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"Human society fascinates me & awes me & fills me with grief & joy; I just can't find my place to plug into it." - C. Converse, 8/10/74
"Human society fascinates me & awes me & fills me with grief & joy; I just can't find my place to plug into it." - C. Converse, 8/10/74
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I'm back from England and ready to send out rewards!


Hello everyone,

The premiere screening at the Sensoria Film and Music Festival in Sheffield went off without a hitch.  Thank you all for your support!

Here are a couple of articles about Connie and the doc from the UK: (more of an interview piece)

I'm dropping off the file to get the DVDs made for the packages tomorrow.  Once the dvds are ready, I'll start shipping off your rewards.

Won't be long now!


Connie Converse on BBC 6 Radio!

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The lovely Nat Johnson and some of her friends were on BBC Radio 6 last night to talk about the upcoming event (Roving Women) at the Sensoria Festival in Sheffield.  They talk about Connie, play some of her music, and some of Nat's covers of the music.  What is really remarkable is that Nat actually played a song inspired by Connie and it is so wonderful.



P.S. The final sound mix will be worked on by the generous and fantastic c5 Inc here in NYC starting next week!



Hi everyone who's anyone,

I hope you've been well.  I have a couple of pieces of pretty amazing news, if I do say so myself, so I'll get right to it.

1) The movie is (pretty much) complete! I just have to fix the sound and sweeten up some transitions.  Expect your rewards over the summer!

2) The doc is going to be shown as a part of the Sensoria Festival of Film and Music in Sheffield, England!  It'll be a part of an event where the lovely Nat Johnson (Google her... now!) will be playing some of Connie's tunes.  So many thank you's to Nat for organizing the whole thing and making it possible for me to be there during this glorious event in October.  If you're in the area, come to it and say hi!

That's all for now (though I think that's quite a lot!)!

Warm and fuzzies,


Connie's Piano Songs - Live! + Beginning of Doc

Hey there friends,

I'm writing to you about a really exciting thing that's happening on February 17 in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge.

Howard Fishman produced a record of Connie's piano songs and at this release show I'll be screening the beginning of the documentary.  You should come! And you should listen to the CD, too!  

These songs were never before recorded, all we had was the sheet music and Howard Fishman worked his magic with pianist Christopher Goddard and soprano Charlotte Mundy.

It's a must-see/hear event for any Connie fan who's local to the NYC area!

Hope to see you there,


Irish National Radio Tonight!

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Hi everyone,

After a lovely mention by Nina Persson from The Cardigans last night on the air, I'm going to be interviewed tonight on The Tom Dunne Show about Connie and the project.

Check it out! You can either livestream or listen later. It's on at 10pm Irish time.

Hope you enjoy!


P.S. The first 9 minutes of the doc are (tentatively) complete!