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Galileo is an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches.
Galileo is an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches.
Galileo is an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches.
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    1. Motrr Creator on

      Check out the brand new Golem app for Galileo!

      Demo Video:

    2. Motrr Creator on

      Join the Project Galileo Newsletter for the latest deals and updates on Galileo, mount adapters, and partner apps. Just follow this link:

    3. Motrr Creator on

      GoPro mount adapter for Galileo is now available! Get 20% off using promo code GalileoForGoPro on

      See for more info.

    4. Junji Suzuki on

      I have entered the information in the following URL to long ago and has become what I do is not reach yet commodity?
      Shipping please do still together also GoProMount If not shipping.

    5. Paul on

      I do hope backers will get a discount on new device inserts �

    6. Missing avatar

      Darrick on

      Based on info in the form link that Motrr posted the iPhone 6 insert should be available in their online store "Late October"

      I am shocked that Motrr would miss this deadline!

      I just ordered mine on shapeways

    7. Missing avatar

      Darrick on

      Check for Galileo iPhone

      Some guy has a few different adapters to flip the iPhone 5/5S/6/6+ around to locate the camera in the middle "nodal" point. Doesn't look like the phones can do a complete backflip anymore though, offset too much.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike Hill on

      Hi Motrr team - any plans to produce an insert for Galileo that takes the iPhone 6 ?

    9. Motrr Creator on

      Rango - 360˚ Video Calling for Galileo. It's finally here!…

    10. Paul Rosenberg

      I have not received mine yet..... Please check your messages, I NEED it !

    11. Walace A Santana on

      I have not received my Galileo!
      Date 10/31/2012
      Order # 5016
      Terms Kickstarter Donation
      Shipping Method FedEx International

    12. Motrr Creator on

      @Vikas We are working on a suite of adapters to expand the usability of Galileo. We hope to have them available on by Thanksgiving.

      Regarding video calling, you can sign up to be a beta tester by following the link in the previous post. The next few months are going to be really exciting for us :)

    13. Vikas Idnani on

      Apple has released the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus any plans on supporting either of those devices with a new insert? Specs have been released, full detailed specs of the phones are available.

      Motrr live is still not released, can you advise what stage of development you are at? Are you in stage and testing yet?

      Can you please give us an estimate of your timelines?

    14. Motrr Creator on

      Do you want to test the latest and greatest software from Motrr and our app partners?

      Apple is rolling out TestFlight with iOS8, which makes it easy for us to distribute pre-release versions of our apps to you. This is exciting for all of us because it means you can be a more integral part of the app development process.

      Just fill out the form below and we'll send you an invite. For our app partners, we will forward on your email address and recommend they add you as a beta tester via Apple TestFlight.…

      Thanks so much!!

    15. Motrr Creator on

      @Gero Nobody wants a video calling app more than we do. Working on it.

      @Paul We need official specs from Apple before we can commit to any manufacturing. We'll know more soon.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gero Dimitrov on

      "6 weeks" is in 2 days. You better have that video calling app ready or just shut business if I was you.

    17. Paul on

      I hear Apple will be announcing the new iPhone next month. Roughly how long will it take before we have compatible inserts for use with the Galileo?

    18. Motrr Creator on

      If you haven't received your Galileo yet, please fill out this form:…

    19. Motrr Creator on

      We post our most creative stuff on instagram. Visit or search motrr from the instagram app and #motrr when you share!

    20. Motrr Creator on

      Motrr is just getting started. We are now working our way into retail stores, see:…

      All because of you. Thank you Kickstarters!

    21. Motrr Creator on

      To control your Galileo directly over Bluetooth, use the D-pad feature in the updated Motrr app:…

    22. Motrr Creator on

      If you have not received your Galileo yet, please read the latest update:

    23. Motrr Creator on

      Months ago we handed over the video calling project to another app developer. We expect to have a big announcement in the next 6 weeks.

    24. Missing avatar

      hightime247 on

      When does Motrr Live come?
      There is no information about it on your Web site.
      Do you stop developing the apps? It is a betrayal to the backers.

