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Build a city with your fellow councilmen, fight crime, cut down pollution and unemployment. A negotiation game for 1-5 politicians.
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All gone! Tremendous 2nd day

Posted by Golden Egg Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

We just sold all 150 copies of the limited Deluxe Edition.  

Limited Stock

Some backers asked me about this. I really wanted to offer more copies, but I still wished to offer people who already own City Council (the retail edition) a chance to upgrade their copy for a fair price. That said, I asked my printer to adjust the order and I took 15 copies off the Councilmen level so I can now offer 180 Deluxe Editions.  

Production and packing is underway  

I ordered our manufacturer to produce of the 180 copies so we can start the fulfillment phase ahead of time.  

New “Stretch Goal”  

As I am still overwhelmed by the KS community support, I wish to give back. I am working on a cool free of charge token (or even two) which I can add along with the signed Solitaire rules to you guys as a token (no pun intended) of my appreciation. 

I will share more details on my next update.  

Again, thanks a lot for your support!  




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    1. BreezingThrough

      So will the Deluxe have any changes, to box, to pieces, or just normal game with add on placed in it (Or even shipped along side)?

      I am curious if your printing 180 new games or 180 expansions with amended rule set?

    2. Mike Edelstein on

      “I wish to give back....but I won’t, because I routinely screw over backers and then lie to them/disappear for months on end