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A Bluetooth receiver that can connect to 3 devices simultaneously and offers great sound quality.
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Party Mode People

Posted by Jambadoo Team (Creator)


For those who ordered the Party Mode Jambadoo, we will send 2 x Jambadoo. In the rush, we did not have time to do these customisation and all the Jamabados are fully assembled now so difficult to customise. We hope you can party now better when you have 2 of those. Let us know if this is OK? Thanks.

Jambadoo Team

Jambadoos shipping now! but minor mistakes

Posted by Jambadoo Team (Creator)
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So we received the Jambadoos and are in the process of shipping them out. So you should get them in a few days or worst case 1 week or 2 weeks depending on when we manage to send your packets out. The Jambadoos work so this is the most important. However, there are some mistakes made by the manufacturer: 

1) Power Plugs: All Jambadoos were produced with UK power plugs instead of the different US/Europe/UK combinations we gave them. So for those outside UK, you will have the USB cable but you will need a local USB charger or a power adapter.

2) 3.5mm Audio Cable: It is missing! They simply forgot to put them inside the box. So you will have to get some locally. They are not expensive but we know it's annoying to get the Jambadoos without the 3.5mm cable.

3) Typo on packaging: This one is huge and in the main text which is a bit annoying but at least it does not impact the functioning of the product. We'll let you find the typo.

Sorry about all these small mistakes. We thought we'd rather let you know. Also, if you are using Android phones for the multiple connection, do not forget that you have to download the Jambadoo App if you want it to work in multi-connection mode. It's available for free at:


The Jambadoo team

Jambadoos on their way to the UK.....

Posted by Jambadoo Team (Creator)
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The Jambadoos have shipped and should arrive next week to the UK

You can track them directly at

The tracking number is: AWB # M200-4864-837

We nee to give a number to Customs and normally, we should receive them and start shipping them out soon.

Have a good weekend!

Jambadoo Team

SMT done, Assembly this week!

Posted by Jambadoo Team (Creator)

Hi all,

Finally a bit of good news. The PCBs have been produced and the Jambadoos will be assembled this coming week according to the factory. We were on the priority list after Chinese new year and we still are despite of our low volumes! So if all goes well, the Jambadoos will be shipped from China to our UK offices end of this coming week and we should be then immediately shipping them back out to you guys unless major mistake by factory (unlikely as we checked everything we think). Thanks for your patience and we'll keep you posted! We'll send a final update asking you for your contact details to send you the products. Almost there... Have a nice weekend!

The excited Jambadoo team :-)

Production Date Confirmed

Posted by Jambadoo Team (Creator)

Hi Guys, We have been trying to get Jambadoos produced before Chinese New Year but could not make it. So there are scheduled to be produced Mid February now when China factories open up again. All the components are there and ready to be produced. So if they are produced then, we should receive them in the UK and ship them to you by end of February. We do apologize for all the delays. Sincerely, Jambadoo team