed. “Feeding the mind and the soul through love.” She’s a delightful and yummy soul herself!

Nothing is more inspiring than someone who has hope and is tirelessly giving like this mommy I’m about to introduce you to. I came into contact with Ellamarie Fortenbach through her delicious new cookbook, Cooking With Celebrities and Their Kids. It’s all about her mission, which is why Little E. and I participated. Ellamarie is the real deal and authentic through and through!

Easton and I had the joy of getting messy in her kitchen as a way to participate in her new cookbook that’s coming out in January. Cooking together and finding a connection through mealtime has been important and a challenge for our family. It has been statistically proven that if a family has meals together, the kids do better in school. I’m sure this is true.

Today, most of us are so darn busy! This is a fast and financially challenged world. I know all of us are working really hard and doing the very best that we can as parents. If we don’t make it to a sit down dinner I’m sure that we all still feel encouraged that we are together, loving and present. So what if we don’t have the means or the time to cook a big meal?

However, there is something to be said about having a family dinner. I was drawn to Ellamarie’s philosophy that we should dedicate at least one meal together as a family twice a week. Cooking together and then eating that meal is truly nurturing! Last night we had a big one with my sister, nephew, a friend and of course Ron, Easton and me. It was really nice. I feel so connected today as a family today because we made the time for each other.

I was drawn to Ellamarie’s fantastic food for an entirely other reason as well! I am always humbled when someone gives of them selves completely. She has made a commitment to ... A World Fit For KidsKevin Sorbo‘s non-profit.

A World Fit For Kids focuses on Los Angeles public schools, promoting kids to stay in school and teaching about healthy foods. Together this duo is devoted to the wellness and health of children, yours or mine and I am in awe of their vision to create a better tomorrow.

As Kevin Sorbo says, “Cutbacks in our kids education is destroying our children’s faith in themselves and their ability to succeed. However, working together ‘We the People’ — like Ellamarie — may help get the government’s attention.”

This is truly a “Mom on a Mission,” like my friends at Healthy Child, Healthy Word like to tag. “Stay in school” is her motto. Easton and I are in such support of her and had so much fun cooking one of her more sweet treats the other day, Pumpkin Spice Truffles. Oh, the pleasure of food!

When we were cooking, Ellamarie said something in regards to her three daughters that has stayed with me — “I’d rather my children try many new things and just have fun trying. It is when we expect them to be perfect that stops them from wanting to try.”

Yikes! That rang true with me. So now more than ever I’m devoted to making a mess in the kitchen with Easton, Giving her that power and encouragement to cook is truly building her confidence these days!

Join me in a newfound commitment to the family meal! Thank you Ellamarie, we love you!Cooking With Celebrities and Their Kids is going to be good for others, useful and entertaining what with the likes of Kevin SorboDanny Glover, my personal pal Eva La RueMaria Canals-BarreraPeyton ListSteve AzarJoey KingKenton Duty and on and on; all of us cooking it up with our little ones! ...

Until next time…

– Elisabeth Röhm+

Risks and challenges

Once my project is funded, I can pay for the final photo shoots. The celebrities have already agreed to participate so completing the photo shoots is assured. The manuscript for the cookbook is being drafted now so the challenge will be to complete the manuscript and bring the cookbook to publication. I am already working with an editor. There may be delays as I work with him to develop the format but these hiccups can be overcome by persevering and working together. Thank you for your help, I am looking forward to completing the photo shoots and publishing this wonderful book.

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