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Run hundreds of new, previously impossible Apps! Includes several new sensors and bluetooth to make your smartphone smarter.
Run hundreds of new, previously impossible Apps! Includes several new sensors and bluetooth to make your smartphone smarter.
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    1. Nilton Lessa on


      Sensordrone is discontinued, right? Any plans about it?

    2. Sensorcon Creator on


      Our campaign was promised creating a hardware platform that could be used for numerous sensing applications. We did that, and we created several apps along the way for both developers and the public. We can't make every app possible with the technology (just like Intel, Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. don't make every app possible, they provide a platform to make applications on), so we focused on making it open/accessible by app developers to create & publish their own apps.

      Unfortunately, contrary to our plan, the developer community outside of Sensorcon has not published many public apps, most we're aware of have been for private use or captive commercial applications rather than for the general public. The general public does not yet understand the Sensordrone platform as an alternative to several single purpose gadgets, so we're still a diamond in the rough/ahead of the market vs. a mainstream product like a watch or fitness tracker.

      BAC is still on our list of things to work on, but it's a nice to have feature rather than a must do engineering effort still, since our organization is small and self funded from sales (we don't have $Millions in VC funding for development like Pebble or some of the other successful Kickstarter projects). Because of these resource limitations, we don't have any timeline on it right now.

      If just a rough (entertainment only vs professional accuracy) app is what people really want, then we'll see if we can make something happen.

    3. Steven Scott on

      I'm guessing we should give up hope on the BAC measuring app? I get that it's difficult to make this app work well, but you have to realize that most people bought this device for this reason alone. To get a truly accurate and reliable BAC tester AND help out a small dev group/company is a win/win scenario for most of us. The KS campaign touched on it quite a bit, but literally every single external review/PR campaign surrounding this device was touting the BAC-measuring abilities. Some even made it seem this could be the primary selling feature. I tend to agree, personally. Thanks for any update concerning this matter! :)

    4. Sensorcon Creator on

      The data logging app was released along with 2.0 firmware. Here's the link:…

    5. Chris on

      A BAC app would be nice. I'm still hoping that one materializes.

      Any news on the data logging / saving to a file? I do have the 2.0 firmware but I don't see an option for exporting/saving the log data.

    6. Sensorcon Creator on


      Well, we made the device open source so developers could publish their own apps. Although many developers are using it for their own projects, not many have published apps, so so far the published apps are almost all from us.

      It's not easy to make a good BAC tester, but it can be done. We didn't feel that our prototype BAC app was accurate enough (at least so far) to publish it, and we've been focused on other apps/development activities that seemed to be higher priority since you can easily buy a $20 breathalyzer (albeit not a very good one), so it seemed to us the market is already saturated with such devices.

      We'll still be developing new and improved apps, and we'll take another look at the BAC app in a few months.

    7. Steven Scott on

      Just curious when we might see an application that can use the sensor suite as an effective breathalyzer. I believe that most people thought this would be a feature on release, yet I haven't heard anything about it. Every single review spotlighted this ability. Was it more difficult to implement than originally expected? This thing would fly off shelves with a BAC tester.

    8. David Rawlins on

      Thanks for the update guys! You guys kick ass!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Rudolph on

      The Google Play store has recently added a Beta channel for publishing apps, and we've decided to make use of it for all the future apps we release. If you want to be part of the Beta testing group (early access, first-release feature requests, etc...), you can check out my forum post for more details…

    10. James Bailey

      Loving the new ios update (although I did purchase a low end android phone to get started). Really looking forward to being able to get absolute concentrations of gases (one you select to change the sensitivity/accuracy), like the breath testing app! Is this in the works? Even if v0.1 just allows me to correlate a resistance and baseline to a certain known BAC (sounds like a fun Friday night really). Cheers!

    11. Missing avatar

      Nigel Powell on

      I've got a surplus SensorDrone for sale (UK based) if anyone is interested. Contact me at checka at objectmail dot com . Cheers.

      (By the way, the new update is excellent, thanks guys!)

    12. Yue Hu on

      Mine works perfect after firmware update

    13. Missing avatar


      Mine works perfectly now as well!

    14. Daniel on

      mine too started working again after the firmware update...

