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An innovative, tile-based strategy game. Summon your court, levy your troops, and seize the field of battle!
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    1. Missing avatar

      planetm on

      So with GenCon over, do we have any details on how other backers can get the tile? Please :)

    2. C3

      I think you tripped over the Mountain Chris! I just could not help but bring the snark. =)
      I do believe they will require participation.

      On a different note (though one spawned from Dan's question; if I can call you Dan, hope that's OK). One of the things I didn't think about when voting is if the tile stands alone or if multiple would be interesting to have in your bag. If someone can get a hold of a few sets, it could be fun to have a few in play on your side. I really like the footmen and the duke (probably my most used and most effective tiles, and not just because you start with them), but I find pikemen to be pretty limitted and I always seem to draw them. Maybe replace them with swashies?

    3. Chris Schreiber on

      @Dan (CC: Cole): Sorry, I misread your question, Dan---clearly your question was a more interesting one than the one I answered. I do not know how the Swashbucklers will be handed at Gen Con if you will not be in the tournament but you are still attending Gen Con. In fact, I share your question; but I still think Cole's read on my misread may really be the right read for now. (In case you missed it, I tried to perform a Jump Slide in the middle of that last sentence)

    4. C3

      So that's a no to Dan's question but a yes to eventually being able to get it. ;)

    5. Chris Schreiber on

      @this_is_Dan: Yes. It will be possible to obtain the Swashbucklers without participating in the tournament, but we won't get details until after GenCon. Gen Con is August 15-18 this year.

    6. this_is_Dan on

      Will it be possible to obtain the Swashbuckler at GenCon without participating in the tournament?

    7. C3

      Gratzy Daniel!!!

    8. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      I was hoping one of the dual colors would win. :) my theory about shipping will before when it's ready. So the as long as it's before next con season... @Daniel congrats and enjoy GenCon

    9. Missing avatar

      Marc Waters on

      Congrats Daniel.

      Real quick on other things though. When can we expect the tiles that we made as part of pledge levels and the remaining leather and wood components to be sent?

    10. Daniel W. Cisek on

      I'll be there man.

    11. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      Congrats Daniel! I am okay with being #2 and being tied for #3 :). Hope to meet you at Gencon if you are going!

    12. Chris Schreiber on

      Daniel, will you be at Gen Con?

    13. Chris Schreiber on

      Congrats Daniel! Excited to see this design come to life. In honor of the Swashbucklers, I am standing on my chair trynig t type this c m... comment.
      Okay, maybe I'm not cut out for Swashbuckler behavior, but I'm excited to add the tile to the game -- it's a great addition. Thank you and happy anniversary to you and the Duke as we celebrate the one year date of successfully funding! Cheers.

    14. Christian on

      Congrats Daniel! Can't wait to see it in action at the 'Con!