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Support our effort to breath life (and darkness) into the Symbaroum Monster Codex, made simultaneously in English and Swedish.
Support our effort to breath life (and darkness) into the Symbaroum Monster Codex, made simultaneously in English and Swedish.
1,251 backers pledged SEK 1,031,062 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Järnringen 4-time creator 4 days ago

      @Mattias & VonHales: See today's update for information. ;-)

    2. VonHales 5 days ago


      Are we still in line for a June delivery date for the english version?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mattias 6 days ago

      Ett par frågar
      Hur går det med boken? Mitten av Maj nu 😊
      Tänkte beställa Äventyrspaket 3. Utan korten monster o särdrag. Men har backat monsterboken. Så dom skulle ni skicka senare. Så frågan. Går det att skicka det samtidigt? Onödig att skicka två paket.

    4. VonHales 7 days ago


      Very understandable and you guys are doing a great job.

      Thank you,

    5. Järnringen 4-time creator 7 days ago

      @VonHales: Update coming before the weekend. But, yes, we are definitely closing in on print. However, with so many things up in the air, it is currently a bit difficult to see just how close we are. :-D

    6. VonHales 7 days ago

      Are we close to printing?

    7. Colm Doyle
      on April 22

      @Kiwihiker, oh, my! That’s a bummer! Well, you know what to do now, time to get a new mother-in-law!

    8. Kiwihiker on April 13

      The enigma of the missing package has been solved; my mother-in-law was at our place, signed for it and has no idea what she did with it. Sigh, my apologies to GQ (and I've emailed them). Looks like I know what at least two of my add-ons will be in the Yndaros campaign...

    9. Järnringen 4-time creator on April 9

      @Stefan: It warms our hearts to read those words, truly. Of course, we feel the same, but it is always fantastic to learn that others agree. :-)

    10. Stefan "The Moth" Ristic
      on April 9

      Even though Fria Ligan is amazing with their game lines, I think you guys and girls did a spectacular job with this game and Symbaroum is definitely the crown jewel of the RPG industry at the moment, for me at least. There's just something special and unique about Symbaroum, a thing that you can't find in any other game, and that is something to truly admire.

    11. Järnringen 4-time creator on April 9

      @Paulo: Yes, this time we will offer previous prints as add-ons; not all, but the main products.

    12. Järnringen 4-time creator on April 9

      @Kiwihiker: Yes, this is disappointing indeed. I thought that all issues were solved... I'll send them a reminder immediately!

    13. Kiwihiker on April 9

      I continue to have no update from GQ - extremely disappointed. I shall attempt to contact them one more time.

    14. Paulo R. Alves de Oliveira on April 6

      I for one want to complete my symbaroum collection through this next kickstarter (unfortunately was not able last time), like I did with Coriollis. If you guys can made available the other books as add-ons or pledge levels, I certainly would be glad to oblige.

    15. Järnringen 4-time creator on April 6

      @Zaarin: Yes, it really warms our hearts to see Free League having such success with Coriolis; maybe we should have held on to that brand instead of selling it to Paradox. :-D

      Seriously, Free League still has greater reach than us, so if the Yndaros campaign is to match their pledge amount we really need your help. The Symbaroum Core Rulebook is selling out time and again in the US and we keep sending more, but it is also a matter of letting those buyers know that they can find us on Kickstarter.

    16. Zaarin on April 5

      So, Emissary Lost has concluded after smashing through all its stretch goals--now when can I give you guys my money? ;)

    17. Francis Black on April 4

      Books arrived. Amazing as always.

    18. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 26

      @All: We reached out through our back channels and GQ were quick to reply (see below). We know waiting for feedback can be frustrated, but you can be sure that the GQ team is working very hard to make you (and us) happy! :-)

      "I am sorry for the delays, our Customer Service team is swamped under right now but we've hired new staff and are rapidly working through the backlog. I have asked for these people to be prioritised today and a search done for any other customers who may have open tickets."

    19. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 26

      @Kiwi & Francis: We have asked about the situation and are waiting for a reply. As soon as we know, you will!

    20. Kiwihiker on March 26


      Please advise what needs to be done when Games Quest lacks the courtesy to respond to an enquiry logged through their own contact form?

    21. Francis Black on March 24

      I’m in the same boat except I did get a response from GQ two weeks ago and hen haven’t heard anything since...

    22. Kiwihiker on March 22

      I’ve had no response from Games Quest; what is my next step to get a status update on my Core Rulebook/Advanced Players Guide mailing?

    23. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 22

      @Ambrika: We will send out a reminder when the time for shipping draws near. Also, we can always hold the order and ship it at a later time, if you order us to do so. :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Ambika Kirkland on March 22

      The June delivery for the English version is making me begin to worry about how the shipping might coincide with summer vacation. Like many people in Sweden, I'll be out of town for a good month starting around midsummer. Given that PostNord only holds packages for two weeks....I'm wondering when the last opportunity will be to potentially change my delivery address in case I need to find someone else to receive the package for me.

