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Gauss glasses protect your eyes in front of screens and outside with self-tinting lenses and a new, proprietary coating technology.
Gauss glasses protect your eyes in front of screens and outside with self-tinting lenses and a new, proprietary coating technology.
Gauss glasses protect your eyes in front of screens and outside with self-tinting lenses and a new, proprietary coating technology.
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    1. Missing avatar


      Please refund me asap never got anything!

    2. Thom Murphy

      Never got my reward...

    3. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Still waiting for the glasses to arrive

    4. Tesseract Labs

      I just got confirmation from Alice that the frames used are indeed one-size only. No matter the lens thickness, the same length of frame posts will be used (up to a maximum prescription strength, which Gauss won't accept for this very reason).

      So it seems like they are probably stretching the allowable lens thickness for these frame posts a little ways past what a regular optician would suggest. This does allow for a wider range of allowed prescriptions, which is a plus, as adhering strictly to the "recommended" maximum thickness would probably cut out a lot of users, or require a higher index lens material which may not be compatible with some of this lens tech. But it does mean that the lenses on the thicker end of the range are more fragile, since the posts aren't able to grip into their intended seat.

      It might have been nice to know this at the start, but I think these glasses were worth it overall. As in my last comment, even if my frame isn't the greatest, I backed this for the lenses!

    5. Tesseract Labs

      After speaking to an optician, I seem to have uncovered the reason that some backers experience the rimless arms falling out over time, and others do not.

      According to the optician I visited, the arms used in my frame don't match my lenses -- the mounting pegs only extend halfway through the lens material, where they should reach the full depth into the clear mounting bracket on the other side. With this context, it makes sense that users with smaller prescriptions would have no problems at all (as their mounting pegs are able to make it far enough into their lens), while higher-prescription backers find the arms coming loose over time.

      I contacted Gauss support, and was sent a new set of glasses. However, when I opened this set, arms with the same length of mounting pegs had been used! I've sent a reply asking for clarification, and whether a correctly-proportioned pair is possible, but have not yet heard back. In the meantime, it seems that for higher-prescription users, these glasses may simply be that much more fragile in construction. Maybe I can get a professional to swap my lenses into a better frame -- the lenses are what I backed for after all, and they still more than hold up to my expectations :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Phillip Torricke-Barton on

      These glasses are great! I use them almost every day. The size is a little on the big size but a quick trip to the local glasses shop and they adjusted them to fit my face well. The arms had to be shortened to fit correctly as they were away too long for my face.

    7. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      Hi Justin, if they do not sit properly please see a local optician who can adjust them to fit.

    8. Missing avatar

      JUSTIN on

      Your glass works really well! The rimless design sucks bad! I got two sets from you and both of them cannot keep in position for long. They keep on felling off. Please make a special frame construction in near future!

    9. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      @Hernando: Please head to with any questions or problems. Alice is helping people there every weekday.

    10. Lars Klaeboe

      Happily wore my glasses during a month long sunny vacation, and for once didn't lose or break them ;)

      Happy with most aspects, but have one complaint - the inside reflect far too much light, so much that riding my bike with the sun on my back was really annoying. Hope you fix that for v2.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hernando Enrique Pedraza on

      Hi. I would like to know if there's a way to get the nose replacement pads from you. They keep falling off . Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dominik Rzepa


      I honestly don't think that rims are that weak - it's titanium, but if you use it as described (meaning no sitting on glasses or something like that), they should last you for a very long time. Yes they are fragile, but solid if you look after them - mine are still working well and hopefully will be for years to come.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ces on

      I have had the GAUSS filters for sometime now and although initially I received a pair that had light distortion, your team was very quick in providing me a replacement pair. The replacement pair work just as advertised. I did sit on them though and now the frames are slightly off. ****learnt the hard way*** this is in no way fault of yours of course. I look forward to one day purchasing lenses that are accompanied by more regular frames. Great Job and well done.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kairat on

      Hi Peter
      I have got my glasses, however they are way big and I am not able to wear them although i paid extra for dioptric upgrade and custom size upgrade.
      The rims are so weak and I am afraid they will fall apart if I wear them.
      I very disappointed that you guys present your campaign as if you are in Germany and are going to do it in germany but then do it someware in Thailand, come on guys I don't mind if they are made there but do good quality. Please refund me my money

    15. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      Got your message Raj. Thanks! For everyone else please get in touch with us at with any questions or problems. Alice is helping people there every weekday.

