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Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
Enter the dream world and attempt to plant your idea in this classically played, yet modern themed board game.
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Production Update

Posted by Pilot Study (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

In the last couple weeks there have been a few setbacks during the manufacturing process. Specifically, the bishops and the game box. The good news is that these are minor setbacks and fixes are already in motion. The bad news is that we were hoping to already have the game in your hands at this point. We’re very sorry for the delay and please read below to find out more about the issues that have come up and the fixes that are in place.


The supplier making the bishop playing pieces for our game was recently purchased by a larger game manufacturer. We were assured that the transition would be smooth and that our order would have no problems proceeding as planned. However, upon receiving the bishops, we found out that they were the wrong size. After two weeks of attempted communication with them we were forced to find a new supplier. Our original supplier ultimately said that their current merger was taking priority and they couldn’t respond or get us the proper order within a timely fashion due to our relatively small order quantity.

The good news is that our new supplier has better bishops than the original supplier. Instead of the standard plastic bishop, Dream Heist will now have a slightly larger, wooden bishop that fits the theme of the game even better as all of the pieces have a genuine, unique feel to them. We’re very happy with the upgrade and we think you will all like the new piece a lot more. Currently, the bishops have finished manufacturing and will be arriving at our game manufacturer next week. All other game pieces and parts are complete and waiting to be loaded into the game box.

Game Boxes

Speaking of boxes, in our last update we mentioned that all of the boards and boxes were complete. While this was true, it turns out that the bottom of the game box had an artwork issue. The reason this was not caught earlier is because we already signed off on the proofs for the box artwork and there were no issues. Furthermore, when the manufacturer checked all of the boxes against our signed-off proofs, they matched up as well and everyone thought things were good. It sounds like a bit of a mystery and we were a little confused at first—until we were told that the proof lines that we were given to put our artwork on were slightly off.

The artwork for the bottom of the box also includes the walls of the box that you will see when the lid is off and the box bottom is sitting on the table. We wanted to make use of this space and included some artwork to the outer walls of the box bottom. The problem occurred because the proof lines were slightly off between the walls and the bottom of the box. We wanted the entire box bottom to be white and have a stark contrast with the mostly black box top. However, the incorrect proof lines resulted in black artwork from the side walls bleeding down onto the bottom of the box. Due to the nature of our game’s artwork and unique styling, the manufacturer didn’t suspect any issues—especially since we signed off on the proof. The box top has buildings bending over surfaces and corners and it wasn’t something that stood out as a problem on the bottom. 

Ultimately, we want the artwork and design of the game to be completed properly and in the style that we think fits the game best. The problem has been addressed and corrected with the manufacturer. Currently, the box bottom is going into print with the proper proof lines.

The reason it has been a while since an update is because we have been focusing on resolving these two issues. Our goal is to get the game out to you as fast as we possibly can and with the best quality that we can. After we are sure that we have done everything we can to meet that goal, we spend our time working on updates. We were going to wait to post an update with all of this until we had a firm date for the game’s completion with the new box bottoms but have gotten a lot of questions about the status of the game. We will know more information later this week/early next week about timing for the box bottoms. As soon as we get an idea on that, we will post a very brief update letting everyone know what we have found out.


Surveys will be going out to everyone within a couple weeks. At that time, please be sure to finalize your shipping address. For the backers that have already received surveys due to ordering a briefcase, please remember to update your shipping address accordingly on your survey. We have allowed for address changes on your surveys and will keep that an option for the next couple weeks. An update will be sent out when address changes will be closed and to remind you to finalize any changes that you may need to make.

Again, thank you everyone and we will be in touch with a brief update within a week.

Thank you,

Reid and Bruno

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    1. Missing avatar

      Victoria Talbot on

      Sorry to hear about the setbacks - hoping that everything is going the way you want it to now. Is there an update for when you expect to ship this? Just wondering because I was hoping to get it before Christmas.

    2. Keith Pishnery on

      Could you put the rulebook up for download somewhere so we can start learning the game?

    3. Samer Khatib on

      Thanks for the update!