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Oh My Dog! uses live action & animation to explore the explosion of doggy culture in NYC and what it reveals about the human condition.

Oh My Dog! uses live action & animation to explore the explosion of doggy culture in NYC and what it reveals about the human condition. Read More
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About this project

Have you ever wondered why we are becoming ever more dependent on our dogs - emotionally, economically and socially. What is driving this?

This is what Oh My Dog!  is all about.

I have been researching the subject of dogs for a very long time (please see for the whole story behind OMD!).   The more research material I came across, the more I realized how huge this subject is, as it covers so many interesting themes ranging from our economic, social, scientific and emotional interactions with dogs.   I am really fascinated by what is happening between people and dogs, the unique bond existing between humans and dogs, and how dogs have become an amazing insight into the human condition, holding a mirror back to us. I want to find out why is this happening now and what does this reveal about Western society today.  Dogs have become more important and meaningful in our lives and continue to help people and society in so many different ways - OMD! addresses this and celebrates the only animal with the privileged status of being man's best friend.


In the film we have our main protagonist, Ada Nieves, whois an extraordinary pet fashion designer and the queen of the pet social networking scene.  We want to follow Ada and her 4 chihuahuas as she prepares for the hottest social event in the calendar: The NY Pet Fashion Show taking place in Feb 2013 and let her guide us into the sophisticated world of dogs in NYC. 

Interwoven with Ada’s unfolding story – human and doggie – we have Gus, our streetwise mutt, an animated dog with his own point of view who is the narrator of the film.  Gus will observe and question the interactions between people and their dogs. Along the way he will link the different themes explored in the film, and he’ll introduce us to all the other contributors in the film, such as the very gifted animal intuitive Denise Zak whowill be giving readings at the Pet Fashion Showand a war veteran who uses a psychiatric service dog to help him with PTS.  At the same time we will have Gus’s personal story: it’s a tender but tragic love story between him and Lola a true pedigree.    

Ada Nieves & two of her chihuahuas
Ada Nieves & two of her chihuahuas

OMD! not only explores the extreme anthropomorphizing of dogs and the new developments within the human-canine world BUT it also looks for answers as to why this is happening. Ultimately, this is a film that celebrates dogs and their unique contributions to mankind and in the process reveals some of the paradoxes found in modern society. 

OMD! is highly thought-provoking, informative and entertaining, shedding light on the unique bond between humans and their canine friends.


I love the KS concept and have supported a few KS projects in the past, but never thought that I would myself be using KS for one of my projects.  The reason I am doing so is simply because there is so little funding out there for documentaries that stand out from the standard formula and the traditional routes for funding are very limited.  

Gus, designed by Joe Evans
Gus, designed by Joe Evans

I have a small team of amazingly creative and generous people who have been helping me so far towards the making of the trailer (please see below for more info).  And we would not have not come this far, if it wasn't for Joe Evans 's amazing talent and skills as an animator, who has brought Gus to life with his beautiful animation.  

BUT now....

We urgently need to go back to NYC in order to film Ada organising the NY Pet Fashion Show taking place in February 2013 and all the other key participants and complete the documentary part of OMD!  

We are running out of time and our only chance to make this happen is through Kicksarter and all the generous people out there who believe in OMD! and want to see it and be part of it.

Every single pound and dollar will support us in making a beautiful, original, thought-provoking and entertaining film.  We only have 3 weeks to raise our target, and as you know, if we don't reach it, we don't receive a single penny or dime.


If we are successful, the funds will be used to cover production costs for a 3 week shoot beginning end of Jan 2013 in NYC, for hiring equipment and a crew (so please take note any camera & sound people based in NYC, contact me if you're interested!), for travel, insurance, hospitality & accommodation costs. 

if we reach our target, we will be able to complete the documentary part of OMD! 

We also have some funky rewards for you in store, please see the list of pledges.

Any extra money beyond our target will go towards the costs of the animation needed for the film and post-productions fees. 

THANK YOU for whichever way you wish to help us!  If it's not by pledging, you can still support us by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook & spreading the word as far as you can!  We truly appreciate any way you wish to support OMD!


RANI KHANNA – Director/Producer/Writer

I am an independent documentary filmmaker with a background in Fine Arts.  I am half French half Indian and live in London.   

I founded You & Eye Films Ltd. Broadcast credits include: Kolkata Books (Aljazeera UK, 2011), Mad For Dance (Channel Five UK), Leona Alone (Channel Four UK), Chip Odina & Muse (C4 Talent UK), Barking Mad (Current TV), Amazons in Saris (TVF, Portugal), Music by…Gabriel Yared (French TV and broadcast internationally).

Oh My Dog!  is my first feature length film over 52 mins, that also uses animation.  

NICOLA LEES – Executive Producer

Nicola Lees has worked in the television industry – in London and New York - for more than fifteen years. She has developed award-winning documentaries for network and cable channels in the UK and USA, including the BBC, Channel 5, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic and TLC. Credits include The Guinea Pig Club, Animal Hospital and Strange Powers: Stephin Merrit and the Magnetic Fields. Nicola is the founder of and the author of two books about how to develop and fund documentaries, Greenlit and Give Me the Money and I'll Shoot! She is a proud dogmother to Nori, an adorable Maltese who lives in Brooklyn (and has a better wardrobe than Nicola).


