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Build a city with your fellow councilmen, fight crime, cut down pollution and unemployment. A negotiation game for 1-5 politicians.
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Fulfillment phase has begun!

Posted by Golden Egg Games (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

I wish to give a brief update about a few topics that I got tons of PMs about.  

Fulfillment phase has begun!  

I am glad that we already shipped all copies of the game to our US based backers. As I wrote before (and was asked frequently), the game box will contain MOST of the deluxe content:  

  • City Council - the board game.  
  • Special Agent - mini expansion.  
  • The Disaster Deck - co-op expansion.  

Still pending shipment:  

  • All premium tokens.  
  • Signed solitaire rules.  

I will ship the extra components as soon as we get the solo rules printed. I hope to get it into our warehouse by the end of this month.  

EU & The rest of the world:  

Your copies are making their way to a closer hub/warehouse so we can ship them locally via partners. Most copies will be shipped by our friends at GameQuest (UK), this will save you money and hustles (local VAT or other tax related fees). The current ETA is mid October 2018. I know it is a bit later than expected, but sometimes going slow and steady is better than rushing and making serious mistakes.  

I already got some marvelous messages about the game and how much fun you had playing it, those messages are wonderful and I do appreciate your support and kind words.  

New game - Dice & Dragons - update:

As you might have noticed we had a very brief KS project for my new Dice & Dragons game, a really cool cooperative RPG style game, where you play Heroes who try to slay a dreadful Dragon. We had a really cool review made by Tantrum House:  

If you are interested in a really quick and fun dice game, please have a look at our offer ($19.90 on  

Or seek it out in your FLGS.  

Upcoming game - “Steam Pirates”  

I was very busy these couple of months as I am finishing the production of a new GEG game - Steam Pirates! Steam Pirates is a game I designed with Pini (!), it is a really cool pirate game set in the magical world of Materia.  

The game is set for 2-4 rookie pirates who are vying to strike gold by expanding their trading network, exploring the city-islands and finding an old pirate’s hidden treasure. The game has amazing artwork, fun and simple gameplay with tons of replayability, as a unique event deck will drive a new storyline for each game.  

I am planning to launch a new KS project for Steam Pirates and I really hope some of you guys will put your faith in another great game from GEG.  

Thanks again for your kind support, I couldn’t do what I do without you!! 



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    1. Seth Chapman on

      Yeah Special agent was not in box. Question already asked so will wait for answer.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dennis Wozniak

      What if we ordered the special agent and disaster deck expansions but not the game itself - have those items been shipped?

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gilkison

      @Bruce G - That's what I am missing as well. Hopefully we'll hear back soon and they will be shipped to us.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bruce G

      What do we do if the Special Agent mini expansion wasn't in our box?

    5. Isaac M

      Aprox 35% of backers, pending to recive the game.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gilkison

      Thank you for the update! Glad things are still moving forward. Was just wondering when I would get the government agent cards that I was missing from my original shipment? I know you are busy and was just wondering. Thank you and keep up the good work!