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Support our effort to breath life (and darkness) into the Symbaroum Monster Codex, made simultaneously in English and Swedish.
Support our effort to breath life (and darkness) into the Symbaroum Monster Codex, made simultaneously in English and Swedish.
1,251 backers pledged SEK 1,031,062 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bozzy Boz about 5 hours ago

      Always nothing in my mailbox. Who could i contact to know more about where is it ?

    2. Sebastian D. 1 day ago

      @Järnringen: Yes, core information is easy enough to read. It's just some of the fluff texts (especially those in ornate script) that cause me trouble.

    3. Järnringen 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Jörn: You never received ANY of the PDF rewards? Maybe better you send me a PM and we can sort this out.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jörn 1 day ago

      Hi, i just double-checked my emailaccount but it seems i never received an Email for the PDFs... What can i do?

    5. Matthew Paluch
      2 days ago

      i am a dolt. for some reason i never saw that i had gotten a PDF version of the map, so i just compared the two - i received the correct replacement map just now from GQ and so all is well.

    6. Matthew Paluch
      2 days ago

      my map in the upper left where the Compass is says Map Covering Ambria and the Forest of Davokar. this is the wrong map, yes?

    7. Järnringen 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Adrian: Wow, that's really bad, and strange - especially since your order was marked as Dispatched on July 25th. Admittedly, we don't have full access to the GQ system, so I'll have to ask the team about this. I'll send you a PM as soon as I hear something. :-/

    8. Adrian Eccles 2 days ago

      Please never use GQ again. I live in the UK, so you'd expect a reasonably quick response from a UK based distributor.

      I am still to receive anything at all. I contacted GQ over two weeks ago, was told to wait until 10 days after they claimed to have sent out their package. The associated tracking number started working just before that time and as of today still shows that Royal Mail are waiting for GQ to prepare my package. I have confirmed their delivery address is correct, and have received no missed delivery cards or messages, nor have my neighbours received anything.

      I have tried to raise this again with GQ 5 days ago (this was 11 days after their claimed despatch date) and am yet to receive a response.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ramsell 3 days ago

      I too have received the correct map from GQ. To err is human & to their credit GQ put up their hands and said they would sort it out.

      They did and in the end it's GQ's professional response that garners respect . Kudos.

    10. Järnringen 4-time creator 4 days ago

      @Sebastian: Great that the replacements arrived! Regarding Section I, we trust that all VITAL information is easy to read? As for the handouts, it is difficult for us to control in which way people in Ambria and Davokar handle their pencils and brushes... ;-)

    11. Sebastian D. 4 days ago

      Just adding it here, too: my replacement copies were fine. Thanks a lot for quickly sorting that out!

      Also, I finally had the time to read into the codex today. As I suspected, the text in the first part is a little hard to read, but it's still an amazing book. So many interesting monster ideas to insert into a campaign. Plus the art is supreme as always.

    12. Missing avatar

      Liam Kelly on

      Just want to say I also had the wrong map, followed your instructions and fair play to Gamesquest they were very prompt in replying to me and indeed posting out the replacement map.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ambika Kirkland on

      Finally got my Symbaroum loot (on the late side because I was out of the country and needed to have a friend accept the package) and by Prios, it's BEAUTIFUL! And Adventure Pack 3 from the Karvosti Kickstarter was worth the wait as well. I'll be pitting three unfortunate souls against one of the abominations contained in the codex next week. ;)

    14. Zaarin on

      @Järnringen: Yes, I just heard about it from my mom right before I got on here--we'd told my neighbor that I had a package coming and asked her to hold it for me, but apparently my mom said it was *a* book so she assumed this was the wrong package. But it's all sorted now! Thanks! ;)

    15. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Daniel: Yes, my bad, I will add it a.s.a.p. In the meantime, since over a month ago you can find this document as a free download from our webshop. ;-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lundahl on

      Will the GM handouts also arrive in swedish?

    17. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Zaarin: An update on your shipment. Hope you feel it is okay that I share this in the comments section, because it is a FANTASTIC story.

      I just got a message from GQ, saying they they were contacted by a quite confused woman named Tanya. Her mother in law had received a package containing books she claimed not to have ordered, and Tanya was worried that the relative had paid for something she didn't want. It only took med a minute to find out what has happened - she is your neighbor, living a few doors down from you! :-D

      I have told GQ to tell Tanya about the situation, and to ask her to drop the books off at your door. Also, I will PM you the details. Hopefully this saga ends on a positive note...

    18. Missing avatar

      Ian Jenkinson on

      My replacement map arrived today (UK) - Thanks for sorting this out.

    19. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Zaarin: Sadly, I cannot track your package, but since it left GQ July 20 and should take 10-14 working days, it is probably inbound.

    20. Zaarin on

      Is there any way to check the status of my order? It hasn't come yet, and I never received a shipping notice from Gamesquest (which I didn't really expect to because I never have before, but...).

    21. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Shaun: Phew, you gave us a real scare there! :-)

    22. Lucas Pfister on

      I realy have to check my map when I get home ... did not have the time to enjoy and take a close look on the stuff.

    23. Missing avatar

      Shaun Burton

      Actually - ignore my last comment. Whilst both maps are labeled “Ambria & Davokar” they are in fact different. I need to pay more attention before posting!

