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An epic space adventure where you explore any planetary system and experience everything from alien life discovery to warp romances.
An epic space adventure where you explore any planetary system and experience everything from alien life discovery to warp romances.
An epic space adventure where you explore any planetary system and experience everything from alien life discovery to warp romances.
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Expedition Zetta: Day 7 - Modules Part I

Posted by Leo Borg

Hi alla backers!

In the comment section we have been asked questions from some of you backers with focus on the the different modules that can be used in Expedition Zetta. Jon, the designer, has given answers to how they work in the comments. But as we know this information to be of interest to more of you we will add it to our updates.

So in today's update you can read the first part about four modules and the second part with the rest of the modules in the next update.

We are always interested in how we can reach more people interested in the project. So If you have any suggestions and ideas we are more than grateful to hear them. You can either write in the comments below this update, in the comment section of the kickstarter  campaign  or via direct message to us at Ion Game Design.

We want to welcome all new backers and thank you all for participating in this journey!

/ The team of Expedition Zetta


But first of all, about how to introduce them. This is how I've put it in the rules: The modules are sorted below in the order they are suggested to be introduced into your game. It is a good idea to introduce them 1 at a time and play a full game with the new module before adding the next. If you are an experienced boardgamer you could try to introduce them 2 or 3 at a time. An alternative order is to let the winner of the previous game decide which of the modules should be added to your game groups next game of Expedition Zetta. After each name is one or two numbers written in parenthesis. This makes it possible to randomize which module(s) to play with by throwing 1 or several dice and use the ones that the dice show. If you only play with one or some of the modules you may ignore any rules concerning components or actions mentioned that belongs to modules that you do not use. Example: The warp travel module includes rules about equipment and alien passengers. If you are playing a game of Expedition Zetta that does not include the equipment rules or the alien civilizations rules you can ignore any rules concerning equipment or alien passengers in the warp module. And now on to brief comments on the modules.


Equipments are added to the game and you get them at preparation. They are needed in order to make discoveries, and they wear down as you use them. So they add both an element of planning and a limited resource. Equipment is the first module I'd add to the game. The extra care you need in planing and the extra limitation in resources add a lot of good depth to the game. It is also a more realistic situation, that you have very limited resources on a trip like this.


A Life card that has intelligent life on it can be added to your crew. This is more of a fun module, to tickle your fantasy. The added value of having aliens as crew comes mostly from the fact that they can cover for areas where you lack abilities, since they can take part in any discovery. This is also, in effect, a potential catch up mechanic, to cover mistakes done during preparation. This module grows a lot if it is combined with the perks module.


Adds the warp stage. During this each crew member acts once using their talents. This is perhaps the biggest addition among the modules, since an entire stage is added to the game, including the talent actions. It adds a considerable amount of play time, roughly 5-10 min per player, but it also opens the game a lot for player interaction. This brings both depth in varied strategies and fun in activities that create stories through the gameplay.


When you add this you will move along trajectories on the planetary system board. This makes the movement more realistic and you have to plan your movements more. You will move 7 steps instead of 5 per energy but there are more steps to move and counter clockwise movement will cost 2 extra to it will be more challenging all together. The planets will also move between turns which makes the landscape (spacescape) dynamic. If you like strategy in movement and added realism, this is a module for you.

In the next update we will go through the last five modules; the Zetta PSG, Charting the universe, the Perks module, the Damage module and Xenoarcheology.

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