      You can also order glasses for friends and family on our website now.

    16. Raj Jain on

      edit: new message sent.

    17. Raj Jain on

      Dear Gauss Team.

      I popped a message over back in November through the website but not heard anything. Any news?

      Kind regards.

    18. Maz on

      Super happy with the support I received. I hope you guys continue this.
      Thanks heaps.

    19. Tuxkey on

      Hi Peter and Gauss team.. Alice ;-)

      Thanks for your support.. I'm really impressed by how fast your were in shipping and completing this project.
      I had sum issues with my glasses but Alice was a real sport and helped my out..So now i'm just waiting on sum info from my wife to reply to Alice..And the issue will be solved ;-)
      I'm a firm believer that the way people and a company in particular handles problems or issues that arise says as much about the company as the product does. And i have no complaints so far..

      So thank you GaussEyewear team.
      Wish you all the best in the coming years and we will keep in touch on twitter and so on..i will Definitely post a couple of nice pics and perhaps a awesome review after the Holidays..

      Also thanks to all my fellow backers..And all the best to you too..
      Who knows perhaps will see each other again here for Gauss 2.0 hahahha...

      Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr.
      (excuse my eng and german hahaha i'm just dutch)...

      With regards Sammy.

    20. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      Please get in touch with us at with any questions or problems. Alice is helping people there every weekday.

    21. Panya Juengreangrot on

      I am sad now, used it everyday and i just sit on it then it broke to pieces T T. Is there anyway i can get a new one as soon as possible?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      I see some stating they have blur after wear - but I have blur during wear. Even after wearing for a long time, it does not go away. When I take them off, my eyes are fine.

    23. anprax

      never got mine..
      they put incomplete address of mine and it was returned back to the seller
      -I haven't received any feedback/update yet..

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Yu

      Hi, me eyes experiencing soreness and a bit blur after wearing for more than an hour

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Yap on

      I got my pair of jay but it won't fit and feels ready to fall apart. The inner side is way too reflective and distracting. The nose arm is way too short it wont even reach my nose at all and they have no solution for it no replacement no adjustment. (Sent photos) The connections are not tighten at all that the parts wiggle about with a give of over 10mm (sent them video) its just poorly made and i am not satisfied one bit. Its not usable! i want a refund!

    26. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      Got mine today after shipment problem: a line in the address was missing.
      They look very nice! Looking forward to try them.

    27. Keith Owen

      @Creator, today I received the re-shipped glasses in Germany. They are great quality! I've yet to try them properly but I'm looking forward to doing so! Thanks very much!

    28. Azael Berlanga

      never got mine :(

    29. Sam Hindle on

      Great glasses. Good quality lenses. Teenagers genuinely think they are cool probably the SciFi Blue flashes from the coatings. Transitions to 70% opacity are enough for a quick walk between faculties on campus. The standard 140mm arms are a bit long but that's easy enough to correct.

      The wife of my boss is an accomplished optometrist and she was impressed with the price and quality. Her only comment was the high reflective coat on the internal side of the lens. Apart from that she quite liked the minimalist design.

      My headaches and weary vision have decreased since wearing them while using my work computer. That's the sole reason I backed Gauss Glasses so all in all I am a very satisfied backer.

    30. Gaal

      @Chris Yoo - I don't think she did anything with the nose stand, but she fixed the temples so that the glasses no longer slips of my head.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ji Ho Yoo on

      @Gaal, thanks for your answer. Did they just fix the nose stand?

    32. Keith Owen

      @Creator - hi Peter, is there any news on the shipments to Germany that DHL managed to lose?

    33. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the feedback. Glad you like them!

