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Travel the unknown, face the horrors, and survive the story. An immersive and dark experience awaits you and your group of explorers.
Travel the unknown, face the horrors, and survive the story. An immersive and dark experience awaits you and your group of explorers.
6,774 backers pledged $442,895 to help bring this project to life.

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Delivery date revealed

Posted by Juraj Bilić (Collaborator)

The séance with our box production Daemon birthed a channeling document. For your convenience, we are sharing the time related excerpt:

Our team of technosynthesists have managed to decipher its meaning. By the looks of it we are all going to die due to some totally preventable and trivial blunder from our part as humans.

The bad news is: before that happens you will be getting your boxes - dying with the knowledge that you won't be able to go through all the game content in time.  

The current projection puts September as the unfortunate month for receiving your boxes.
  We apologize for the fault in our initial projection. Those responsible have been sacked.

On behalf of your soul-threatening experiences from the future, we have made coin deposits to all of our Daemons (..ensuring we stay away from all that bloodbath). This means that the list containing your names is locked, and refunds are no longer possible.

Manual translations in progress

Illustration by Damir Podhraski
Illustration by Damir Podhraski

As healing the world with Her metastasizing voice is one of our main goals, our technobardic team are crafting a number of language modulators that will enable the game manual to penetrate the hypnoxic barrier of other languages:

  • Isa & Ulrich Thomas - German
  • Arthur Casulli de Oliveira - Portuguese
  • Maciej - Polish
  • François Masquère - French
  • Federico Luison - Italian

Codex Arcanum

The grimoire is under final surgeries, and will afterwards be transported to our book production Daemon.  Caution to ascendants of the 10 dimensions (11 if you count time): we are having trouble with binding a couple of warding runes to the 6th dimension - you know what to do.

Chasing The Dragon

Posted by Adreama Games, Inc. (Creator)
Illustration by Sebastian Giacobino
Illustration by Sebastian Giacobino

Production status

After receiving our 1st prototype we continued with intense play testing of the game. This lead us to make some changes to the game content - mostly tweaking the endgames and upgrading the explorers.

This is now behind us, all the files are sent to the factory, and we are now waiting for the pre-production copy of the game. Current estimated date for this is two weeks.


"There are no sacred things"

One of the concepts in game design is to not get stuck with the already established ideas, and treat them as sacrosanct. I remember how the core explorers were one of the first things I defined in the game (more than 6 years ago!), and as things around them were changing, they (more or less) stayed the same.
Well it was time to revisit my old companions, and after their horrific experiences and gallons of spilled blood, I looked at them with fresh eyes.

The explorers are just slightly improved and their class has an even bigger impact on the start of the game. My main goal is still to kill you, but I want questions and ideas to pop in your mind as you reflect on your choices in the game:
"What if I tried to slow the monster before opening that chest? What if I just rushed past the monsters to reach the exit token in time? Maybe I focus on weapons too much?"
It is my opinion that the game will lure you to explore and come back to Her thanks to those "what ifs".


"I heard you like games, so we put games in your games"

You already now the game can be played like an adventure or a hardcore dungeon crawler, but I am not sure that you are aware on the impact of the endgames.

These past weeks we spent a lot of time playing only endgames. This means that you prepare the monster level/threat, place map tiles, choose your explorers, resolve a couple of gain item effects (5-7 depending on the scenario) and see them fight for survival. It is like playing a game on its own. All the pictures from this update are from different endgame sessions (the first one is the endgame illustration).

Now that I think of it, we could've just dropped the whole scenario and chapter concepts, included only the endgames, and your box would still give you tons of awesome sessions. :)
With that being said I wouldn't be surprised if some of you play only endgames - it's faster and gives you a more custom flavor (setup, setting and rules).

Custom scenarios and game modes? I'll leave this discussion when you have your games.

The End 

"Or is it really?"

Regardless of all the improvements that She experienced over the years it is important to know when to wrap up the development. I am sure if you give me one more month, I would find some minor adjustments, some obscure revisions that help with the flow, balance or more concise card wordings. Also, I find great enjoyment in working on either new or existing game content, but alas - it is time for me to stop.
Not because the game is not finished or polished, but it's not healthy to give in to your obsessions (too much). Chasing perfection is an illusion, and it consumes more than it gives back.
Besides, there are a couple thousands of You out there, waiting patiently for your boxes - so what do you say we get this show on the road and start with the production already? ;)

Project Status, Ars Goetia

Posted by Adreama Games, Inc. (Creator)

I’ve managed to bind a Daemon yesterday, and he started to moan in pain: “Release me, let me go! I will grant you one wish if you do so!”

“All right Daemon” - I’ve said. “I am working on a board game with almost half a thousand of cards. I want that every card, and every ability inside that card be perfectly balanced, unique, and fun to play.” - while I was talking to him I’ve slipped him the papers with my works on the game content.

“Woah buddy, could you make a more realistic wish?” - he said with a visible sarcastic grimace.

I replied: “Well, ok then. Let’s go with the delivering the boxes on time!”

“Uhm... L-let me see those papers again.”

Illustration by Damir Podhraski
Illustration by Damir Podhraski

The joke has it’s basis in the reality. Years have passed that I’ve been polishing the content, modifying the abilities, and trying to balance between complexity and fun. The funny thing is that even after all these years I still find things to improve! Some games have a fairly simple game content (sword, sword+1, sword+2) but as you will see for yourself, in Machina Arcana every card is the unique product of the title, text, flavor, illustration, abilities and specifications. 

