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REwork: Participatory Art Projects at ART ATTACK 2012's video poster

REwork is a rare exhibition of participatory art projects by seven amazing artists, re-imagined especially for Art Attack 2012. Read more

Minneapolis, MN Art
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This project was successfully funded on November 9, 2012.

REwork is a rare exhibition of participatory art projects by seven amazing artists, re-imagined especially for Art Attack 2012.

Minneapolis, MN Art
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About this project

REwork artists are: Susy BielakPritika Chowdry, Robin Garwood,Emilia JavanicaRachel JendrzejewskiJonathan Zorn, and Molly Balcom Raleigh.

REwork is a group exhibition curated by Molly Balcom Raleigh and Kirstin Wiegmann that will show previously-produced participatory art projects in the Northrup King’s Third Floor Gallery during Art Attack 2012.

RE work will be on display -- and open for participation -- November 2 (5pm-10pm) -- November 3 (noon-8pm) -- November 4 (noon-5pm)

Each year, Art Attack's three-day open-studio event attracts more than 7,000 people. REwork takes place in the Northrup King’s beautiful 2000 sq ft gallery in the heart of the building, and in the midst of this arts-interested crowd. This is a huge opportunity for emerging interdisciplinary artists like us to connect to new audiences!! Please help us take advantage of it with your donation.

REwork provides artists and audiences with the rare opportunity to see a site- or audience-specific project in a new context, and therefore expand the experience of the original work.

Artists included in this exhibition are exploring artistic design in relation to place and audience through new iterations of previously-exhibited participatory work. The unique focus of our show gives artists creating participatory work the opportunity to reconsider their own site-specific or audience-specific projects, and to re-imagine these works for a new site and a new audience.

Each project presented in REwork has been presented in a public exhibition or showing at least once, although some projects are making their Minnesota debuts in REwork.  

What do you mean by "participatory art projects?" 

Good question! All of the artworks included in REwork are participatory art projects, whether they are art objects activated by physical interaction with/from the audience, art installations that invite audience participation, or are works of performance art that invite audience participation. A show such as REwork, with the artistic freedom and support that we're providing, is a rare opportunity for both the artists presenting their work, and for audiences interested in the cool art that's being made at the intersections of traditional art disciplines: performance, sculpture, drawing, cooking, social engagement, and music. 

Our partner, the Northrup King Building, is donating this gorgeous gallery space, along with marketing and PR efforts to help make our show a success. Your contribution to our Kickstarter will allow us to pay the costs of installing the artwork and provide a small but respectful stipend to the artists who are joining us in this show. 

Help us honor these artists' creativity, ingenuity and skill-- please support REwork as generously as you can, and let us send you a little something fun in return! Your support will help us fill the Northrup King Building gallery with unforgettable experiences for our audience, and will provide REwork artists with an invaluable opportunity to grow and explore. 

Thank you!

Visual identity by Lizardman

Music in the video: "How Exciting" by Revolution Void, made available  by way of Creative Commons

Video assistance: Nick Balcom Raleigh and Valentine

Risks and challenges

The most difficult part of a project like this is finding other artists who share the same level of interest and skill in audience participation as a key part of their practice. Fortunately, we've been able to meet that challenge with the participation of an amazing group of artists.

For the artists, it's risky to work without compensation, although the artists in REwork are so interested in being part of this show that they've agreed to present their work even if we don't meet our fundraising goal. We don't want that to be the case, however! We are committed to ensuring that all of the artists working on REwork are compensated with a modest stipend. As experienced non-profit administrators, and as pretty savvy social media users, Kirstin and I feel optimistic that we can meet our fundraising goal and honor the presenting artists by paying them a stipend. And the REwork artists have all agreed to work with us to make it happen. The more we raise over our goal, the larger the artists' stipends will be!

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    Thank you for your support! We'll send you a REwork postcard at your home address-- with a unique recipe, joke or short script handwritten by one of the REwork artists.

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    We'll send you a dream scrap from Rachel Jendrzejewski's interactive performance, oneir0nautics. You'll receive a handwritten fragment of a dream, submitted by an anonymous participant, that was used in performance during REwork. We suggest you put it under your pillow for good luck.

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    There's a place(mat) for you at the table! A limited edition screen-printed placemat, given to you when you sit down to eat and socialize at FEED/FEED, one of the projects featured in REwork.

    This reward is available to you when you're at FEED/FEED in MINNEAPOLIS -- or at SEATTLE's INScape Building, which is where we'll be talking with via live video feed on Friday, November 2nd during the opening evening of REwork!

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    There's a place(mat) for you at the table (long distance!) A limited edition screen-printed placemat, mailed to wherever in the world you are, along with a picture of your placemat on the table at FEED/FEED, one of the projects featured in REwork.

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    LIMITED SUPPLY: We'll send you a rare copy of LISTEN WITH OPEN WINDOWS by Jonathan Zorn! Originally a limited run of 250, now only a handful left.

    LISTEN WITH OPEN WINDOWS serves as both a title and listening instructions. Sounds from outside blend with the filtered white noise of the recording to create a play between composed and ambient noise. Do not play in extreme cold. Letterpress printed cover by Sarah Peters. (To get a look at the gorgeous cover art, visit

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    LIMITED SUPPLY: Hidden content drawings by Robin Garwood! Delivered digitally or on paper, your choice. Look here to get an idea of what Robin might be sending you...

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    Molly will bring the FEED/FEED experience to you! I'll organize a commensal portal for you and your loved ones/friends/neighbors or whoever else you might want to share a meal and conversation with long distance. For this version, I'll cook either a full brunch or dinner for you and up to five friends. (Travel expenses additional)

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