    25. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 21

      @VonHales: :-D

    26. VonHales on March 20

      600th post, You guys are awesome and I can't wait for this book.

    27. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 19

      @Patrik: We will post a lengthy progress update later this week; just waiting for more facts (and a certain piece of art) before doing so. :-)

    28. Kiwihiker on March 17

      Have just sent a query to Games Quest, waiting on a response; out of curiosity - anyone in Australia received books yet (if yes, which city, and when)?

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrik Bång on March 17

      Ligger planen i fas för monsterboken, så den kommer under april?

    30. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 15

      @VonHales: Worth looking into, absolutely ...

    31. VonHales on March 14

      With the extended lead time for the Darkest Star campaign book it would be really cool to plan out a Fantasy Grounds stretch goal. I really want to continue the campaign I started in December with my family but they are all over the county. (The Community build just isn't cutting it)

      Just a request from a die hard fan.

    32. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 14

      @Pandatheist: Adventure Pack 3 was a stretch goal in our previous KS for Karvosti - The Witch Hammer. We are waiting for our art department (also known as Martin Grip) to finish up the final illustrations before going to print, aiming at a release in June or (hopefully) May. No special KS is planned for that one, but we will likely run a pre-purchase campaign (with some added bonus) in our webshop.

      As for your second question, or rather, your suggestion... That is not a terrible idea, not at all, although it will be a while before we can fit such a product into our shedule. ;-)

    33. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 14

      @Rebecca: Your book should have been sent by now... Have you contacted GamesQuest? If not, I suggest you send them a message to inquire about the shipment. And please get back to us if the situation isn't solved.

    34. Missing avatar

      Pandatheist on March 14

      Its nice to see 2 great developers coordinating. 2 quick questions. I saw someone in the comments mention Adventure pack 3. Will that be a separate kickstarter later this year or part of the Yndaros campaign? Second, any chance at a future hardback compilation of the adventure packs? It would look much nicer on the shelf next to all the other Symbaroum books :)

    35. VonHales on March 13

      I am ready to spend another $70+ on Symbaroum. Any update when the next KS will be starting?

    36. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Curran on March 13

      I’m an Elf Hunter (English) backer in the US, should I have received my copy of the Witch Hammer book by now? I know international shipping takes a while, but want to know when I should be concerned.

      (Also can’t wait for your April Kickstarter!)

    37. tommaso on March 13

      I Have backed coriolis KS and will back Symbaroum Yndaros as soon as it hits KS.
      Good Job Swedish Fellas !! KEEP YOUR STUFF COMING !

    38. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 13

      @Antonio: Yes, as a Monster Hunter you can expect your delivery in June (if all goes according to plan). :-)

    39. Missing avatar

      Antonio García Ortiz on March 13

      Hello, i´m from spain but i haven´t received anything yet, it´s normal? Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      Carl Landsberg on March 11

      Wanna help build the symbaroum community?
      You can find us on Facebook or discord.



    41. Jose Garcia on March 2

      From Puerto Rico here. Received my core and advance guide. But they came with a dent on the bottom from the shipping.

      Apart from that the books are beautiful.

    42. Järnringen 4-time creator on March 2

      @Francis: Seeing the other reports on arriving packages, I think you can assume that your books are en route. GQ knows more, of course, and mentioning your name and Symbaroum should be enough - I have had LOTS of communication with them over the last weeks, both with the fulfillment team and the support ... ;-)

    43. Missing avatar

      on March 1

      US Abomination - happy to report that I received my core rules and apg today; they look fantastic!

    44. Francis Black on March 1

      Still nothing on my end. No response from GQ either. Is there a product code I can reference in emailing them? Or do I just mention Symbaroum Kickstarter?

    45. Zaarin on February 28

      My Corebook and APG just arrived! Wow, these books are gorgeous, even more gorgeous in print than PDF. :D

    46. Neil Gow on February 27

      Quick follow-up: my Karvosti arrived yesterday, moments before the notification email telling me it was on the way! Thanks.

    47. Zaarin on February 26

      @Liam Kelly: If Fria Ligan offers it, I will buy it. :D Järnringen is new to me as of this Kickstarter, but I've been super impressed, both with the quality of the products and with how proactively they've engaged with the community. :)

    48. Järnringen 4-time creator on February 26

      @All: I just spoke to GQ, and they will send out an email to all concerned, explaining the situation. As I understand it, the label on the packages is correct, despite it being wrong in the notifications. Hopefully, they can explain it more clearly. :-)

    49. Järnringen 4-time creator on February 26

      @All: I have contacted GQ. Hopefully this is due to something they managed to clear up before shipping, but which is still wrong in the notifications. I'll get back to you as soon as I know.

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