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Join our team to help restore Monarch butterflies across North America.
Join our team to help restore Monarch butterflies across North America.
82 backers pledged $8,013 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Dorothy and Leo Keeler Creator on

      Hi Everyone!

      The backers/donation tally of the right hand border is accurate. The apparent difference is because 16 most generous ANGELS pledged but did not ask for any reward in return.

      Thanks again to each one of you! You are all ANGELS!!!

      Dorothy & Leo

    3. Missing avatar

      Aridog on

      Hey, about updating the backers/donation tally in the right hand border to at least come close to the math required for $8,013.00?

      Leo and Dorothy are two people I like, proven friends of one of my best friends anywhere, and I'd donate to any wildlife cause they support or sponsor, including this one, even without the enticements for various levels of donation pledges. They have long ago proven their credentials vis a vis wildlife.

      What I'm saying is I don't given a damn personally, but it would be nice if you just made the talley equal the required math, or explain the quantative difference. Otherwise, you look like a scam.

      R. Thompson aka Aridog

    4. happy-accidents on

      Congratulations! A big win for the Monarchs!

    5. happy-accidents on

      We've on year two of developing a milkweed 'garden' (we live in CT).

    6. Maria Cline on

      I hope that people will up their donations but even if this project doesn't work out, I hope to tell you that thanks to this, I know how much trouble the Monarch is. So, I got some milkweed seeds from that monarch website and when I get them, I will donate them to an elementary school. Hopefully, they can grow some milkweed.

    7. happy-accidents on

      Good luck! I've posted to my Facebook page, hoping you'll get more suport. However, if this doesn't work out, you might try You can chose to receive any amount that's pledged, rather than having to reach a goal before the money's released.