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Del Valle Middle School is making a documentary about constructing a near-space balloon - we need your help to fund our project!

At Del Valle Middle School, we like making movies. We make tons of them. Our after school film club made this. And this. And this.

Now we want to take it to the next level. We want to make a movie we've never done before, using techniques we've never used. For starters, it's a documentary. Our documentary will talk about how science is taught in schools, and how kids in our schools think about science and space. We want to interview students, teachers, and even an astronaut. 

And everything will culminate with us building a weather balloon rig to launch a camera into space. You've probably seen these before on YouTube with engineering students in college or marketing publicity stunts. We think we can do it as middle schoolers. We want to show our school and our community that we can dream big and achieve even bigger.

That’s where we need your help. Our film club doesn’t have an operating budget, and we make our movies with whatever supplies we have. But for this project we have specific things we need to buy - a weather balloon, a special HD camera that can survive our flight, a GPS unit to track the balloon's path, and a few other supplies to make it all come together. 

So help us go to space. For many of us it’ll be the closest we ever get, but who knows? You might be helping the next Neil Armstrong on their journey. Or the next Steven Spielberg make their masterpiece. Either way you’ll be giving us the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you so much for supporting us, and supporting arts education!

The Del Valle Middle School Film Club is run by Theatre Action Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the arts all across Austin. We serve thousands of young people of all ages every year. For more information about TAP, visit our website.


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