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Build a city with your fellow councilmen, fight crime, cut down pollution and unemployment. A negotiation game for 1-5 politicians.
268 backers pledged $9,912 to help bring this project to life.

What's Next?

Posted by Golden Egg Games (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

After a very short 10-day project, we managed to raise almost 4 times our initial goal to reach an awesome sum of $9912 all thanks to you!  

As much as running this KS was fun, I am now moving on to the reason why you all backed this game - to get your copy on the table and play it with your family and friends.  

Payment processing period started (~two weeks)  

If you are new to KS, then read this following paragraph so you can understand how KS handles your payment and how we are planning to fulfill your rewards. In the next week or so, KS will try to charge your CC for the amount you pledged. If the payment does not succeed, they will try to collect it a couple more times in the next few days. If you are experiencing an issue - please contact KS support or me via PM. Once the payment is processed by KS they will make it available for us within ~two weeks (minus their fees and the CC processing fees).  

Shipping Survey (two weeks)  

To save time, I am going to send our shipping survey to all backers to collect important shipping details so we can evaluate how many rewards to ship to each fulfillment center (US, Canada, EU and the rest of the world). This phase should be quick and it depends on your cooperation to fill and submit the survey as quickly as possible. 

Finalizing your rewards (~4 weeks)

Once the payment process is complete, we will move on to finalizing your rewards so we can prepare them for fulfillment. 95% of the game material is done and ready for fulfillment. As I added some more content, these are the pending production items:

  • Signed Solitaire Rules 
  • Deluxe Crime Rate token 
  • Deluxe Budget token 
  • Deluxe Pollution token 

Fulfillment period (4-6 weeks) 

Ok, this is where all rewards leave our warehouse and are dispatched all over the world to local fulfillment centers. Each reward will then be packed individually and shipped to your address. We already charged the shipping fees (included in your pledge amount), thus saving quite a lot of time so we can move on with fulfillment faster than most KS projects. 

Important note: In some cases we might decide to split and ship your rewards in two different shipments to save time and money for both you and GEG. 

Final words 

As you can imagine, this process depends on so many moving parts and this is why KS fulfillment is the hardest challenge any publisher will ever face. Some backers will get their rewards early and some later, this is how it goes and we have zero to no control on this as so many factors affect your personal fulfillment. All I can promise is that I will do my best to make sure you get everything you generously pledged for. 

I will keep on updating but obviously less frequently. The money we raised here will be invested back into this project and other games we have in line. 

Hope this covers most of your questions, if there is still anything unclear, just PM me :) 



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    1. BreezingThrough

      Where is survey? Third time you not kept your word so far this project.

    2. Electronic Scavenger

      Sounds great I am looking forward to this game... some non world destroying.. killing zombie... kind of fun.. unless you make an expansion :)

    3. Isaac M

      Wishing to enjoy this summer.

    4. Steven Crane

      Congratulations and good luck with fulfillment! Looking forward to my expansion packs! :)