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Support our effort to breath life (and darkness) into the Symbaroum Monster Codex, made simultaneously in English and Swedish.
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Posted by Järnringen (Creator)

Or... well, not quite yet, but at least we get to see the sun here in the dark north. May the light of Prios help us in the weeks to come, so that all goes well and we can start delivering your rewards in time! :-)


Be it Prios' doing or not, we are happy to report that the work on the Monster Codex and stretch goal items are running along just fine. There is still hope for an April release of the Swedish version, and a June launch of the English one, but as we have said before: we will not send anything to print until we are 100% happy, and we trust that you will forgive us if this translates into a bit of a delay. Let's take a look at where we are, and why not start with a pict of the Dice Tray. Hope you like the less-is-more-design as much as we do.


Second, Tobias Tranell (alias Tabeo Tranfjäder/Craneplume) is hard at work drawing the maps for the Adventure Locations. It looks like there will be three landscapes (written by Paul Baldowski and Mattias Johnsson), but four maps - the final one being a clean adventure map of a setting in Davokar which you GMs can fill with whatever you want. As a sample, here is a draft of the map belonging to Lord of the Bog.


Finally, Johan Nohr has come a long way in designing Section I of the Monster Codex. The style is heavily inspired by Hordes of the Eternal Night by Brother Almagast, the famous black cloak, even if we couldn't use much of his texts - he is simply too drastic and judgmental in his descriptions of the various creatures. Here follows an early draft of... Well, we shouldn't say much about the creature in question, for the sake of any players (not GMs) reading this update. ;-)



So, as you can see, things happening at the Järnringen smithy. We will return with more news and updates along the way, especially if it becomes evident that we will need more time than projected before gong to print.

Have a nice weekend and be safe out there! :-)
/Team Järnringen

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    1. Lejonel on

      Love the clean looking dice tray! Only thing bothering me is the huge Symbaroum text. I understand that you want to add the name of the game but doing it discreatly would yield a much nicer looking tray.

      Other than that - nice work! Don't forget to go riding "pulka" in the Prios blessed snow!

    2. Stefan "The Moth" Ristic

      Fantastic update! The dice tray looks perfect and the layout of the book is pure awesome! This will be one amazing book. And love the fact that we'll get the "blank" map. Hail Järnringen!