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The Quick Response Squadron is a formation of 12 identical gliders designed to hang in art galleries and public buildings. Read more

Stamford, CT Public Art
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The Quick Response Squadron is a formation of 12 identical gliders designed to hang in art galleries and public buildings.

Richard Deon
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Richard Deon

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Deon Gallery in American Dreamers used as Lecture Hall

Three planes from Richard Deons Quick Response Squadron fly over CCCS Strozzina guest lecturer Luca Briasco and audience. Briasco presents "Escape strategies: the American novel since 11 September between nostalgia and apocalypse."

American Dreamers: Reality and Imagination in Contemporary American Art

This exhibition is organized by the CCC Strozzina in conjunction with the Hudson River Museum (Yonkers, New York, USA) and curated by Bartholomew F. Bland.

Palazzo Strozzi hours:
9 March–15 July 2012
Tuesday–Sunday 10.00–20.00
free Thursdays 18.00–23.00

tel. +39 055 2645155

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The Quick Response Squadron in Daily Du Jour blog

The art & culture blog DAILY DU JOUR has a few nice snapshots of the popularity of American Dreamers: Reality and Imagination in Contemporary American Art at CCCS Strozzina in Florence. The images capture the strange beauty of the Strozzi courtyard and the vibrations of opening night. Artist Tom Doyle is highlighted with many of his incredible works. There is a good photo by Martino Margheri (below) of Richard Deon's Quick Response Squadron buzzing Madam I'm Adam in the bright lighting.

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Quick Response Squadron Poster, Italian version

This poster is designed to coincide with the Squadrons first international appearance in Florence, Italy. The exhibition American Dreamers: Facing or Escaping Reality in Contemporary Art is at The Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina (CCCS) in the Palazzo Strozzi. Since 2007 the CCCS has given the city of Florence a leading international contemporary art center.

Following the American Dreamers theme, the Inspiration for the Squadron poster is a mix between Spaghetti Western; Lowell Thomas travelog; turn of the century letterpress broadsheet or a Hollywood movie poster. Like a traveling circus poster, the same artwork can be used for future exhibitions by swapping out a color plate.

The individual flyers Akio, Hans, and Luis, of the Quick Response Squadron would like to thank you for your support. They look forward to joining fellow flyers Vlad and Karl in the UConn Art Gallery in Stamford, CT in October 2012.

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