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Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
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    1. William Ir on

      Game name: Project Dream Genesis
      Architect - Designer
      Forger - Fabricator
      Extractor - Hustler
      Inceptor - Implanter

      Note: Would still like to see as many of the original names like extractor used as possible.

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      Brad P

      For the game, I like Deception (Dream Heist is ok, certainly better than Dream Agent)
      For the roles:
      Architect/Designer/Dreamscape Planner
      Deceiver/Con Artist
      Detective/Thief/Master Thief
      Developer/Idea Implantor

    3. Realm Master K

      What about:

      Mind Mirage
      Mind Deception

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      Curtis Evans on

      Ideas from my girlfriend:

      Dream Invasion
      Mind Play

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      Curtis Evans on

      Cody Greene - nice suggestions for the first 3 roles. You're definitely on to something using 2 words for each. The Dream Logic Expert doesn't quite fit though, if you look at the description of Initiate from the update. What about "Idea Planter", or something similar? Have any other ideas there?

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      Cody Greene on

      I'm really not a fan of Dream Agent. Deception isn't bad, though it isn't really in the true spirit of the source material. I dig Dream Heist, and I'm partial to Roberto's idea as well, Paramnesia, or a variation thereof.
      Part of me thinks the current line of thinking, roles named only by one word, is a tad limiting. Adding descriptors to the noun makes the role sound less generic and are more in the spirit of the movie. Here are my suggestions and obviously they can be played around with.

      Architect - Dreamscape Planner
      Forger - Con Artist
      Extractor - Master Thief
      Inceptor - Dream Logic Expert

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      Andreas Krichel on

      Where is the update?

    8. Happy Sunshine on

      R.E.Mote Control?

    9. Happy Sunshine on

      The Morpheus Agenda ?

    10. Roberto Suarez on

      Paramnesia: a disorder of memory in which dreams or fantasies are confused with reality

    11. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Realm Master K - I think that works much better as it's sounds unique and fits the concept more closely.

    12. Realm Master K

      @Pilot Study - Another idea I had is Mirage which is much closer to the concept of so real it seems reality.

    13. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Realm Master,

      Great job with all the input, you are really making this process what it should be--a general brainstorm and discussion. I think that while Chimera is a cool word, it sounds like the opposite of what you are trying to do in the game. You are trying to make a dream become realized, in a sense. You are placing your idea (which exists only in the dream/imagination) into someone's mind to make them think it is possible and perform it in reality. And you are trying to make it so real, that it seems attainable to the Mark.

      Just some thoughts!

    14. Realm Master K

      Ooh, I just came up with a super cool name for the game.


      Official definition: something that exists only in the imagination and is not possible in reality
      an illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially : an unrealizable dream

    15. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Nice work with all of the suggestions! We wanted to let you all know that we will post an update tomorrow about how the final decisions will be made and when all suggestions need to be in by. Thanks again and keep them coming!

    16. Realm Master K

      After reading the comments, here are my newest suggestions;

      Name of Game: Deceptor or Delusion


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      Lauren Angel on

      I like the title Dream Agent. It reminds me of the Matrix and infiltrating minds.

    18. Jordan Kostov on

      Hello guys,

      Just an idea that may satisfy everyone.

      Why dont you use the same words but misspelled ?

      for example:


      No one would care for the double (especially for the double T) and you will still keep the spirit of the game. :)

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      Curtis Evans on

      Deception is taken:

      Sounded kind of generic anyway...

      If I Google "Dream Heist board game", I already get links to inceptor!

    20. Missing avatar

      Curtis Evans on

      Fabricate is another good one for Forge.

      I think the best titles are still Deception or Dream Heist. The made-up words aren't doing it for me.

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      Andreas Krichel on

      Dreaminfiltrator? Too long maybe.

    22. Missing avatar

      Curtis Evans on

      Infiltrate is another good one to replace Extract.

    23. Missing avatar

      Curtis Evans on

      To my last comment: Here are some more verb-based options


      If this turns into a vote, then keep in mind that the words need to sound good as a group - so make sure whatever words are voted on fit with each other.

    24. Missing avatar

      Curtis Evans on

      For the 4 steps, do they have to be worded as roles? That made sense when you were using the movie's terminology, but since that's not a factor anymore, why not use all verbs? It sounds cleaner to me.


      Or something similar. If Forge and Extract are still too close, how about Conceal and Inform or Examine?

    25. Missing avatar

      Curtis Evans on

      Good to see you guys are taking suggestions!

      Mind Heist was suggested earlier instead of Dream Heist - it definitely sounds cool, but it's also the name of the score used for the Inception trailer. Not sure if there would be any legal issues with using that name.

      Deception is cool if you're trying to keep it close to the original title. But is similarity a good thing? Or is it cheesy? I'm not sure.

