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Run hundreds of new, previously impossible Apps! Includes several new sensors and bluetooth to make your smartphone smarter.
Run hundreds of new, previously impossible Apps! Includes several new sensors and bluetooth to make your smartphone smarter.
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Recent updates


Thank You & Project Wrap Up


Final Scheduled Update...

Happy holidays everybody.  This is our final regularly scheduled update.  We want to thank you all again for your support in getting Sensordrone off the ground and for following, supporting, and pushing us forward over the past year and a half.  We may send out an update in the future if there is something really exciting to announce (there will be), but with this update we want to just summarize everything.

First, Some Fun:

Here's a fun video we put together for Sensordrone last month.  Hope you like it, if you do, share it with others.


Thanks to you, Sensordrone is in production with a growing user base.  There will continue to be new apps and updates going forward.  All future updates will be posted on our website:


There are several programmers & hobbyists using Sensordrone for projects now.  For source code, API, developer forum and technical discussions, keep coming back to our developer site:

Android Users:

10 Apps currently exist for Android from us, and there are a couple 3rd party apps available as well.  Search Sensordrone in google play occasionally to see if there's anything new.  Our Google Play homepage with all of our app listings is here:,+Inc.

iOS Users:

We have submitted 7 apps to Apple.  As of this writing, 2 are published, with the rest under review. Keep an eye on the app store and our website over the coming weeks & months or a flurry of new apps to try.

Extension Modules:

We're shipping all of the add on modules we originally planned for, which include CO2 air quality, and water quality sensors for Dissolved Oxygen and pH.  These modules currently have apps for Android only. If you'd like to learn more about these modules visit our extension page:

Newest features (aka Beta)

We'll be rolling out new apps and functionality in Beta for the public to try out and let us know what problems exist prior to full release.  We've completed internal Alpha testing of on-board data logging, and will be releasing it to beta next week.  In order to become a beta tester, you'll need to update your firmware next week with the latest beta firmware, which will always be updated here:

You'll also need  to sign up to become a Beta tester of the beta apps, which is outlined here:

Thank You Again

You all have supported us to make Sensordrone, which is our attempt to consolidate multiple devices into a single multipurpose sensor. This has not been easy, and we continue to refine things, but this is beginning to happen. Right now, Sensordrone is a tool that is very powerful, but perhaps still a little rough around the edges.  

It is simple for the average consumer to understand a sensing device that only does 1 thing (e.g. a pedometer, thermometer, bluetooth key finder, etc.).  It is currently a challenge for many people to quickly understand what Sensordrone is, and that it offers not only several uses today, but many additional uses in the future.  

You, our backers, are all obviously not average consumers, as you have all shown that you have enough vision to believe that what we said is not only possible, but that it actually makes sense, perhaps in the same way that 35 years ago a small segment of the population said: "Hey, I was looking for a typewriter, but buying a computer might actually be a better investment!"

So, What's Next? 

Our path forward is to make the Sensordrone concept better and more understandable and useful for more people.  Our company's foundation is in hardware and manufacturing. (more about us here if you're interested:

Most of the world seems intent on making the coming internet of things a subscription model with a bunch of closed software systems built on top of crummy hardware. Data is gathered by you, owned by somebody else, then sold to another group.

Our approach is the opposite...

We feel that quality and flexible hardware should serve as a foundation to collecting more data that you own and can choose to share openly for both commercial and educational uses.   

We will focus our efforts on making sensors, hardware and software that can achieve this goal.

General Update


In early October we released a beta update of the firmware 1.1.4.  This is still considered to be in beta, as it doesn't yet include the data logging capabilities we're testing now. However, it does help a little on the power, and it also helps a lot for iOS connectivity, which has been troublesome for some since the iOS 7 upgrade.  

If you want to try out the beta firmware, get the details here:

Right now we're working on the data logging app to go along with the firmware.  Both should be wrapped up by the next update.


In case you haven't checked in a while, there are now 9 apps in google play, the latest is Social Drone, which allows you to quickly share sensor data on facebook, twitter, or google+.  Get it here:


We haven't forgot about you guys.  Several of the Android apps are being ported over to iOS now, with submissions to Apple to start this month.  We also have a keychain finder app (unique for iOS) for you so you can use your Sensordrone to find your lost keys or whatever you tag your Sensordrone to, so you might not need to buy a stand alone key finder device.