There are ideas and themes shared among the individual cards, and the existing conceptual layers between card types across scenarios form a rich board game tapestry.

Codex Arcanum

As all the illustrations have been completed, the current creative focus is on the Codex Arcanum. 

The main principle that drives our work is creating the rich and enticing experience. That’s the reason why there’s a soundtrack, different add-ons, and finally the book as well. It’s not just about the product, but providing you with a world that you can never completely explore. Additionally, the task of exploration is to provoke your imagination, creativity, and elicit a whole set of emotions like curiosity, horror (and maybe even a bit of hope).

Considering the vastness of Machina Arcana it is difficult to decide just how much of that to put inside the Codex.. Needless to say, the estimated page count just keeps rising. :)

Production status

Through active communication with our box manufacturer we’ve decided on how to prepare all the specifications and processes for the mass production.

The first prototype (from the last update) didn’t contain the complete game content (illustrations, text editing, and latest tweaks of the game content). It is our goal that the second prototype represents the game in precisely the exact form and content as the final product. 

The factory will receive the files next week. Once we get the prototype (and we examine it thoroughly) the mass production will start. The current timeline puts us a couple of weeks behind the schedule but She is pleased with how things are developing and is purring comfortably.

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

CoreBall: The Zero-G Sport - A game with flying miniatures 

We don't usually mention other projects, but this is a game that Aleksandra worked on as a graphic designer, made from the team we are happy to call our friends.

Prototype | Digital add-ons 4/4

Posted by Adreama Games, Inc. (Creator)


The prototypes arrived this week! Besides the game box, we received the Sleeve Set and the Game Mats.

The sleeves are perfect as they are.

The mats look so cool! They enrich the already immersive environment. It feels like the Arcane tear in time and space on your table! 

The box itself is ok. It didn't impress us as much as we hoped for. The embossing is barely visible and we will need to do something about the cover (upgrading the material). We are also thinking to adjust the design of the box for those who store their games vertically on the shelf.

The vac tray insert is good as it is - it accommodates the sleeved cards perfectly.

The cards are looking nice. They were a bit cut off-center, but that was because they were vertically printed by digital print. The manufacturer is confident this will be remedied with horizontal offset print in mass production.

Some of the text inside the cards looked bold. We definitely need to identify the problem and solve in time.

The standees were a bit harder to put into the plastic stands. We need to adjust the material specifications for this.

The layered boards are working great with wood tokens, although we will need to update the hole diameters to make the board more ergonomic.

The dice cloth bag is just awesome. :)

Digital add-ons delivered

Fabula Rasa

The Fabula Rasa add-on contains all the artifacts you'll need to be able to expand the core set with your own imaginings right up to building fully fledged scenarios to share with your gaming group. 

For all of those who bought the Fabula Rasa add-on, the ZIP file is downloadable through link sent by the pledge manager.

Official Soundtrack

This official soundtrack contains 13 custom tracks created by Mladen Konecky exclusively for an immersive Machina Arcana setting. Composed to lend an evocative background to draw you further into our world, these tracks of course will spruce up any experience where things lurk in shadows and are only seen out of the corner of your eye.  

For all of those who bought the Fabula Rasa add-on, the ZIP file is downloadable through link sent by the pledge manager.

Pledge manager is closed

We have passed the lockdown date, and you are not able to edit your order anymore (you are still be able to update your shipping address).

There's still 459 of you that are yet to complete the survey. :/ 

Content status

We hereby proclaim that all of the illustrations are now complete!

Currently we are polishing the texts (big thanks to our editors Dave and Mike!), and working on final testing of the new game content.

Production status

There are a number of component updates we still want to implement (thickness of standee tokens, die cuts, color adjustments..). 

We will ask for another prototype that will contain the complete game content (in perfect shape and form) before we start the engines of mass production.

Distribution status

We made a deposit this week to our distributor. 

This means that we already have the preparations in place to make the final phase streamlined, controlled, and in casually cruising speed. ;), 

Illustration by Sebastian Giacobino
Illustration by Sebastian Giacobino

Digital add-ons 2/4

Posted by Adreama Games, Inc. (Creator)

Pledge manager is closed

We have passed the lockdown date, and you are not able to edit your order anymore (you are still be able to update your shipping address).

If you were under a spell, and missed the opportunity to purchase some of the add-ons but changed your mind now, send me a Kickstarter message and you will receive instructions concerning the blood promise.

There's still 494 of you that are yet to complete the survey. :/ 

Problems with BackerKit payments?

A number of backers experienced problems with BackerKit (through Stripe); especially people from Denmark and Norway. 

For all of you who had problems with finalizing your order: 

please send me a Kickstarter message, and we will quickly sort you out through PayPal.

Illustration by Jakub Bazyluk
Illustration by Jakub Bazyluk

Delivering digital add-ons

By the time you read this, all the backers who purchased Art Gallery and Calendar add-ons should receive a download link for the digital files.

The two remaining digital add-ons (Fabula Rasa, and Soundtrack) will be delivered through the next project update.

Illustration by Damir Podhraski
Illustration by Damir Podhraski

Production status

There are no big updates regarding the production; still waiting to receive the e-mail with the tracking number for our prototype. 

All the requirements have been addressed, and for now we are satisfied with how things are going.

Distribution status

As we have more or less the final numbers (the pre-order store is also closed), we sent the data to our distributor this week. 

We are in constant communication with them and doing everything in our powers to make this whole process streamlined, controlled, and in casually cruising speed. ;)