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An epic space adventure where you explore any planetary system and experience everything from alien life discovery to warp romances.
An epic space adventure where you explore any planetary system and experience everything from alien life discovery to warp romances.
An epic space adventure where you explore any planetary system and experience everything from alien life discovery to warp romances.
389 backers pledged $29,511 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay 6 days ago

      Last update said end of April/beginning of May.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jesus Martin on February 9

      Coming soon? Or be late?

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay on February 8

      Hmmm... quiet in here.

      Just for fun: I totally lost the game on the 31st. I couldn't get the right skills out of the bag and I eventually ran out of fuel. I guess I should go back to "easy" level....

    4. Leo Borg Collaborator on January 31

      @Radu P @Adam Gastonguay: Thank you for the support. And thanks for the congratulations. Yes that's a good idea to launch Vassal and play a game of Expedition Zetta :)

    5. Leo Borg Collaborator on January 31

      @All: Wow! The final results are in... Expedition Zetta is at 10th place of Most Anticipated Science Games of 2018!!

      Thank you all for your votes! We are working hard to give you all the best game we can.

      The final results can be found here:

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay on January 30

      I think I shall launch Vassal and play a solo game in their honor then. I advise everyone else to do so, too. Whet your whistles, as it were.

    7. Radu P on January 30

      EDIT: science only, not Sci Fi. But judging from the themes of the first two games on the list I got carried away...

    8. Radu P on January 30

      Congratulations for the most honourable 10th position in the most anticipated science and sci-fi games of 2018! Given the competition (first two places taken by expansions/reworking of existing highly popular games and TWO Eklund games) it is quite an achievement for an allegedly little known game from a little known publisher.

      I believe this calls for a celebration at the Ion Game Design corporate command centre and for an extra shovel of coal in the machine making the game.

    9. Galen Monticue
      on January 12

      @Leo Borg: Awesome, good to know. I am doing a large order for all the games; glad I don't have to worry about this one.

    10. Leo Borg Collaborator on January 11

      @Galen Monticue: There will come sleeves with the game so you don't need to buy any yourself.

    11. Galen Monticue
      on January 10

      Is there a card count and size listing somewhere for sleeving purposes?

    12. Leo Borg Collaborator on January 9

      #ExpeditionZetta is nominated on BoardGameGeek in three categories - Science, Sci-fi as well as "Under the radar" - for most anticipated games of 2018! If you want show your support and anticipation you can vote over at BGG:

      Science and Sci-fi:

      Under the radar:

    13. Leo Borg Collaborator on November 30

      @fvlgen: The sample is soon here and we hope to get the final production going within a couple of weeks. And as it looks now we hope to have the games shipped to you within March.

    14. fvlgen on November 29

      @Jon: any news on the production? Is the estimated date still in place? Thanks!

    15. Leo Borg Collaborator on November 23

      @All: If any of you want to show your anticipation for the game please give a thumbs up on this Geeklist of Most Anticipated games coming in 2018. This is the nomination list.

    16. Ion Game Design 3-time creator on November 17

      @Patrik Yes, such pointy parts on a cardboard item would be too fragile. The edges of the player board, including the 90 degree edges in the bottom, will be rounded in the same way cards are rounded to preserve their edges.
      There are still a few things to be added to the player board when it comes to the art. /Jon

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrik Vågehed on November 17

      In lookingat the prototype from spiel. This is something that was a concerned for me earlier also. Even if the player boards is in cardstock the pointy "arrows" on either side will probably be fragile and easily "damage" after punched out and put back in box. Is this something you had consider?
      The playerboard itself seams to me to be lackluster. Is this final design?

    18. Steff Thouin on November 16

      @Leo Borg Thanks! Will do that right away!

    19. Leo Borg Collaborator on November 16

      @Steff Thouin: Sorry for not getting back to you until now. If you mail Ion Game Design at we will help you with upgrading of your pledge.

    20. Steff Thouin on November 16

      Is there any way to upgrade my pledge or is it too late at this time?

    21. Ion Game Design 3-time creator on October 31

      @Ephraim just send an email to if you cannot change directly in the survey.

    22. Ion Game Design 3-time creator on October 31

      @Hector Marquez the survey has been sent to all pledge levels, except for Audience and Support. An email will be sent to all backers on these levels.

    23. Missing avatar

      Hector Marquez
      on October 29

      Have all the surveys been sent out? I have not received mine yet

    24. Missing avatar

      Ephraim Silverman on October 26

      I’m having trouble contacting you about the survey.
      I was having issues completing the survey and accidentally submitted it before I could enter my name for the thank you section and enter my email for the newsletter.
      The survey will no longer allow me to update that information.
      How should I proceed?

    25. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 26

      First picture on Instagram yesterday:

    26. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 23

      @All: During SPIEL we will do our best to update with pictures over at our Instagram page: . We'l try to fix some video also to have in our next update, but can't promise.

