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An innovative semi co-op Fantasy board game for 2-5 players. Fast paced Euro game infused with a unique Dungeon crawler + Bonus Game
An innovative semi co-op Fantasy board game for 2-5 players. Fast paced Euro game infused with a unique Dungeon crawler + Bonus Game
960 backers pledged $66,087 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


June `15 - Expansions and Minis updates


Dear backers,

It's been a​ ​while since I update​d​ on the project and I wish to get you ​up to date on th​e​s​e​ topics:

Karez expansion package:

We finished proofing the final files we got from our printer. We still need to approve the samples - prior to the final print run (~​2 weeks)​.​

We hope to finish the final print run in 3 weeks after the approval of the samples.

I will send a new address survey by the end of this month - so we can be prepared for the final fulfillment stage of this project.

Added reward:

I decided to add a new component to your reward package.

This is a new punched board with nice stand-up tokens that you can use for the extra co-op game - "Dark Passage"  (I've already added) - so every backer can play it!

Miniatures situation:  

After long months of tireless efforts to communicate with EFS via 3rd parties, we decided to investigate the validity of EFS​'​ intentions. After ​talking with ​several contacts we got from other EFS backers (from other projects they funded ​o​n KS), we understood that they won't supply the goods they were paid for.

We took some legal advice and decided to move forward with a lawsuit against EFS. We have no choice​ but​ to ​take​ this step and I have to update you on this ma​tt​er.

I hope that with this new approach we can salvage some of the lost funds. I will send a new survey for all the miniature backers and will ask for your cooperation in g​iving us valuable information.

I will also ask about your ​prefer​r​ed solution for this mishap (after retrieving funds from EFS):

  • A - ​Partially r​efund each backer for the Miniature pledge.
  • B - Order a new Miniature production.

I will post ​the ​results ​in an update ​in 2 weeks - your decision will be the one I will act upon!

New rules:

We ​did not ​ma​k​e good progress on the new ruleset​, mainly because ​the new concepts and changes I design​ed did not work well in testing. I will try to g​o back and just make the original rules better by simplify​ing​ them and mak​ing​ the different Guilds more balanced.

I really hope that we can get the rules done (draft stage) by the end of July. I wish to thank my collaborators ​i​n the rules group we opened​ and ​I​ welcome any future help from the great community we established.

Final words:

I know that some of the news I brought are not good at all! I just wish to keep you informed - even if it is​n't​ pleasant to read. I still believe that we can all get our final portion of the stretch goals and finish this project with a high note.

We made a lot of mistakes as it was our first project - but with your help - we will finish fulfilling what we promised.

Thanks to all backers​.​



November `14 - update.

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Dear backers,  

I wish to update you on our ongoing quest to fulfill everything promised.

Pending expansions:  

We have no update here. We finished production a month ago and we are waiting for the printer to reply with final deadlines. They told us it would take 30 days, but we are already passed that point in time. I hope to get some more positive feedback so I can report back with deadlines. Miniatures:  

I am still waiting for Mick to supply the miniatures to our backers who refuse to pay the extra shipping charges and to ship me the miniatures for the backers who live outside the US. I am looking forward to finish this long awaited fulfillment as the minis production has been paid and finished a long time ago.  

New set of rules:  

We have had great progress on the revised edition of the rules. We had a great discussion in the rules group we formed. I made a deadline, by the end of this month, to tie up all lose ends and continue with the online publication of the 2nd edition of the rules. I think that we can expect a mid-December publication (at least of a first draft). I wish to thank all the great backers who are still supporting us until fulfilling all pending rewards and for those who took a chunk of their free time to comment and help us test and create a better set of rules for all of you.  

I will keep updating, especially when I get my hands on those long awaited expansions.  



August 2014 – progress in fulfillment


Dear backers,  

I was away the last month due to some personal circumstances, so I am sorry for not updating. But still, while I was away the GEG team had made some progress:  

Pending expansions/rewards - 

Finished proofing phase on to the printers We finished the proofing phases on all expansions/rewards and we contacted our printer so they can start printing. I did not get any deadline but I do hope they will finish them by the end of August.  

Due to my absence I think that we will fall behind a bit in fulfillment, so I estimate that we will start shipping out all rewards by the start of October. I will update on every step of the way.  

Revised rules:  

As I finished writing all of my changes I made into the game rules after I developed the game further the last year or so, I decided to give the actual writing, editing and layouting to a more accomplished rules guru, Paul Grogan.  

Paul has helped work on many rules made by numerous publishers (CGE, Wizkids etc) and I am so glad he (and a group of other veteran Karez players) accepted my call and will re-write the rules completely. We will work on them together so the new rules will be the best we can get. Everyone involved in the rewrite though are also very busy on other things, so I am unable to give any promise as to when the new rules would be ready, but backers should give the team the much needed support to complete the rules on a high note.  

I am very excited to see how the game has progressed and I can assure you all that it will play a lot smoother and faster.  

Final words:  

Some of you are unhappy about the fact that we continued publishing new games and left the old backers of Karez high and dry. 

This is not the case, although I understand how it can be seen that way. The facts are that we actually lost money on the FCoK project and only by publishing more games we could afford to keep going as a company. 

Also, the time we took in order to further develop the game was my call as I saw so many backers disappointed with the original game. This time and effort that we invested in Karez will hopefully show once you get the last bunch of stretch goals and the updated rules.  

I appreciate the patience and positive support that a number of you have given me and the GEG team and ask for a little bit more in order to finish this project successfully.  



New strategy guide and the final fulfillment


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May `14 update

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Dear backers,  

I wish to report that I have some great news about the final rewards.  

3 new expansions and Strategy guide:  

We finally finished all the artwork and prepared the files for printing. Our printer has agreed to save a slot for printing them in the beginning of June and we hope to speed things up so we might get the first proofing files by mid June.  

I can gently estimate that we will be able to start shipping ALL pending rewards by August.  

EFS minis:  

I know for a fact that some backers did receive their copies. They reported it to me instantly, and I appreciate their support and good will. Currently I know that Mr. Leach has produced the minis and is willing to ship them out. However, as of today we still have not received the minis at our warehouse as requested. I do not know when he will do it, but I can assure you (and him) that I will do whatever it takes to ship these rewards, as I already paid for them (7 months ago!).  

I understand that this process took a lot more time than we projected and we made some mistakes along the way, but I was strongly committed to fulfill each and every thing I promised. The easy way would have been to give up to all those backers who doubted our intentions and tried to hurt our future projects instead of backing us and letting us do our job.  

Throughout this process I met some great backers who wrote me some uplifting words that kept my head straight in order to finish this immense project.  

The only thing I wish to ask is to please keep your cool and patience a few more months so we can produce and ship the final rewards.  

Finally, I wish to apologize to Mr. Leach of EFS miniatures if I offended him. The only thing that is important right now is to get the minis to you - the backers, so I call for Mr. Leach to pick up those minis and ship them to you, the KS backers.