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An innovative, tile-based strategy game. Summon your court, levy your troops, and seize the field of battle!
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    1. Christian on

      @Delvin- sorry I meant the main comments page:

      Here is Chris' response I was referencing (it's getting buried in the comments now):
      @FORT: The Fort was promoted to the Arthurian Legends tile pack ( after play testing resulted in some tweaks. It is used to reflect when Camelot grants a Command ability to any Legendary tile in the castle. Camelot flips to become a Fort until that Legendary tile leaves the square. You'll also notice that even though there are rules for the Fort in the base game, it is not included on Page 15 and 16 showing the game tiles in the base game. The base game has the Flags in each color (which can function as a Fort or castle if you so choose), the mountain, and the Dragon as the included terrain tiles in the base game.

    2. hugebot on

      @Christian - What main page is that?(Can you post a link?)
      Also, this is the first chance I've had to look at the Robin Hood pack, for the light tiles do you remove the Ranger, the Duchess, a Footman, Pikeman, and the Duke?

    3. Christian on

      @Robert - check out Chris' latest post on the main page, he has the history of why you won't see the Fort tile in the base game box

    4. Robert H. Mitchell Jr.

      @Gerald Collins...and anyone else that's recieved their kickstarter copy of the Duke.

      Did you get a "Fort" tile in your set? My box and extras did not include a "Fort" tile.

    5. Gerald Collins

      Got my copy of The Duke today. They included two sets of green tiles which confused me. I called them and they said the other side would use one of the standard sets so I just went back through the updates and I guess that's right. Originally you were going to have two new colors for the KS colors, but it appears now we only get one. Still not sure why I got two green sets, though, that does allow two games at one time, using both base sets as the opponents of the green.


    6. Chris Schreiber on

      MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED THE GENCON TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION TILE DESIGN CONTEST. We got quite a few entries (over 30!) and some very interesting stuff. Dread was a very popular design element for people and there's also a few tiles using Summon and Divination. I've pulled most everything together and will be double-checking the grids this evening.
      If I have any questions for the designers I will be sending out emails this evening, but I've looked at everything and things look pretty clear. We've got plenty of interesting ideas, some humor, alternate Dukes, a non-gameplay collectible set, a favorite from the first contest (with a twist), and some experiments with asymmetry. I can't wait to share everything with you!

    7. Chris Schreiber on

      @Cole: Oh, I know what you're saying about those suggestions being weak and hard to work into something interesting. I'm encouraging people to have some fun with suggestions and think ahead to blank tiles. I threw together the Butcher tile for fun: (

    8. C3

      I like the idea of it going back into your bag.

      I was trying to come up with ideas for some of those names you listed and they all come out either really under-powered or not having an obvious tie to their name.

    9. Chris Schreiber on

      @Cole: I was also thinking of a Peasant as a handicap that would only move like a traditional pawn from chess on both sides (diagonal forward one step left or one step right), and that when captured immediately goes into your tile bag. That would be a new ability or 'enhanced' tile of course so it can't be submitted for this contest -- not to mention what a terrible, terrible reward for being in a tournament that would be! But I fear I may become a scruffy 'nerf herder' with my blank tiles. :-)

    10. C3

      I like that idea for a handicap Chris.

    11. Chris Schreiber on

      (also posted in main Kickstarter comments)
      @ALL: Here are name ideas for which I couldn't come up with anything solid---maybe others will have better luck than I did? I know these aren't exactly powerful characters and many of these would be very weak; so weak in fact that they may NOT be a good idea for a reward for participating in a tournament. But it's all in the execution and fun of it:
      King of Arms
      Just trying to get your creative juices flowing. I almost always start with the name and fumble with it from there. Granted, this may result in five submissions for a Falconer, but I say "Have at thee!" Obviously this makes my job of pulling things together harder, but I'm easily amused. I did after all, submit the Fool last time:
      I do look forward to see what people come up with for their blank tiles and hope others will post links here in the comments. And note, I may actually use the Fool for some of my blank tiles -- to help balance when people have different experience levels (e.g. She has played so much more than I have, that I need a +3 Fool handicap in her tile bag to help even things out for me).
      DEADLINE - Monday, June 17th, midnight PST

    12. Christian on

      Thanks catalyst! As you describe the rule, it is how I was imagining it but that "ie." kept confusing me. It is clear now.

    13. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      For those having any trouble with the icons in our CS4 file... try this one... I can't seem make it a link in the comment sfield, so you will need to cut and paste:

    14. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      Christian, Yes. I can see how you might read it that way. If you look at it in context with the previous sentence, however, it should be clearer. Basically, for as long as the Dread icon covers your tile, you may not move it or use it until it is uncovered at the start of your turn. "Your" being the frozen tile's owner, not the Dread owner. In effect, it's stuck there until I move away my tile with Dread, or you capture that tile. Hope that helps.