    26. Cason Bang on

      When generating name ideas for my last game, I spent a lot of time with OneLook and a bit on Word Associations Network. I'd type a related conceptual word into OneLook's reverse dictionary and the list that comes back is sometimes surprising, but helped me build a list of words I never would have considered otherwise.

    27. Roberto Suarez on

      One more: Incursor/Incursion

      Incursor is a made up word, but so was Inceptor, so my guess is grammar doesn't matter.

    28. Cason Bang on

      I agree with the observation that including "dream" in the title invokes a softer image whereas words like "infiltration" have more edge.

      Overall this discussion highlights how great the original movie title is. It's tough to find a word that expresses the deception and violation of inserting a thought deep into another person's mind.

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter Richards on

      Hey guys, I really appreciate you throwing this out to the backers to come up with a new name and new roles.
      It is cool that we get to Name the Game now. It is kind of like an unexpected Pledge reward to get to choose this stuff.
      It must be hard after all the work you have put in to have to change things now, but after thinking about it a lot, I am still in. Now back to coming up with a name!

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      Domhnall O'Donnchadha on

      I'll wait a week to see how this resolves but I think I going to pull out.
      This is starting to sound like a game modeled after The Asylum's knock-off version of Inception.

    31. Realm Master K

      You could call is Deceptor if you are worried about copyright violation

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Richards on

      I can understand the concern, especially if the aim is to get this game into stores eventually (is it?) but surely WB would have come after you now if they were going to, especially since it has been funded?

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter Richards on

      I'd personally go with:
      Architect (just keep it, plenty of games have an Architect) or Creator or Engineer
      Instead of Extractor - Extricator or Elicitor, maybe (Cipher or Sublimate)
      Instead of Forger - Entrancer, Deceiver, Jilter
      Instead of Inception - Infiltration, Deception

      As for the name of the game, I'd keep the word 'Dream' out of it, it is too soft a word. The look of the game is all 1950s/1960s spy drama, I'd be looking for a strong title. Incursion, Deception, Infiltration etc.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      Dreamception? Infilception?

    35. Missing avatar

      Peter Richards on

      I like Infiltrate rather than Inititate. I like Deception, but I think you will hit a copyright wall with that. Inceptor was still the coolest name ever.

    36. Missing avatar

      Loren Schmidt on

      Any of the options but Dream Agent for the title of the game are better, I know it looked cool in the graphic, but it just doesn't sound good.

      Deception is fine, but there is a registered trademark for Deception Dice and Deception Point for board games/other games. Could be in the same situation.

      Oneiroi the greek dream spirits who would plant ideas in your head (Morpheus is an example) is a solid alternative from a story standpoint. If you really wanted to sell it up use the Gates of Ivory where deceptive dreams came from. Oneiroi: Gates of Ivory

    37. Missing avatar

      Michelle N on

      or the last one could be "Deceive" to match the game name "Deception"

    38. Missing avatar

      Michelle N on

      I like Realm Master K's D suggestion:

      Developer - but instead of Developer maybe "Deviator" or "Deviate"

    39. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      Ok, thanks.
      It sounds crazy for me, too.
      So, then in no game can be the word Archtitect...? Anyway...

      Please let a ...ception in the game name. Like the examples here as Deception or Interception.
      (Enception, Conception, ...?)

      Constructor sounds good, too.
      (From Roberto)

    40. Pilot Study 2-time creator on


      We are looking into keeping just the Architect word. However, it does not sound like we will be able to use it (even though it is a normal word, which I agree is crazy that we can't) so in the mean time, we'll try to come up with a replacement. I'll let you know when we find out on that one for sure.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      Interception is cool, too, Roberto.

    42. Missing avatar

      John Loner



    43. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      @Pilot Study:

      My question again: is the name "Architect" copyrighted?

    44. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      Ok, that's a good idea, Realm.
      Every name with a "D".

    45. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Keep up the good work guys, this has been a great turnout already! To add to the mix, here are some more backup names that we had come up with:

      Designer: Constructor, Builder, Engineer, Creator
      Shifter: Imposter, Coiner, Grifter
      Informer: Thief, Lifter, Wrester
      Initiate: Implement, Spark, Program, Source, Origin

    46. Roberto Suarez on

      Title suggestions: Disruptor/Disruption, Interceptor/Interception, Infiltrator/Infiltration, Deceiver/Deception, Dream Hacker, Dream Hack, Mind Hacker, Mind Miner, Dream Diver, Minder

      Role names:

      Initiate is the only one that doesn't quite work for me. Some suggestions: Disruption, Infitration, Deception.

    47. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      Please, Deception.
      Why do the others want Dream Heist?
      Deception is much cooler.

      Anyway... why can't you use the Name "Architect"? It is a normal job name!

    48. Realm Master K

      Here is an interesting idea. If the game was named Deception, you could call each of the 4 players something that also began with the letter D. Then it would be kind of cool because the first letter of Dream is also D.