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Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
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      Peter Richards on

      Paul, you could probaby request the briefcase be etched with whatever you want really, that is a personalisation area, so it might be possible for you to put whatever you like on there?
      I've decided I'm still in, they have opened up the naming of the game and the roles to the backers, which I think is really cool. They themselves must be gutted to have to do this, but really It is an unexpected perk to get to potentially name the game or one of the roles. Some very cool names are being proposed, so personally I've decided stay the course and see what the final result is.

    2. BigTopBoy on

      "Deception" is indeed a better name than the lame dating-sounding 'Dream Agent'.......... what about "Dreamception"? Close enough, but (maybe?) far enough to avoid legal issues. I'm not sure if I'll be pulling my pledge yet, I'll see how this goes over the next few days. Either way, good luck.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Shin on


      I'm going to have to agree with Peter Richards and Media Brew Productions. Finding out now that Warner Brothers was "vague" with their consent versus being "sure" you "weren't violating any copyrights" as originally stated on your kickstarter is disappointing. The gameplay may not be affected but the excitement is not the same. I pledged at the Chemist level and I just don't see myself spending ($100+) for a briefcase that's laser etched 'Dream Agent'. It's like finding out the Chemist contribution was called Science Guy, much less the game taking on a cheesy name. Similar to Media Brew I'm going to take a wait and see approach regarding my pledge.

      If at all possible try to see if you can work something out to keep the original name and role titles. You know this kickstarter would not have been nearly as successful if it had been marketed as 'Dream Agent' the game where you 'Initiate' (which I'm sure is half the reason the main page of the kickstarter still shows the 'Inceptor' version - seriously though, you should update that with a big disclaimer). If the original name/roles don't come back maybe later down the road I'll pickup the regular board game, but for the time being I will have to remove my Chemist, er.. Science Guy pledge.

    4. Realm Master K

      Not sure if I like the name Dream Agent. How about calling it "Deception" because that is what it really is. You are trying to deceive someone into believing that your idea is theirs.

    5. Missing avatar


      I agree with those stating that the slight move to the left to dodge the copyright isn't a great idea. You should take this opportunity to rebrand it and really make it unique. Don't be just a shadow of the idea. I'll, too, wait a couple days before withdrawing my pledge because I really think there's something awesome here. Best of luck regardless, there's great ideas here.

    6. Missing avatar

      Curtis Evans on

      Should have called it Dream Heist. Dream Agent sounds a little goofy... Plus I thought it said " Dream Gent" at first, which is even worse.

      The other terms are pretty lame too. It makes this look like a cheap rip-off cash grab. I wish you could find a less obvious way to get around the legal issues.

    7. Josh Wentworth on

      'Dream Agent' sounds like a B-movie ripoff of 'Inception'.

    8. Happy Sunshine on

      You really should change ALL relevant terms in your main page and include the updateded component graphic design and changes to avoid looking deceptive,

    9. Media Brew Productions on

      I have to agree also, this just doesn't have the cool factor for me anymore, Dream Agent does sound like a dating game. I'll wait 5 days to see if you guys change the name to something better, otherwise I'll be forced to withdraw my pledge.

    10. Roberto Suarez on

      As long as it doesn't affect gameplay or the graphic design of the game I'm fine with the name change. Who knows; maybe in the film they actually called themselves Dream Agents for all we know.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      I don't know if I should get out...

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter Richards on

      I backed this on the strength of "Also, Warner Brothers was contacted to make sure that we weren't violating any of their copyrights. Although the game is not licensed by Warner Brothers, their response to us indicated that they had no objections to us creating the game."
      Now we are told Warner Bros gave a 'vague response' initially.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Richards on

      This is kind of a deal breaker for me. Dream Agent sounds like a dating game, I bought 'The Chemist' briefcase set for my daughter's birthday who is a massive fan of the movie, now she probably won't even recognise that it is related to it.
      The 'big surprise' I had planned for her now is something I wouldn't want to give her.
      I am more than disappointed, I'm devastated.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krichel on

      Oh noooo. That defeats the atmosphere of the game. :-(((