    27. Ion Game Design 3-time creator on October 22

      @Bruno The Quick Zetta Andromeda is a mini expansion that we are making in order to reward kickstarter backers that subscribe to our mail list that is called Ion VIP. Andromeda is a set of 12 Quick Zetta cards featuring planetary systems in the Andromeda galaxy. It can be mixed with the other quick zetta cards or used separately if you want a journey exclusively to the Andromeda galaxy.

    28. Bruno Buffonè on October 21

      What is this Andromeda strain extension booster ?

    29. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 21

      @All: New update published, with information on the survey, SPIEL in Essen next week, and the Vassal module as well as new version of the rules (not final).

    30. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 21

      @Uffe Vind: And excited so are we :)

    31. Uffe Vind
      on October 21

      Crew card picked, name added and picture teleported, may I arrive I good condition;-)

      Excited to see the game come to live.

    32. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 18

      @CountryYokel: Thank you! :)

    33. CountryYokel on October 14

      Congrats on funding and surpassing the goal, Ion Game Design! Nice change of pace from the first project, so glad it worked out and looking forward to seeing final product next year!

    34. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 14

      @Ben Koeling: Yes more ship models will be revealed. Just bear with us ;)

    35. Ben Koeling
      on October 13

      Congratulations to all! It's gonna happen! Looking forward to the updates and developments!

      So Leo the extra ship that has to be revealed, it has to be a Borg sphere right! Resistance is futile!

    36. Missing avatar

      on October 13

      I waffled a lot before joining, but I signed up a few hours before the project closed. Looking forward to the game :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay on October 13

      Just a little congrats and a bit of blushing for your kind words. I hope I helped in some small way. I'd like to think that the upswing in pledges that came after my first post were ALL because of me, but I know it's because you have a good thing going here.


      But I'll still take credit.


    38. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 13

      @Uffe Vind: Thank you for joining us, just in the nick of time :)

    39. Uffe Vind
      on October 13

      I’m happy to have crossed the 29.5k SG mark right before lockdown, my warp drive kept fluctuating, space and time couldn’t be focused neither by crew or computer. Went through the warp hole just in time, and happy to contribute to the game.

    40. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 12

      @Xrayman: Yes but it's unlocked. The last pledge that came in was in the final minute and even though I frantically updated everything I could I didn't have time to upload the last updated graphics before Kickstarter locked down the possibility to edit the kickstarter. That's how kickstarter works, it locks down that possibility directly after a kickstarter had reached zero hour. It's so that project creators can't revision the info, I think. But managed to update the project picture as well as the graphic with all unlocked stretch goals summarized. Still not with the last pledge-unlocked content, one more country that the last backer pledged for through Zetta Leader pledge.

      But we will talk about all stretch goals in coming updates as well. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Xrayman on October 12

      29500 SG still shows as locked.

    42. Leo Borg Collaborator on October 12

      Thank you everyone for you support!

      We will catch our breath and then send out an update on what happens next and our plan for the rest of the process to get the game to all of you. And also talk about SPIEL in Essen where we will be. More info in the upcoming update.

      You are the best!

    43. Radu P on October 12

      Congratulations! You fully deserve them. May I say this again, this campaign has been more tense than a Die Hard film. I always had at the back of my mind this campaign cannot fail, but the mad fluctuation from hour to hour, often in the negative direction was nerve-racking: it repeatedly seemed it would fail. Even the happy-ending was stormy and tense. I believe because this has been a "natural" campaign, without the snake oil of marketing specialists.

      It is the sign of a campaign and of team more focused on improving the game, than on the theatricals of a Kickstarter promotional show. I thank you for that, although I am aware this cost the project thousands of dollars in backing.

      Also, I would not have noticed this campaign - especially in this agitated pre-Essen period - without Phil Eklund's recommendation. But when I looked closer I realised he was right to recommend your game, both as as a rocket scientist and as a game designer. At least, when I die, I will be able to bequeath my granddaughter one of the rare and coveted "Expedition Zetta - the original edition".

      Once again, congratulations and good luck!

    44. Doctor Zaius
      on October 12

      I am happy to be one of the 389 backers. It's sad that we had to struggle a bit to get funding while all the mindless zombie games and miniature games make millions of dollars. This is a true indie project that will be a blast to play!

    45. Mike Ratledge Collaborator
      on October 12

      Awesome finish, and many thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word. Basically funded nearly 33% over goal in the final few days.

    46. Missing avatar

      Xrayman on October 12

      Just missed out on last SG, but a good run overall.

    47. Missing avatar

      Olov Tidemalm on October 12

      Holy hell! We made 29,5k!! This was a legendary ending! Thanks to everyone at ION and all the backers! Especially thanks to Jon for designing this game (and letting me try the Beta)! Waiting for the next campaign already! (((((:

    48. Ion Game Design 3-time creator on October 12

      @HappyGardener Thank you, yes you are actually right. We have both missed some of the sleep we should have the last couple of days, or week actually. I will make sure to compensate for that now :) /Jon

    49. Ion Game Design 3-time creator on October 12

      Thank you Denmark btw, the final backer who broke the Stretch goal with a PIONEER pledge came from Denmark :) /Jon

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