    25. Paul on

      Yes it works well & looks great, but no Motrr Live app - the main reason I bought the Galileo :-(

      Come on Motrr, pretty pleaaase ;-)

    26. Pasha on

      just got mine -- works like a charm! and I absolutely love the form factor~

    27. Ronald Hankel on

      Just received my refund via Paypall, not the complete amount of my pledge but close enough and I can close this case...

    28. Sam Lowrie on

      Has anyone managed to get a refund anyone still waiting? Was there a date given or should we give up all hope? :-P

    29. Missing avatar

      Gero Dimitrov on

      When Motrr Live is going to be released? You do realise that you've sold this gadget, because of an app that is not yet available right?!

    30. Paul on

      Any news on when the video chat app going to be released?

    31. Paul on

      Any news on when the video chat app going to be released?

    32. Paul on

      Any news on when the video chat app going to be released?

    33. Loïc on

      Anyone has a good app to use with it because with sphere and timelapse the result is awfull. A lot of pictures are supperposed. --> impossible to use my galileo for now! After 2 years you should be able to create an app!

    34. Chris Chan on

      I have not receive my Galileo. Can any body help me ? Just way too long for this for two years to get this.

    35. Naoki Terai on

      No confirmation email, no shipment notice, no Galileo.
      2 years is too long to wait?

    36. Ryuji Watanabe on

      Got my Galileo today! Thanks

    37. Missing avatar

      Thiefsie on

      Finally received mine this week - unhappy to know that the bluetooth version is not compatible with vanilla iPhone 4.

      Now I need to request that an app is made to let the Galileo run with the camera facing backwards so it actually uses the nodal point as per here:

      Basically as I intended my iPhone 4 to be a more disposable camera to leave out for time lapses and have my actual phone (iPhone 5) handy for making calls this is disappointing. Looks like I will have to 'control' the galileo from my iPhone 5 while the 4 is docked inside it.

    38. Daniel Bérubé on

      Whomever is handling communication now for Motrr,

      Can you please update me and ship to me my two bluetooth compatible limited edition Kickstarter green Galileos? Why has this not happened yet? I'm very patient, however while I wait, I continue to receive emails from Motrr and other companies advertising Galileos for sales off of your website and from Photojojo - this is honestly insulting to me, having invested in this Kickstarter project with my own good money but not having received my reward, and not receiving any communication back from Motrr to my continued inquires. Please, kindly reply back with how this will be resolved and kindly, thank you! I believe in your product - that is why I funded your Kickstarter campaign - now I want to receive my two Galileos so I can use them! :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Wong on

      Still waiting. But it appears that others who did not support this KS will actually be able to get them before I do. Albeit for a higher price, but still......

    40. Daniel Bérubé on

      Hello again, trying to get hold of Motrr?

      Can you *please* tell me when I will receive my two limited edition Kickstarter Green Galileo Bluetooth? This has taken very long to receive and I have been very patient! Thank you! :)

    41. Mark Roeschl on

      Last message from Motrr Team on Dec, 18th 2013 with the promise to deliver Galileo asap after holidays.
      Since then NOTHING!
      This treatment is not professional at all.

    42. Justin Kinnel on

      Black Bluetooth Galileo for sale 150 obo. Message me!

    43. Daniel Bérubé on

      Can you *please* tell me when I will receive my two limited edition Kickstarter Green Galileo Bluetooth? This has taken very long to receive and I have been very patient! Thank you! :)

    44. Alex Mak on

      Today I was pleasantly surprised, my package arrived (FedEx).
      And. It's great! Yeap, it's a little bit fragile (make sure You're not applying too much pressure). But it's really well made, have soft touch finish, several rubber plugs for different devices (You can even fit there iPhone in case if plug removed). Even micro USB cable is a masterpiece (but not very flexible and short =P).

    45. Alex Mak on

      *on message that i've sent

      Oh. And about Your eMail:

      Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

      Technical details of permanent failure:
      Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

      The error that the other server returned was:
      550 #5.1.0 Address rejected.

    46. Alex Mak on

      Duh. I'm still waiting for answer that I've sent on 23 Dec...-_-

    47. TABU Design on

      I need my Galileo!!! I have moved from iPhone 4 to 4s to 5 and to 5s....

    48. Seçkin KILIÇ on

      Still no answers to messages, still no tracking code, still nothing...

      Please change this project's name to something else. I do NOT want a great scientist's name live in your faulty management and never-delivered product.

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