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Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
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Production Complete!

Posted by Pilot Study (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We’re happy to announce that Dream Heist completed production on December 12th! Each of the boxes below contains 6 copies of the game and this stack here is only 1/6th of the total amount made. It’s been a long couple years developing this game and we’re very thankful to all of you who joined us to make this possible. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you and we’ll always be grateful for your support.

Last Friday, Bruno and I took the day off work and drove over to our manufacturer to pick up the first batch of games that we needed to ship out early for Christmas. The games looked terrific and it was so nice to see the completed, final version. The 5 playing pieces turned out even better than we had originally intended and we know that you’ll especially like the new bishops.

The poker chip is intended to stand upright when being used as a playing piece and the game does come with a black plastic stand for holding the chip. However, an incorrect stand was inserted and sealed inside every game. The stand that is inside the game box is too narrow to hold the poker chip.

The picture below shows the incorrect stand (right) that will be inside of the game box and the proper stand (left) holding the poker chip.

We spent much of this past week fixing the issue and wanted to wait to post an update until we knew exactly what the plan was moving forward. Our manufacturer was able to procure the correct stands this week so they will be shipping with each game, just not inside the game box itself.

If you ordered a briefcase with your game, look for the stand to be on the outer edge of the foam. It seats nicely inside the upper pockets of foam when the lid is closed and won’t move around.

If you ordered a game without a briefcase, your poker chip stand will be inside of the shipping box (not the game box), placed in a felt pouch and wrapped in plastic. Please be sure to grab it before you get rid of the shipping box!

Other than that small step, everything came out perfect and looks great.

Shipping Update

When we picked up the games, our manufacturer did have a handful of poker chip stands available so we shipped those with the games that went out early for Christmas. We’re happy to say that all US backers that needed the games by the 24th should have them in time. We’ve already heard from a few of you who have received them and we’re glad that they made it.

For international backers, we were unable to get your games out to make it in time for Christmas. For that, we apologize and we want to let you know that there was no way to get the games shipped and through all of the customs processes by the 24th at a reasonable shipping rate.

Shipments will begin going out the week of 12/29 and they are all expected to be out of the warehouse within 7-10 days. Had the poker chip stand been correct, the games would have begun shipping this week. However, sometimes you run into things and you have to do your best to fix them correctly, and as quickly as possible. We lost a week but we have the proper piece and an efficient inclusion method. Our fulfillment center is only working two days next week (because of Christmas) so they will be prepping all of the shipments which will then begin going out 12/29.

Thank you for your patience throughout all of this. We will be in touch after the new year, once all of the games have shipped out. We hope that everyone has a great holiday season and will look forward to getting a box from us a week or two after things are back to normal!

Merry Christmas,

Reid and Bruno

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jolande Amoraal on

      Have all the games been shipped? I am still waiting for mine and being from Canada, if they were shipped out end of December I would have expected it to arrive by now.

    2. Adam Selby on

      Have all games been shipped?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan McKinley on

      For those of us that deferred to after Christmas, when will our games ship? It has been a few weeks...and no game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Jasie on

      Have these started shipping yet? Haven't got any kind of shipping confirmation...

    5. Ronald Distor on

      I'm so excited top finally play this!

    6. Keith Pishnery on

      I'm still looking forward to it, but being able to play it with friends and family over the holiday break would have been great. Perhaps I was counting on it too much. Regardless, thank you for responding and for making sure the game is perfect before sending them out. I think you have done an overall good job at keeping everyone informed about problems and the solutions you got for them. Just hard to be so close to the finish line. ;)

    7. Pilot Study 2-time creator on

      Hi Keith,

      I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed in our decision to get a few games out early to people who needed it for a Christmas gift. In the update regarding that issue, we asked that everyone come together as a community and be honest about whether or not it was a gift. I appreciate you being honest and not simply claiming it was a gift. I think all of our backers were honest about it as well. I just hope that you can embrace the season and be happy for those that were able to get it in time for what they needed. During this time of year, I'm not sure I'd call 2 weeks "quite a huge gap" but you are correct in that the games are completely ready to head out.

    8. Keith Pishnery on

      It is disappointing to hear that others are getting theirs 2 weeks ahead of everyone else just by saying it's a Christmas gift. That's quite a huge gap. But at least the games are 99.9% ready.

    9. Samer Khatib on

      So to be clear, if we did not specify Christmas delivery then we won't get it until after the 29th? I now wish I specified Christmas delivery as my buddy will be in town and several of us would play it but oh well it is not the end of the world.

    10. Missing avatar

      Victoria Talbot on

      Amazing job!! Congratulations on getting to shipping; you've done such amazing work and you haven't sacrificed the quality even once - it's an incredible achievement!
      Thank you for all your hard work and Merry Christmas!