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An innovative semi co-op Fantasy board game for 2-5 players. Fast paced Euro game infused with a unique Dungeon crawler + Bonus Game
An innovative semi co-op Fantasy board game for 2-5 players. Fast paced Euro game infused with a unique Dungeon crawler + Bonus Game
960 backers pledged $66,087 to help bring this project to life.

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New Rules & SG update


Dear backers! 

Firstly, I wish to update you about the further delays on the final stretch goals fulfillment. We had two MAJOR misprints that I had to FIX. 

I could not ship anything till I got this issue fixed. I have not charged anyone for the extra shipping and packing fees as I could ship any SG pack till this Monday.

We are in the process of beginning our final round of fulfillment this week. It has been a long road, and we had missteps along they way, but we thank you so much for your patience and the support you have given us in getting our dream for Karez fulfilled.

The stretch goals will be sent via the methods indicated on the last survey I sent you:

Individual emails will be sent via your email affirming your shipping methods.

If you still wish to get your missing SG please fill this survey:

Gencon `16:  

Any GenCon attendees can avoid shipping and pick their packages up at the Con. Just drop our sales manager an email at and let him know you will be picking it up, and he will have it ready for you! You will be contacted with our location in the event hall.  

New Rules!

On another note, let’s talk about rules! A lot of you have been asking about the new rulebooks and we have some good news. The new rulebook is in its final stages. All of the heavy lifting has been completed and we are now in the proofing stage. 

We think you will agree that the new rules are clearer and provide a better experience with Fallen City of Karez. 

Link to new Rules*.

We encourage you to download them, take a look, and contact us at with any last minute suggestions or clarifications that you might have. 

*Not final - still a text version.

Spiel `16

For our German speaking backers, we intend to have German translations of the rules available at Essen Spiel. Feel free to visit us at the Fair. 

If you wish to pickup your SG at our Spiel booth - please contact Jason at

Last words

Finally, we would like to once again thank you all for your continued patience and consideration as we’ve gone through the fulfillment portion of this project. It has been a long road, but we are happy and proud that you’ve been with us at every turn. 

You made a pledge to us, and we don’t take that lightly. Golden Egg Games will strive to ensure in the future that we will continue to bring high quality games to our backers and fans. 

Thank You.


Update - first Vlog - unboxing video of all expansions

Dear Backer,

I wish to post a quick update. I got many requests ​to describe the content you guys should get with your SG rewards​,​ s​o​ you ​can decide which shipping method ​best suit​s​ you.

So, I decided to post my very first Vlog - an unboxing video in which I will go over everything you will get and some extra stuff we made just for you.

Please be kind - I am an ​​avid editor, English is my second language and it is my first video post​, so try to ​be constructive​ in your​ posts and I promise to keep ​making ​more videos for you guys (a full walkthrough of the rules might be ​the next in line).

Due to the fact that only 300+ backers have responded to our latest survey - I will extend the survey time period for an extra 14 days.

Please ​f​ill the survey below:



Update #46: New Surveys

Dear backers,

The production of the extra expansions and rewards is finished!!!

We are scheduling a freight shipment to our warehouse so we can start shipping ASAP.

In order to ship to your updated address – I have created a new survey.

Please enter in the link at the bottom of this page and fill in your details.

I will lock the survey on the 25th of March to start preparing the labels for final shipment.

Extra Shipping costs – We need your help! 

As I mentioned in my recent updates – I wish to let all backers know that we are well over our budget and we have invested a lot of private money to complete and fulfill our obligations. I therefore ask for your kind support in covering these extra shipping and packing costs to your home address. 

I’ve added a few options in the survey, so each backer can decide how much he wants to spend (they are very affordable options). 

After completing the survey we will send you a confirmation mail with payment details (PayPal). 

I hope you can understand our side of the business.



Link to the survey:

Update #39 - Quick update - cards are ready!

Dear Backers,

I wish to briefly update you about the progress we made in our last stages of fulfillment. 

SG production - Cards are done! 

I am glad to share with you some images I got from our manufacturer th​at confirm that the cards f​or all 3 expansions are done! 

We expect to finish the rest of the components in the next couple of weeks - I will update ​with ​new photos as soon I get the​m​. 

Once everything ​is done we will send new surveys through ​your ​personal e-mails and proceed directly to fulfillment using one of the best fulfillment centers in China. 

My plans are to get it done before the end of this year. 

Minis replacement - EU: 

Your compensation copies will be shipped ​in the ​upcoming week - we ​have ​received ​them in our German warehouse. 

I promise​d​ to keep it short - Thanks to all for your patience​.​ 


Update #38: Production updates & minis resolution


Dear Backers,

I wanted to update you on the progress we made in the last month as soon as I got positive news.

Stretch Goals Production:

We just finished the final proofing phase (color and matching card stock) and the production is underway.

All 3 types of cards - Karez SG
All 3 types of cards - Karez SG

Our printer says that the production should be completed in 20 days. I surely hope they can manage our deadline expectations so we can have finally some final images of those sought out expansions. I will update with more images as we get more up-to-date information.

Minis Update:

More than 100 backers agreed to settle with our offer of compensation while many backers have opted to wait for the long awaited refund. We just began shipping all rewards to our US backers. We are forwarding rewards to our partners in Canada, Germany and Australia so we can ship them to you locally and save you money on taxes and other related fees. US fulfillment will be done by the end of this week as we already have confirmed receptions. The rest of the world fulfillment will take between 9-25 days, depending on your location. The backers who filled out the latest survey will get a shipping note to their e-mails with tracking information.

Final Words:

Once we finish fulfillment we can move on to a brighter future. I am sure we all wish to move on from this unfortunate turnaround. I wanted to say thank you to all of the backers who have always been supportive and believed my true way. I needed that support as it was not easy to get me to this point. 

You have my deepest respects.