    15. Christian on

      Can someone help clarify the Dread ability? I was clear in the rules until "(i.e. at the start of the controlling player’s turn, the Dread icon is no longer covering the previously frozen tile)." Does that mean "Dread" turns off at the beginning of my turn for all units of mine that have the icon? For example, if I have Morgana in play. My Champion is on the upper left Dread Icon and my opponent's Footman is on the upper right Dread Icon. It is the start of my turn, Morgana hasn't moved so she still has Dread icon covering my Champion and the enemy Footman but it sounds like it doesn't happen until after I move or place a tile. From this, can my Champion jump and capture the enemy Footman even though they are both under the Dread icons? The example in the rulebook has me really turned around on how this power works. Other examples would be nice.

    16. DropDeadCriminal

      Just wanted to say that Catalyst has really stepped it up. I have had some communication with them and they really went out of the way to explain what was going on and help with issues. This contest here also shows an effort to keep the KS backers involved even after the game ships. My confidence has been restored. If they can show this kind of support and communication in their next KS I think they will knock it out of the park.

    17. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      Very likely. On the CS4 .ai, the icons and a short description of their purpose is on the page but not on the art board. It sounds like your CS is only displaying the art board. I'm going to create an art board that has the icons (but no tiles) and that should help anyone else out there who wants to plug-n-play without recreating the icons.

    18. Christian on

      @Catalyst and Chris: I think it's just my old version of Illustrator CS that drops those icons off... Maybe they are part of the font package? In any case, the symbols were easy enough to recreate.

    19. Jon Shelky

      You guys are awesome

    20. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      We do not have a final policy yet for unique vs exclusive. But in this case, as Kickstarters are helping with the tile design and voting, we felt it was not taking away form the GenCon tourney to allow the designers and voters the chance to own the tile as well. Christian, you ned to open it in Illustrator, I think, to get the icons, otherwise they fall off. If that continues to happen, then we will release a second file with all the proper icons. Chris, Thanks for staying on top of this. And thank you all for your support.

    21. Chris Schreiber on

      @EXCLUSIVITY vs. UNIQUE EVENT TILES: Given that we're being asked to help design and vote on the GenCon participation tile(s), I think it is reasonable that Kickstarter backers would have access to the winning design that we help pick. I have no idea what will happen in the future with event tiles. I suspect that will have something to do with how well we generate suggestions for GenCon now and how well this goes after the convention. I appreciate the inclusiveness given these circumstances.

    22. Chris Schreiber on

      @Christian: the icons in the Illustrator build files worked for me (CS5)

    23. Chris Schreiber on

      @RESUBMITTING: You may resubmit previous tile designs if they are covered by the rulebook---basically, no new abilities and icons. When we submitted designs previously, the rulebook wasn't finished and certain abilities weren't set in stone yet. Now we have DREAD and DEFENSE solidly documented in the rules, plus we can work with the enhanced abilities of DIVINATION, SUMMON, ESCAPE, and RANSOM. There's plenty of new design space; the tile just needs to be in sync with the existing rulebook.
      @THEME: no theme, but I don't see why you couldn't suggest one for your own designs given the parameters of the event. You could suggest a single provocative tile (a Cthulhu tile of all strikes) or an innovative tile set where there will be one light and one dark tile meant for each respective tile bag (an Alien vs. Predator set). They seem very open to our ideas in general, but I suspect the community will be more open to tiles that fit the established theme and feel of the Duke.

    24. Missing avatar

      Marc Waters on

      Semantics. Whether the piece is deemed exclusive or whether it is labeled as a Participation tile in an event at Gen Con, one will logically deduce that one has to be present at said event to get said tile. That is not the case here.

    25. Christian on

      Actually, not to nitpick, but the Event description says: "All players will receive a unique Gen Con 2013 The Duke Tournament Participation Tile." I would argue that Unique does not equal Exclusive. Given this description, I don't see any issue with the arrangement described above.

    26. Christian on

      in the builder file, I'm missing the icons... Is that because I had to import it into CS1 (I don't own CS4)? Are other people having the same issue?

    27. Missing avatar

      Marc Waters on

      So, I hate to nitpick, but you said on the GenCon event description that it was exclusive for Con-goers. While I agree that there needs to be an emphasis placed on the community, advertising an con-exclusive piece and then saying that I have other options to get ahold of it is a bit of a irritation.

      Is this going to be a trend for future cons?

    28. Missing avatar

      smercer on

      a) Can we resubmit the tiles we designed for the last competition?
      b) Is there a theme for this year's GenCon that we should be keeping in mind when designing the tile?

    29. Chris Schreiber on

      Already have one submission!

    30. Chris Schreiber on

      Thanks for giving the Kickstarter backers unable to attend GenCon a chance to get the tournament tile! It's also really nice to have the illustrator files to help with constructing tiles.