Next Update:

We'll send out another holiday update, which should include some more new app information, on December 20th.

Another Firmware Update & Water Sensors Update


We have another firmware update for everybody.  This fixes a couple bugs found, improves the connection sequence, and gives a 3+ day standby battery life.  Download & Install firmware version 1.1.3 from:

pH & Dissolved Oxygen Modules:

These are undergoing final test next week.  We'll get all the parts in and ship out these last remaining rewards in October.  This will complete all reward shipments to all backers when shipped.  Look for some pictures on our website in the beginning of October.

What's Next:

Over the next few months, we'll be working on new apps for iOS & Android, as well as app updates/improvements, data logging features, and a few surprises.  We'll do 1 or 2 more updates before wrapping everything up for this Kickstarter program.  Another Kickstarter update will be sent out on November 1st.


ATTENTION: This is the Most Significant Update Since Sensordrone Started Shipping!

IOS Finally Approved:

Sensordrone Control is now in the App Store. You MUST update your firmware to enable Bluetooth Low Energy communications, otherwise it will not work with your Apple device.

Firmware Update:


WHY?  Because in addition to BLE support for iOS, the new firmware significantly improves standby power consumption, as well as includes more obvious LED charging indicators.  The update program is done over USB via a java application available here:

(Please note that you may need a SiLabs driver as described in the instructions if it doesn't automatically get detected by your PC)

Advanced Android App for Logging, CO2, Air Quality & More:

All Android users are encouraged to download the new Air Quality Monitor app (this is our 8th released app...everything's still free).

This app has many more features than our other apps.  It can automatically connect, monitor, and save data in the background (use as both an interactive app as well as a background monitoring service).  Air Quality Monitor will log data for Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide (if you have the optional CO2 add on module).  Data can be reviewed in the app or exported to a csv file and emailed, etc. The CO2 modules are shipping today and Monday.

Next Update:

This update replaces our originally scheduled 8/30 update. Our Next Update will be on 9/20.

New Apps & Big API News for Developers

Open Source

Per developer feedback/requests, we're open sourcing the Sensordrone Library (hooray!). The key new thing that will be open is the communications protocol that is not open in the current API.  This will be a new version of the library (has the latest updates), the source code will be licensed under Apache 2.0 and will be hosted on github.  We need to do a little cleaning/commenting before it's published, but the eta is sometime in August. 

What this means for our users? 

a) Developers can make modification the the library to suit their needs, if any. 

b) Developers can get the latest code quicker. 

c) The command set to get sensor readings will be available; interested developers can build a Sensordrone library for other platforms/languages (such as Windows Phone 8, Python, other... They could even make their own Android Library; we don't judge) 

d) Developers can implement their own algorithm for processing sensor data more easily.

e) More eyes on the code usually leads to faster bug fixes/improvements

Gas Leak Detector Apps

At the end of June we launched the reducing gas sensor monitor app, which is useful for finding propane, natural gas, and other gas leaks.

In July we launched the sister app, which uses the oxidizing gas sensor, mainly for detecting elevated levels of oxidizing gases like Nitrogen Dioxide, Chlorine, Ozone

Keep in mind that all new apps will be posted both on our website and our Google Play Page:,+Inc.

Standby power progress

Firmware improvements have doubled the standby power time, and we're looking to improve this more in the next couple weeks.  We'll release a firmware update with whatever status we have during August.

Apple - Still Waiting

Well, some progress (we guess) Apple did reject the app in the beginning of July and had us resubmit because they wanted to also review our hardware, so we sent them hardware for them to evaluate. They received it, we've followed up a few times, but no further feedback as of today.

Awesome New Background Logging App

Meanwhile Android continues forward, we've built the CO2 add on modules/will start shipping them this week, and are finalizing an app, "Air Quality Monitor" which will allow you to run real time or background sampling of Temp, Humidity, Pressure, CO and CO2 (if you have the CO2 add on module).  This is different from the existing apps in that a background service can automatically collect data for you and save it on your phone.  You can then export the data via a .csv file for further manipulation if you like. This will be released to google play sometime next week.  Some screen shots are below.

Next Update

Look for our next update on August 30th.

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