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Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
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Dream Heist Production Updates

Posted by Pilot Study (Creator)

Gen Con was a very positive experience for us and we received invaluable feedback from our playtesters. Over the course of the 4-Day weekend, we had over 50 people play Dream Heist, most of which stayed after to chat with us for a while once the game had ended. We are proud to report that the game went over extremely well and had all positive feedback. While some players had suggestions for rule changes or clarifications, they still enjoyed the game very much. In some cases, we did make slight rule changes or adjustments to wording as you will see below. Furthermore, we are happy to say that the final rules and card wording were used for the last 8 or 9 playtests and there was not a single recommendation for changes or clarification. Gen Con really allowed us to make the game easier to understand, leaner, and even more fun! We’re really grateful to everyone at Kickstarter who made the trip happen for us.

Production Updates

We received word from our manufacturer last week that all of the boards and boxes have been completed for the game. Yesterday, we received final proofs for the updated Mission Cards, Subconscious Cards, and Rulebook. Each of these components had been changed based on feedback that we received at Gen Con. For the most part, very little artwork was changed. However, wording within the Rulebook was cleaned up along with some information on the Subconscious Cards. Mission Cards had a few typos that were fixed and sent in as well.

So far, after going through the proofs we received yesterday, we have only found one typo out of all 25 Mission Cards. It is a minor error that can be corrected quickly with no need for another physical proof. The Rulebook is clean and ready to go to print and with the feedback from Gen Con playtesting, we have made it much easier to understand the different aspects of the game. Finally, all of the cards used during the game—aside from the Mission Cards—have been approved and are ready to go to print. 

As you can see in the pictures below, we have changed the Blue Stripe on the Subconscious Card to be solid all the way across instead of starting with a multicolored section. Also, all of Subconscious Cards now have updated text above the stripe that determines how and when the given card can be played. In the pictures below, you’ll notice text change above the stripe on all four of the cards, as an example. 


Ultimately, we are looking at about 2-3 weeks for the game cards, Mission Cards, and Rulebook to complete printing. At that point, all of the components will be picked and packed into the game boxes and we will be ready to ship them out. Assuming these steps go smoothly, we should still be able to begin shipping out at the end of September. Vacations and the recent holiday have bumped the timing a week or two, but the main steps that are the most time consuming are complete and we’re simply left in the hands of the manufacturer at this point.

For those of you that have ordered the Briefcase with your game, we received confirmation from the manufacturer that every case has been built and they are scheduled to ship out on the 15th of September. Due to the magnitude of the shipment, it is expected to take anywhere from 21-30 days before we receive all of the Briefcases. This means that Briefcase orders will be going out right around the same time as the standard game orders. Worst case scenario, they will be shipping a week or two after the game is complete.

When we receive another update from either manufacturer, we will share the news with you here and keep you informed. As a reminder, we will not be asking for your final shipping address until we are set to ship the games. At that point, another update will be sent out to remind everyone to supply their current addresses.

Thanks again and we’ll talk to you soon!

Bruno and Reid

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    1. Kai TK on

      Yea! what Richard said about what Keith said about what he was saying before he said what he said... I'm glad we have a good sense of humor.

      Regardless of "good announcement" or not, updates are appreciated just so we do not feel left out or neglected. We're all passionate about the game and and still look forward to the progress!

    2. Keith Pishnery on

      Over a month since last update and nearing a month overdue for shipping.

    3. Wicked North Games on

      If they're anything like us, they're waiting because they want to make a really good announcement instead of a "you are waiting more because X, Y, and Z." they're waiting because they want to say, this is why, and here is our very accurate shipping date. FtW.

    4. Richard Montalvo on

      What Keith said before Keith said what he said.

    5. Kai TK on

      Yeah... What Keith Said...

    6. jos weyers on

      What Keith said ....

    7. Keith Pishnery on

      This last update said that shipping was still on schedule for end of September. Could we get another update? Thanks!

    8. Raphael S. Neto on

      Thanks for the update! The game looks awesome =D