    15. Kodi on

      Got the update to work on my Mac after I downloaded the driver so my USB could recognize the Sensordrone - but this only worked in an Admin account
      could not get it to work in a non- admin account
      updated the software as per your instructions
      the sensordrone blinked when it was done updating
      and it works like a charm!!!!!


      after all these months
      it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      will check it out this weekend


      PS now when i'm charging it blinks and lets me know
      it's getting some juice....

    16. Sensorcon Creator on

      Daniel & Robert,

      The firmware update is done via USB, you need to have the drivers installed which are in the instructions. No LEDs will light up with the original firmware, and no LEDs will light up until the firmware update is complete, which can take several minutes. Charging problems have up to this point been due to either the computer not actually supplying power, or the Sensordrone needing a reset as well as the Android/iOS device needing bluetooth to be reset. If you can connect while plugged in but not when it is not plugged in, then there may be a battery or charging issue.

      While we will certainly repair any problem hardware, all problems so far have been software, 90% of the time it has been on the phone side. Additional specific questions should be emailed to Sensorcon for detailed tech support.

    17. Missing avatar


      Also when it is plugged into USB on Mac and I attempt to send file to Sensordrone I get a message stating that device does not have necessary services.

    18. Missing avatar


      Charged mine for the first time, no lights ever came on. Is this thing defective?

    19. Daniel on

      So if mine won't charge is there anything I can do? Is there any kind of warrantee or am I just out of luck?

    20. Sensorcon Creator on

      Sensordrone's were all shipped months ago. There are a few we may have missed due to extremely late survey responses, since it's all manual on the back end, we'll check what happened to yours, please send an email to to request order info.

    21. Cynthia Morgan on

      All these announcements are great, and I'm thrilled that you're keeping up with your users by announcing firmware updates and such. I'd be even MORE thrilled if I actually had received mine.

      Any notion as to when I'll be receiving it? I know Kickstarter projects are notoriously late, but a full year is really pushing it, folks.

      Thank you

      Cynthia Morgan

    22. Daniel on

      haven't used mine in a couple week. went to charge it and no lights came on but charged it for a couple hours.. tried to connect and nothing happens, no lights come on. tried reset and still nothing. tried different charger, nothing... think it might be dead

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonatao Sardinhha on

      My sensor finally came! Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Glen Bender on

      Not sure if this is firmware related but my iPhone 5 cannot see my Sensordrone at all. Not through the app or through bluetooth settings.

    25. Sensorcon Creator on


      Couple more days. We're testing it now, plan to release this week.

    26. Yue Hu on

      My sensordrone can connect with android, but not works with iOS app, when we can get the new firmware release?

    27. Missing avatar

      Charles Coward

      Just found a Sensordrone app in the IOS app store!

    28. Sensorcon Creator on

      The August firmware update will cut the standby power significantly. Yes we will also be supporting BLE for Android 4.3+

    29. Dominic Bernath on

      Android 4.3 has now been released. Do you guys now start working on a BLE Firmware and app?
      Or could you implement a turn of feature in the firmware that would allow us to turn the sensordrone off and on again through the reset button? (otherwise it's impossible to take the device anywhere within a day of a power supply).

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on

      @rarufu You are a lucky one! My Sensordrone got rejected by the customs and they charged my 7.50 Euro for storing the device during the process of rejecting it :(
      I do not like customs anymore...

    31. rarufu on

      It arrived here in Berlin... yeah!

    32. Missing avatar

      Jonatao Sardinhha on

      I know, I mailed and did not get a response (mail was sent July 3rd from the address, that is why I asked here.

    33. Sensorcon Creator on

      Please email with your specific order information as well as any other information you feel relevant, and your suggestions on how to reasonably resolve the issue. We'll do what we can to help you, but we can't do shipping customer service on the comment section of Kickstarter.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonatao Sardinhha on

      Sensorcon : But the customs in my country doesn't have any record of the package ever getting there. It's been two months now...

    35. Sensorcon Creator on

      Yes, shortly after the last update, Apple demanded a sample of the hardware. We sent them a Sensordrone with detailed information, and are waiting for additional feedback.

    36. Missing avatar

      Charles Coward

      Have you received any news from Apple about the IOS application?


    37. Sensorcon Creator on

      Yes, if we get a returned package we'll contact the person (to make sure they're still reachable) & resend/address any apparent customs/shipping issues. As long as we know what we need to include for paperwork, we will.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on

      Btw. If you need help with translations into german, i am willing to volunteer.

