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Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
792 backers pledged $60,276 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by Pilot Study (Creator)

Hi All,

Dream Heist has been shipped out everywhere except for the E.U. If you live in the E.U., please read below for more details.

If you have any problems with your shipment, please contact us through Kickstarter message, as we cannot easily find or track comments on the kickstarter page.

Also, if you have any questions about the game rules or need more clarification, please send us a kickstarter message and we will get back to you shortly with an answer!

US Shipping

For backers in the U.S., shipping was done using USPS if you only ordered the board game. If you have a briefcase coming, it was done using UPS. In either case, the games or briefcases and games should have already arrived or will begin arriving any day. We randomly selected five tracking numbers and three of them were delivered last week, one earlier this week.

We will be sending everyone their tracking number through kickstarter message so please look there for tracking information. The tracking numbers will be sent out over the next few days, starting with domestic briefcase shipments. You may very well receive your game before the tracking number so please be on the lookout for your game even if you haven’t received tracking information. This is the case because we wanted to get the games out immediately and told the fulfillment center to ship first and send us tracking information second.

International Shipping

For international backers, non-E.U., your games were shipped using USPS international. The tracking numbers for your shipments will be sent to you through kickstarter message as well.

European Union

If you are a backer in the E.U., we’d like your feedback. Please send us a message through kickstarter after reading the following two options.

Currently, there are two options for shipping to you. The first avoids all VAT costs and means that your game will ship from within the E.U. (London, specifically). However, this means that we need to bulk ship all of the E.U. games across the ocean to a fulfillment center in London. After which, the fulfillment center will then label and ship out the games to the backers in the E.U.

The second option is to have our U.S. fulfillment center ship out your games immediately, which averages anywhere from 6-10 or 6-15 days, depending on country. This option will get the game to you significantly earlier than the first option. As for VAT, we can’t guarantee that you will not have to pay them. It all depends on the country. However, our research has shown that in most cases, the cut-off for VAT starts at roughly 20 euros and varies anywhere from 5-20% of the product. We will be setting the value of the games under the 20 euro mark so most of you shouldn’t have to pay VAT. If you ordered a briefcase, the value will be closer to 27 euros and you may have to pay anywhere from 1-4 euros in VAT to receive your game--if your country decides to charge you (again, this is country dependent).

Please send us a Kickstarter message to let us know if you would rather wait and have the games shipped out from within the E.U. or if you would rather we ship your game from the U.S. immediately.

We hope that everyone enjoys playing their first game of Dream Heist!

Thanks again,

Reid and Bruno

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    1. Dominik Christian Maier on

      I would also love an update on the EU shipment status :)
      Looking forward to the game very much!

    2. Missing avatar

      Malte von Sehested on

      Do you have an update on the EU shipment status?

    3. Michael Crash Kennedy on

      I still haven't received my copy! What do I need to do?

    4. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Hi Barrett,

      You just responded to the survey asking for your shipping information last night so that is the reason you haven't received your game. It will go out this weekend now that we have an address to ship your game to. All games have been shipped out and received except for those who are waiting for them through the EU process which is underway.


    5. Missing avatar

      Barrett Goetz on

      Have not received my game. Agreed with Lysa the lack of updates is atrocious. I've backed your project and I would like what I paid for.

      Who can I talk to to help me?

    6. Missing avatar

      James Shewmake on

      Got mine yesterday!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lysa on

      What's happening guys? Six months past the date and still haven't received a game. The lack of update is unacceptable. Don't mind waiting where there's a genuine problem but you could at least keep us informed.

    8. Jonathan Feddema on

      Hey guys,

      Still waiting on my copy up here Canada as well. Could I get my tracking number for the shipment?

    9. Michael Crash Kennedy on

      Still haven't received mine either.

    10. Megan Hare on

      Still no game. Please send me my tracking information.

    11. Lawson, Lai Lok Sung on

      Hi, I have not received the tracking number for the shipment to my Hong Kong address. Thanks.

    12. BigTopBoy on

      Please bulk ship to EU - The VAT can really be a sting

    13. Victoria Martin

      Hi, I haven't received any message about a tracking number for shipping to Canada :(

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hofmann on

      I would like to have it shipped from London.

    15. Missing avatar

      Malte von Sehested on

      Shipment from London please...

    16. Ben Reschke on

      I haven't received an email or KS msg with my tracking number yet? Does that mean the package has not been sent?

    17. Stu Nathan on

      Please ship mine from London.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sergei Agapoff on

      Shipment form UK is great for me as well ;)
      Keep up the good work!

    19. Christopher Hatton on

      Please bulk ship to EU - The VAT can really be a sting!

    20. Missing avatar

      Colin Young on

      Either option works for me

    21. Viktor Kleineisel

      I can go with both options as well. Maybe the shipment from within the EU is safer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Maxime GOSSA on

      Both options are fine for me.

    23. Gustav Wedholm

      Another vote for within the EU.

    24. Missing avatar

      RJ White on

      I'd rather wait and have it shipped from the EU: On top of the VAT/Import charge, a lot of the delivery companies like to add admin fees as well, at least in the UK.

    25. Graham Ranson on

      I'm fine with either but if it's less hassle for you lot to ship from the EU then go with that.

    26. Dave Chapman on

      Happy to wait for it to be shipped from London. Cheers!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt Large on

      Ship from inside the EU. Another kickstart I have has been stuck in customs and then postoffice for over a month now.

    28. Claudine on

      Wait and ship from inside the EU, it's much cheaper and less hassle.

    29. Benjamin Van Ryseghem

      I am fine with both options, but I would pick from inside the EU :)

    30. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Hi Wicked,

      I just sent you your tracking number in a kickstarter message. It looks like it is on vehicle for delivery today.


    31. Neil Heinrahll on

      I'd prefer to wait and have it ship from inside the EU too...

    32. Fabian Segelström on

      Option 2, send from the US!

    33. Wicked North Games on

      If I'm in the US and I didn't get a tracking number, does it mean its just not shipped yet? Thanks!

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan Bragg on

      I'd prefer to wait and ship from London.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Brereton on

      I'd prefer to wait and have it ship from inside the EU

    36. Missing avatar

      Matthew Baca on

      I'd prefer to wait and have it ship from inside the EU