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CA$ 1,677 pledged of CA$ 4,500 goal
CA$ 1,677 pledged of CA$ 4,500 goal


The prototype is online free for your use and review.

You use a flat screen television or a projector or a tablet as your table top gaming surface?

I am building you a browser based engine for digital table top gaming with living battle maps.

This is a living battlemap designed by Tom Swogger.

The system will allow you to assemble tabletop gaming maps from any assets a modern browser supports (video, gifs, jpgs, pngs, mp3s, oggs, etc, etc), limited only by your computers capabilities, without ever uploading anything to a remote server, or making any accounts.

Drag and drop the loaded elements onto the field, overlaying them upon the map, then play using your miniatures and rule books.
See the video below for proof of concept.

For example:  Play Star Wars or Star Trek?  Load a star field or video of a galaxy then load several animated gifs of rotating planets, and drag them into position and play.

Select a quad or hex grid style, scale it to your liking, turn on fog of war if you need it, and you're good to rock and roll dice.

Save the map state when you're done, load it when you return.

The map state is saved to your local browser and will be exportable to a text file.

The system will allow you to load any video or image that your browser supports, as your tabletop assets, and then position, rotate and scale them as you see fit.

Roll20, Battlegrounds, Fantasy Grounds, MapTool, EpicTable, Rolisteam, Mote, Mipui, Beyond Tabletop, and several other tools out there all allow you to create and share maps online, but each has inherent limitations in what you can use, how much you can have, etc.

These limitations are in place because their systems are happening on a remote server for play with remote players.

This is not an online tool with virtual avatars and remote control.

This system is designed to be used with miniatures atop a flatscreen television or via projection from overhead onto a tactile surface.

These limitations shouldn't exist.  Furthermore, technologies exist that would provide a new level of interaction on the local level.  We want to explore those, in due course.

Let's talk about why this is an awesome idea that you will want to back.


One of the biggest caveats with using other web based solutions, is the size limits or format limits.

We want to allow the modern game master to use any resources they deem fit.

Implement any graphical asset, animated or otherwise into the system.

No size limits means you can use as high resolution an image or video as your computer can handle.


Using a flat screen as the tabletop is becoming more and more typical and I want to address the needs behind this method of play.

This system could also be used for projector systems where an overhead projector displays the map onto a surface.


What Kickstarter would be complete without stretch goals.

Let's review the basic goal:

Create a platform for television tabletop that allows you to set up an offline game you play with local players using animated map scenery and your own miniatures.

The initial goal of $4500 is just north of a months work and testing and represents literally a full time schedule of developing only the platform for just over thirty days.

The stretch goals are as follows:

$6,000 : Drawing on the map

Track hit points, initiative, flight trajectory, and more just by doodling on the map as you play.

Provide the ability to draw on the map and save out the drawings as part of the map configuration.

Note:  This isn't going to save drawings into videos and it won't support animation.  It saves the drawings as an overlay.

$7,500 : Maplists, music and sounds

Set up a list of maps, each with assigned soundtracks and soundscapes.

Assign music so each map has its own playlist of songs.

Assign sounds so a forest can have chirping birds, buzzing bees and war drums if that's what you need.

Configurations will be saved as text files so once you're familiar with the format, you don't need to click around in a GUI to set up your soundscapes and soundtrack.

$9,000 : Animation and Sound Triggers

Trigger the animation of a sprite and the playing of a sound effect.

Your hero steps on a tile triggering a trap!  The trap animates, spikes erupt from the floor and the sound of stabbing flesh plays as blood spatters about, overlaid upon the animated map underneath.

"You failed the save."  The DM says.

A fireball goes off!  An eruption of flame is accompanied by the explosive sound of a conflagration!  After wards, a looping gif of a fire plays accompanied by the sound of burning.

$10,500 : Sprite Sheet Import

What if you could import a sprite sheet and have that play as an animated object.  Crazy idea?  Let's do it.  That ones not even difficult.

What is a sprite sheet?  A strip of drawings that make up an animation, is called a sprite sheet.  Sprites are the graphics that make up the animations in most game engines.

$14,000 : Remote Control

This is a big step and will require quite a bit of work (hair pulling).

To conduct remote control of a game board, the game board will need to have a server side account set up through which your game can be affected.

This will not mean you have to upload resources; but it will mean a Game Master can control the page position, the fog of war, and the grid controls from a separate device.

It would also allow remote control of ancillary assets, such as music, soundscapes, animated triggers and may be able to support asset controls despite the lack of uploaded material (we want to keep server side interaction to a minimum).


Will the system allow remote control from a tablet?

Since the system is designed to operate from a browser, you can operate it on your tablet, and cast it to a smart television.

To conduct true remote control from a Game Master perspective will take quite a bit of extra effort, so the current stretch goal of $14k aims to provide a socket based interface so you can remote control the map from a separate device.

The goal is based on the discovery conducted and the time assumed to take in implementing this feature.

Will the system support touch screen?

Yes, insofar as it will be a website and it is intended to run on tablets.

Will it interact with ePawn or other NFC technology?

Not natively at this time.  I hope to see it robust over its life time.  Baby steps as they say.

How is this different from Roll20?

It doesn't connect to a remote server save to start the app in your browser.

It doesn't require you to make an account, upload resources, buy resources, and won't have any rule sets built in.

Will there be a dice roller?

While it wouldn't be difficult to implement all sorts of digital helpers, the scope of the initial development doesn't include game system specific elements.  Maybe one day.

Are you a really hoopy frood who knows where his towel is?

No, I'm more like the guy who had his house bulldozed.

What kind of updates can I (meaning, you) expect?

How about daily?  Be it just text saying what was done that day, or a video showing off new features, there's nothing a developer loves more then showing off their work; especially when the developer knows that the recipients are as eager and passionate as the developer is.

Do you have a video where you drunk talk passionately about this project?

I thought you'd never ask.  Here it is right here.  Warning, I swear a lot.


Risks and challenges

The project is started and the proof of concept was easily put together and the development is continuing.

The only risk is whether or not folks appreciate the work.

The challenges in programming this come down to browser capability and ensuring that I'm cross browser compatible.

As a web developer with a decade of development experience, I know already what we can and cannot do with specific browsers, and how I'm going to circumvent issues as they pop up.

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