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on

      Thanks for the answer. So you will send it again with completed paperwork? Sorry for the mess. It seems that the german customs gets pickier on the kickstarter projects. It is really a pitty especially for a country that depends on im- and exports, as we do! Lets hope that things get better with the Transatlantic Free Trade Area.

    40. Sensorcon Creator on

      Sorry if nobody answered your email here. Germany is getting worse and worse for us. Initial backers took 4 weeks. Then 5, then 6, then more paperwork, questions, now their sending it back. It appears they will need us to put the full CE paperwork in, but we have to get it back. We're really sorry about this, but honestly speaking, Germany has been far more troublesome to us than any other countries (although there are other slow ones too). The lesson here is that international mail is cheap, but very slow and unreliable. We have less problems with UPS, but much more expensive.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on

      Hi me again,
      as I read over the Pebble Project they do have the same problems.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on

      there is bad news for the german backers. The german customs refuse to import the Sensordrone due a lack of documentation and EU conformity declaration (both in german). Since the support does not answer on email i try to solve the problem here. Please answer how to proceed.
      Kind regards
      Matthias Stolt

    43. Sensorcon Creator on


      Unfortunately, we don't have control over how long your country's customs takes. We shipped everything via USPS, they track until it leaves the US. The alternative was UPS, which would have cost $100 instead of $15. Please take your tracking info to your post office/customs to see if they can give you any answers.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jonatao Sardinhha on

      Well after 2 months and no answer from sales email I think it's time to ask for a chargeback.

    45. Sensorcon Creator on

      Thanks James, this is helpful, not annoying at all

      150mAhr for the battery.

      You shouldn't damage the IR sensor by pointing at something hot. I've "scanned" my hand over my oven and read higher than 200, but you'll notice from the chart in the user guide that the error increases as you move away from ambient. The down side is that's just the physics of radiation heat transfer. The up side is there is a lot of tweaking of the calculations that can be done if you develop an app for a specific application with a defined temperature range.

      We'll try to incorporate all these items as well. I think we'll make a post on the developer forum to ask for additional input wanted for a new user guide.

      P.S. regarding the Android phone, we've had a lot of educators ask us what to buy to start using Sensordrone in the classroom, we typically recommend an Android tablet, like the Nexus 7, at $199 it's a comparatively low cost for pretty decent performance. Hopefully the Apple lords will give us their blessing soon. If not, it will be tough to plan to offer a lot of iOS apps like Android, (which get uploaded in hours after submission)

    46. James Bailey

      Ahh that makes sense, plus it generally only works up to 200degC anyway with +/-3degC accuracy without compensation. I've now read your pdf with the specs, and that helps a lot, but it'd be great if you could also include:
      - Total mAh capacity of battery
      - Min/Max parameters before damage (eg: does pointing it at 700degC source ruin sensor?).
      - Tables of efficacy of each common gas on each sensor, with examples showing calculations.
      - BAC vs change in impedance, blowing from 10cm away for example.
      I hope this feedback is useful and not annoying, I am enjoying playing around with your great device, even bought an android phone just so I could start using it right away! ;)

    47. Sensorcon Creator on

      The good news is we're doing more sensor testing (on the side) which will lead to improved calculations. These will be put into the Sensordrone library and pushed to all apps, probably sometime this fall.

      We're putting together a more specifications/user guide this summer, but for now the last update in November does have some of the info you're asking for…

      The offset is more of a %error, with the lowest error occurring at ambient temperature. It's a wide angle vs small angle pointer. Generally, you'll be measuring the average temp of an area with width that is 2X the distance to the Sensordrone. Good for looking at walls for insulation evaluation, or measurements in close proximity, but not great for pointing at a flame or glowing metal.

    48. James Bailey

      Got to testing the IR temperature sensor against a professional calibrated unit, it seems to be about +/-4degC off for objects around room temperature, so it might say my hand is 31deg when the professional unit says 34deg. Then at much higher temperatures, it seems to read no higher than 285degC, as the orange-red glow of a test piece of metal was measured on the professional version as 675degC on average. After getting up to 35degC unit temperature (from being near the hot metal), the Sensordrone then seemed to over-read 4degC rather than under-read, suggesting some calibration might be in order? It certainly wasn't a constant offset however.

      Do you have the specs for the sensors publicly available, min/max temps, accuracy, angle of measurement re: IR sensor? It would be great to have an LED that illuminated the area being measured in a future model!

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