    24. Missing avatar

      Shaun Burton

      So I contacted GamesQuest about the wrong map, following the instructions provided and they promptly sent me yet another copy of the wrong map!

    25. Missing avatar

      Andy Lloyd on

      Errr ..... oops 😊 missed that 🙄
      Sorry !

    26. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Andy: Then you know what to do, right!? If not, please see update from July 31, named "WRONG MAP? DO THIS!" ;-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Andy Lloyd on

      Hi - sorry for slow response, but I’ve also got the wrong paper map 😀

    28. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Bozzy: Your package was send on July 20, and is said to take 10-14 working days. So hopefully it will arrive early next week.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bozzy Boz on

      Always nothing in my box :( (Paris, Fr)

    30. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Matthew: Glad you are happy about the products. :-)

      I'm PMing you about the PDFs.

    31. Matthew Paluch

      I got the wrong map, following email instructions to fix. ty for warning in advance, it made the disappointment of box-opening far less ragey heh.

      How do i make sure I have the most up to date PDFs please? I searched my email and failed my rolls.

      Codex - AMAZING
      Monsters and traits - AMAZING
      Adv Locations - Wonderful!
      Dice Tray - I had to come back here to look at the picture to see how to make it into a bowl haha! but its gorgeous!!! this was a really nice surprise quality and size-wise, A+

    32. Missing avatar

      Jon Boylan on

      The goodies showed up today. Left work a bit early as my local Post Office folks have a tendency to leave things sort of carelessly and we've got thunderstorms a-brewing.

      Everything looks amazing - the felt map is insanely vibrant!

    33. Isaac Carr

      Arrived in Virginia today. Just like all other Symbaroum products, it is a work of art! You guies should start offering classes in how to run a competent and successful kickstarters!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hill on

      Thanks - I’ve got all the PDFs now, plus an email from GamesQuest saying that I’ll be getting the map in a few days. I am now officially a Happy Bunny.

      Thanks again,
      Jonathan Hill

    35. Missing avatar

      Jon Boylan on

      Oops, please ignore the below! I apparently missed an email some time ago, somehow. I have a link that has the 1.0 regulars pdf and Spreads version. :)

      Sorry for the confusion!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jon Boylan on

      If I understand correctly, we should have a pdf of the Monster Codex already. I also never received an e-mail with the pdf for the Monster Codex, but I did get one with the Adventure Locations, Hidden Treasures, and Symbaroum - Monsters & Traits.

    37. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Jonathan: Start keeping an eye on your inbox... ;-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hill on

      Hi, and thanks for the reply. I’ve already checked My Library at drivethrurpg, and there’s only an item dated 2018-06-12 containing two pdf links for Monster Codex and Monster Codex Spreads, both v1.0.pdf Can you please ensure that I receive the latest links for my pledge.

      Also, thanks for the speedy update on the maps issue, and the books look amazing (the cards aren’t bad either!)

      Jonathan Hill (Monster Hunter level)

    39. Ben Turner

      ... Ah bugger, just realised I selected the wrong pledge level back in the day. Hence why I didn’t get the other stretch goal things. Well, quite annoyed with myself now 😭

    40. Ben Turner

      I’m a little puzzled - I’m a big game hunter backer, and I got my Monster Codex, Adventure Pack 3, a small dice bag and the amazing A2 cloth map addon I paid for.

      But wasn’t there a deck of cards, and a dice tray? And I didn’t get ANY map (other than the cloth one)? Was this expected (two wave delivery?) or some weird distribution issue to Australia? Or have I just been sent half a pledge (albeit the important half!)?

    41. Missing avatar

      Antal Futo on

      @Järnringen: maps were OK in my package in Hungary. These books are awesome!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ian Jenkinson on

      I’ve sent an email to GamesQuest as per recent update. Thanks both to them and yourselves for acknowledging the map mistake and sorting it. Like you say mistakes can happen, it’s what you do after the mistake that in my opinion is the most important thing in customer relations.
      Can I also just say how impressed I am with the quality of your books etc. I love the art and look of each sourcebook and that’s even before I read the thing!
      Roll on October (hopefully) for the next Kickstarter delivery

    43. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Sebastian: Sorry to hear this, although I expect that GamesQuest will be as annoyed with the courier as you and me are. I'm sending you a PM to discuss this further.

    44. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Jonathan: Did you log into your DriveThruRPG library to see if you can download them from there? The links to the Stretch Goal Items were distributed late last week.

    45. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Thomas-Joseph: Glad you find the books to your liking. :-) As for dice, that's a definite YES. Although we cannot say exactly when ... ;-)

    46. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Kyle: Strange that your package should travel by way of Sweden? In any case, you should absolutely send GamesQuest a message to ask about this:

    47. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @All: See today's update here on Kickstarter for information on what to do if you received the wrong map.

    48. Järnringen 4-time creator on

      @Timothy: Thanks for pointing this out. It should be (III), giving it Armor 8.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hill on

      UK backer - just opened my package today (busy weekend) and I’ve also received the Thistle Hold map instead of the Hidden Treasures one. Additionally, I’ve not had a link to the PDFs for the add-ons sent to me, just a mail on 12th June with the link for the Monster Codex book at drivethrurpg but nothing else. How can I get a link for the other items?

      Jonathan Hill (Monster Hunter level)

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