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Buster was a cat no one wanted, he came to live with me. While he was with me, I would wonder endlessly what put him in such bad shape.
Buster was a cat no one wanted, he came to live with me. While he was with me, I would wonder endlessly what put him in such bad shape.
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CA$ 3,561


"Buster's Winter Folly" A children's book for ages 4-8 and even older. 

Buster was a real cat.  He came to me after I had rescued 15 cats from the Katrina disaster and found them foster homes. I had worked in rescue in different capacities but this took its toll on me and I stepped back from rescue for a bit.  Then Buster's photo came across my desk.  Weighing in at 4 lbs, missing a front canine, a broken tail, bad hips like he had been hit by a car or kicked, he looked in worse shape than any of the Katrina cats that came to Vancouver.  AND HE LIVED IN THE STREETS OF VANCOUVER AND NO ONE CARED. 

It was my task to find him a home.  I sent his photo off to 5 different families that were looking for a cat, particularly a ginger.  His original adoption photo is adorable, with a sneer like Elvis, because of his missing tooth.  Otherwise he was healthy, he had just had a rough life.  NO ONE would take him. "He wasn't perfect".  He wasn't a lovely cat.  No he was a cat that was down on his luck, and needed to be loved, a cat that had been abandoned, and was so thin, he looked like he would succumb. 

So, he came to my home to join the three others.  The first thing he did when he walked into my house was find the toy box and dump it over and fell sound asleep in the middle of them all.  He did belong to someone at some point in time, and they either tossed him away, or he was lost.  Everyday he would sleep on his tissue paper, (which he loved despite the number of comfortable blankets and cat beds in the house), and he would surround himself with toys.  He could not meow, but would "Marrr" instead...and soon began to "Humph" rather than Marr.  Just like an Eeyore.

I would sit at my desk and watch him, as he gained weight and ate and played by himself.  He didn't join in with the others.  He was just happy to be warm and safe.  He became ill, (not in the book), and I would just watch and wonder to myself, where have you been?  How did this happen to you?  Who did this to you?  Do you feel loved now because I love you more than anything.  Buster began to wear a sweater when he developed a heart problem.  His extremities were very cold,  and I ask my vet if warming his torso (just like in a human), would help him to warm his toes and ears.  They I went and bought him a sweater.  He loved it, and his toes and ears were once again toasty. His brother Ted E. Bear would take a run at him whenever he wore his sweater, because he thought there was a new argyle cat in our house.  LOL!  Talking about being a bully!  As part of the incentive the color photo your child will receive with the book is the photo of Buster in his "magic" sweater. 

This is a story about Buster, as I have imagined it.  It has a happier ending, because he finds his real home again, but it starts off with him being rescued after being abandoned in an empty apartment.  (Something we see in the rescue world far too often).   It's a story about how to take care of pets, without lecturing, a story about how to find a lost pet, and a story from Buster's prospective about bullying and learning a lesson about going out without a guardian, or a friend, or identification or telling someone.  All this encapsulated in a wonderful "tail" that children have already been enjoying at readings, even without the book published, or illustrations complete.

I have an illustrator who is an amazing artist and has transformed Buster into a wonderful character.  We have completed the illustrations, editing, and have to move onto coloring, layout and of course printing.  I promised my Buster I would finish this book this year, (it's been 5 years in the making), so that is why I have determined New Year's Eve as my date for making the money.  I am well connected to the rescue community, WSPA, ISRA, SPCA's, AFA, VEATA, VOKRA and others that are willing to sell my books.  I am also well connected with many vet clinics and pet stores who have also agreed to sell the books.  Not selling them is not an option.  Keeping up with sales will be the problem.  Any money that is made as a profit will simply be put back into publishing more books and restocking. 

The book will be published under "Chullie's Publications".  My first cat at the age of 3.  So there will be a small photo on the back cover of myself at the age of 3 in a plaid dress with my big black tom cat Charlie.  (I couldn't say his name at that age, thus Chullie).

I do hope you can help, and I thank you for taking the time to read about my book.  I look forward to sending off your copy to you.

Warm regards,

Kristin Schumacher

Risks and challenges

The risks involved are really that the book will not sell. However with the connections that I have, along with over 2500 "cat friends" on facebook that are eagerly waiting for the book to come out, and 4 teachers that have already agreed that I could do readings in their classrooms, I feel very confident that the first run of books will sell well. There are sequels to the books that the outlines have been completed for. Readings that have been completed already have been received very well by both children and adults alike. I have spent over 20 years working in marketing, and the last 11 years growing one of the top Pet Sitting firms in Vancouver, with over 2000 clients. Some of these clients are looking to purchase the Buster book as well, when it comes out. I thank you once again for your time.

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