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$312 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Brett A
$312 pledged of $10,000 goal

A Humble Apology (along with some great news...)

Hey Backers, 

We made a huge mistake, and did something pretty stupid, so we wanted to apologize to you (and hopefully make it up to you). We weren't doing anybody a service by selling a game that will ultimately cost $2.99 for $20 or more on Kickstarter. 

Instead of saving our early backers money as a reward for helping us out and believing in us when we were just a concept, we hammered you with an overpriced product. 

We realized our error and (hopefully) fixed it by changing the lowest reward to $2, which will get you a copy of the game when it comes out at 99 cents less than it will retail for.

That said, we didn't think it was fair to our first backers to change the rewards on you like that, so we're giving all of you the option to either downgrade from your current reward to the $2 reward, or back out all together. 

We'd love your continued support and hope this move to a lower threshold will help spur a bit more action on our Kickstarter page, but also understand if you'd like to back down. 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and creating the best possible game for you and others.

Thanks again.


Brett Andler and the Whoizit Team


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