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An innovative, tile-based strategy game. Summon your court, levy your troops, and seize the field of battle!
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    1. Sent fan Wyærda on

      I've not received a shipping confirmation email and am sure to have finalized each survey. Mailing GS now!

    2. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      @conrad you should get a confirmation email from gamesalute saying order #duke___ has been shipped with tracking through USPS.
      incidentally the gs elves have been very busy. 4 boxes in the last week.
      @catalyst should I email springboard to ask about bonus tiles?? I'm still waiting on leather and boxes but so far the unboxing is great. I don't think I got a dragon but I got two baggies for jester+specter+token

    3. Daniel W. Cisek on

      Congrats tough guy.

    4. Missing avatar

      Conrad Yu on

      Is Game Salute supposed to give out an additional survey, besides the one here on Kickstarter? I have not received any communication at all from Game Salute, though I have already filled out the survey here at Kickstarter.

    5. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks, DDC. And please contact Game Salute right away regarding that error. We will make certain it gets fixed in their system.

    6. DropDeadCriminal

      @ Daniel. It also says assuming the games arrive, and expect. See I can pick words out of a sentence without context as well.
      @Catalyst. I understand what you are saying. That was a gut response to the continued communication issues. Best of luck at the convention.

    7. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      DDC: No intent to deceive. Thought we were clear on the idea that they would be coming home with it on M/T (following the show). As for the Friday/not friday thing, copies will be mailing out during the week. GS plans to be 100% done with 100% of all backers who have answered their survey by Friday. There are about 20 or so that have not answered their survey or are making changes to their orders and so they might not be able to ship as they are still adding expansions and such.

    8. Daniel W. Cisek on

      Completed BY FRIDAY...not UNTIL FRIDAY. According to the information above. Reading is fundamental.

    9. DropDeadCriminal

      So you plan on selling them at the convention on Wednesday but nothing will be shipped to backers until Friday. And even then it wont be all backers. On top of that there is no guarantee that anything will make it out this week.
      So we are not talking about someone getting it Monday and us getting it Tuesday. Now it they get it Wednesday, we get it a week from Wednesday ... maybe...
      You guys really need to stop feeding us crap to cover up your screw-ups. I'd be far less miffed about this if you hadn't given the Monday/Tuesday comment in the last post. Its like you are trying to deliberately deceive us.

    10. Matt Morley

      any further word on the legacy editions?

    11. Catalyst Games 4-time creator on

      sorry. that should say --over 500 games in the mail--. The actual number is above 550.