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An innovative, tile-based strategy game. Summon your court, levy your troops, and seize the field of battle!
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    1. Rick Koeppen on

      I thought I remembered reading something in an earlier update that the Swashbuckler playing piece might be available to be purchased by backers at some point in the future. Is that still the case?

    2. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      3 weeks to provide a single paragraph explaining the premium component delay? Doesn't look like your communications skills are improving any Catalyst. *sigh*

    3. John Falcon

      So The Duke was at Gen Con..big whoop! When will it be in my hands!

    4. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      I"m sure we will be posting pics soon. We are all in recovery still, I think. We will have pics of the new tile, the tourney, and the mega-board game of the Duke we were playing with 18" tiles on a 10'x10' game board! We also hope to have that at PAx next weekend if anyone is going to be near!

    5. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      I second the notion of a Star Wars version of this... can you get the license? That would be awesome.

    6. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      Any chance of getting the Gen Con tournament tiles?

    7. Chris Schreiber on

      I recruited a lot of my former students to help me run demos at a booth where I was working during the convention. At night I showed them all The Duke and they all loved it! Even though I couldn't make the tournament because I was working the whole time, I was absolutely thrilled to hear one of my former students came in second place in the tournament! He was so excited to win a copy of the game. Thank you, Catalyst!

    8. Daniel W. Cisek on

      Wish I could have made it. Any chance to see a pic of the Tournament and the Swashbuckler?