      @Carsten: Achromaflex that is on the back is superior to common anti reflection layers. You can't just have a reflective coating going only one way. There are always certain trade offs so if you want protection this is the best you can get.

    34. Carsten P. on

      Mine finally arrived, took one month but unfortunately the right lens has wrong parameters in it (minus sign for sph value got lost somewhere) rendering it useless for me... Alice already working on that.
      Can we get (for additional payment) a better coating on the backside? Currently it has the same coating like the front as it looks, reflecting all lights above and behind of you back into your eyes in a blueish tint which is driving me nuts. Especially if you work in an office with a lot of lights...
      I'm used to Hoya lenses and they provide a supreme anti reflection coating which you are capable of doing as well I'm convinced ;)

    35. Alex Keyhan on

      I am very happy! Thank you Gauss.

    36. Gaal

      Chris Yoo: Visit a optician. They'll fix it in minutes. Mine did it for free.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gleb Kuzmin on

      I am using the glasses for over a month now and have to admit I am very happy about quality. It is very funny to hear some ppl review saying they can see bridge, hands or whatever they see - you can see all the same and even more in any other glasses and get use to it in a day or so. These guys probably never had glasses before.
      I will probably order another one, with prescription this time.
      Thanks again!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ji Ho Yoo on

      Hi @Gauss,

      I got Jays glasses with no custom sizing. The glasses keep sliding down and stay on to the tip of my nose. Can this be fixed by adjusting the "nose support" ? I noticed that the legs of the glasses are quite long for my head. So should I somehow adjust the length of the legs which I'm not sure if it's possible ? Thanks :)

    39. SK

      Got mine today. Thanks.

    40. Dinh Le Khanh Duy on

      The full tinting is a little insufficient to double as sunglasses. I think the main reason for sunglasses is to not get blinded by the sun. But these glasses don't do their job for that.
      For everything else it seems to do their job.

    41. arvel on

      I'm from the PH and while the team shipped my glasses about a month ago, I only received it last, last week. :)) Mine has no prescription but during the first time I tried it on I noticed it gave me a headache. Fortunately after a few tries of wearing the glasses again my eyes became accustomed to it; so I get to wear them everyday when I work on the computer. No headaches or eye strains! Yay, awesome product and equally awesome support!! (⌐■_■) Thank you sooo much.

    42. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      @Maz & Raj: Please get in touch with us via

      @Richard: The yellow tinting comes from the filtering of the blue wavelengths of light. The blur can be because every lens breaks the light a bit differently so your eyes have to readjust. This is normal.

    43. Missing avatar

      Richard Yu

      I feel yellowish when I wear it in indoor. And I order mine without prescription, but I do feel a bit blur after I take it off. Are these normal?

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Yu

      I feel yellowish when I wear it in indoor. And I order mine without prescription, but I do feel a bit blur after I take it off. Are these normal?

    45. Maz on

      My left eyepiece is thicker than the right and has some magnification. Mine should be without prescription.
      Please advise.

    46. Azael Berlanga

      Eagerly awaiting...!

    47. Keith Owen

      @Creator, I just received an email from Alice, thanks. I hope that DHL is not the carrier of choice when you re-ship the glasses.

    48. Raj Jain on

      Hi Peter.

      Any detail for UK dispatch (custom Jays)?

      Eagerly awaiting...!

    49. Missing avatar

      Christian A. on

      @Peter Marx: You give me back the hopes, to hold the glasses until christmas in my hands, Let me thank you in advance and say in german "Dankeschoen":-)

    50. Peter Marx 3-time creator on

      @Christian: DHL lost 36 of our shipments for Germany. We are in the process of redoing the glasses right now so you dont have to wait until we resolve this with DHL. Alice will be in touch regarding this shortly.

      @Oceancity: Glad you like them!

      @Vincent: You can't have reflections only in the front. If you want a coating that reflects harmful blue light it will go either way. We used Achromaflex on the back to lessen the reflection. We would love to bend the laws of physics and we sure try but this is as good as it gets.

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