Trupti Magecha is an experienced documentary producer making films since 1989. Examples of projects for the BBC:  Bigger than Hollywood (shown at Sheffield) One Life (BAFTA), The Tower (BAFTA) The Trouble with Sleep, Welcome to Britain II and Crash of an Internet Porn King.

JOE EVANS - Animator

Joe is an Illustrator and animator with ten years experience of drawing weird pictures and bringing strange characters to life. His role on OMD! Is to create animated sequences that mesh with the themes in the rest of the film and his challenge is to create a performance from Gus that feels as authentic as the contributions from the interviewees.

JAMES GRAY – Composer

James's compositions can be heard daily on television around the world, be it through FeaturesDrama, Music programmes, FestivalsDocumentaries, or Ad campaigns.  Numerous award winning and nominated/ critically acclaimed productions include Inside The Saudi Kingdom, (Factual Documentary BBC) Great British Property Scandal ( Factual, Channel 4) Theo's Adventure Capitalists (Documentary Series for BBC)Second Chance (Documentary Series for Channel 4) Ginger Nation (Documentary also for Channel 4), The Tweenies for BBC Worldwide and a number of Documentaries for SKY Television.

ANGIE BASS – Advising Producer

Angie Bass is a BAFTA award winning documentary producer with 15 years experience of making high profile documentaries and broadcast television in the UK.

Angie started her career in documentaries working with legendary filmmaker Paul Watson. Angie went on to work with multi-award winning producer, Roger Graef and has more recently worked with Louis Theroux on his BAFTA winning series. 

Angie is currently living in Los Angeles and working on a documentary for HBO.

Risks and challenges

We have secured access to Ada and to film her at the NY Pet Fashion Show, and are currently confirming the availability of all the other contributors in OMD!

Once we have completed the documentary part of OMD! the next challenge will be to raise funds for the animation part of it.

ANIMATION is costly and takes a long time to produce. It will take us some time to complete it BUT it will be worth it, as we are making something very special combining documentary and animation and giving a point of view to dogs through our animated dog Gus.
We will be pitching the film to distributors and TV stations in the US and the UK until we find one who will invest what we need to cover the animation costs.

As our aimed target is to cover the documentary part of OMD! only, this means that it will take some more time before the animation part is completed and before we can make DVD copies of OMD! to send as rewards.

We will send all the rewards that exist by April 2013, but for the rewards that depend on the completion of the film, these will take longer to produce and send. We hope you understand and will be patient with us and the process. In any case you will receive all the rewards that we can produce now and be surprised by more at a later date!

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    Pledge £1 or more About $1.60 USD

    Thank you so much for making this one step closer to happening.

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    Pledge £10 or more About $16 USD

    You will receive a beautiful card of Gus, with a thank you message from the director.

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    Pledge £25 or more About $40 USD

    We will send you an original hand- drawn drawing of Gus signed by Joe Evans, the amazingly talented animator who is bringing Gus to life. And we will send you a link to download the film. Plus all the above.

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    Pledge £50 or more About $80 USD

    You will receive a DVD copy of the film and you can choose a doggy bag full of home-baked doggie cookies, following one of Ada Nieves’ special recipes (sold at Prima Dog in NYC) or alternative recipe for humans.
    Plus you can Download the poster of Gus!
    Plus all the above.

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    Pledge £100 or more About $160 USD

    Your name will be in the Thank you credits of the film and we will arrange for a skype call with one of the animators. Plus all the above.

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  6. Select this reward

    Pledge £250 or more About $401 USD

    My son Pierre is an origami master! You can choose one origami animal that he will create specially for you, on beautiful Japanese print origami paper. There will be a dog design as well as 2 other animals for you to choose from. And a 30 mins skype talk with the director.
    Plus all the above.

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  7. Select this reward

    Pledge £500 or more About $802 USD

    We will include a signed photo from the set and a film poster in the doggy bag and you will be able to come and visit us during the shoot in NYC. Travel and accommodation are not inclusive.
    Plus all the above.

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  8. Select this reward

    Pledge £1,000 or more About $1,604 USD

    We are over the moon to know you want to be an Associate Producer and your name will appear as associate producer on the film opening credits and poster.
    You will attend a preview screening of the film and have dinner with the director and other members of the team in London and if you’re not based in London, we will send you a screening copy and a license to screen the film to family and friends & arrange a skype Q&A after the screening.
    You will also receive an invitation for two to one of the festival screenings in the USA or Europe.
    The name of your dog or a name of your choosing will be used to name one of the animated dogs in the film, creating a very special bond between you and the film.
    Plus all the above

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    Pledge £5,000 About $8,018 USD

    Wow, what can I possibly say? This would be a true miracle and I would be overwhelmed by your generosity and support and eternally grateful to you.
    My sister who is an extremely talented architect, is offering you a unique session of how to plan & design your dog/pet home space. For live in & live out dog or other pet, high tech, low tech, rustic, ecological, special needs etc…anything goes! And for those of you without a pet, she will offer architecture advice for an alternative room/space.
    Your name will appear as executive producer in the opening credits of the film and on every poster. We will reserve you one full filmmaker festival pass/accreditation as one the executive producers of the film, to any of the festivals the film goes to.
    And on top of this and all the above of course, you will receive a beautiful and exclusive hand knitted dog jacket or a human hat, kindly offered by our executive producer Nicola Lees. Plus all the above.
    limited edition: 3 available

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