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$1,450 pledged of $3,200 goal
By Thomas Lakey
$1,450 pledged of $3,200 goal

Recent updates

1 Week To Go!

Well i have had such little activity since my last update that i feel this kickstarter will most likely not succeed. with just a week to go i cant imagine raising enough, but that's ok.  this was still a good learning experience for me.

I guess i feel i just could not reach enough people no matter how hard i tried.  i can see the statistics of people that have viewed my video and its only 250 right now.  if i ever try kickstarter again i will have to have a better plan on how to get it out to people.

I want to say thank you to the ones that did donate, and maybe ill try again on something else.  i have numerous projects I'm working on currently including more sculptures, and some big film projects.

Those of you that want to stay updated on any of my work, make sure to message me your email addresses and ill email out updates as they come.  also any artist or creative people in my area that way want to collaborate please message me.  I'm always looking for people to work with.

Also here are all the original sketches i did for the living letter project.  i usually dont sketch very much on things i do and just jump right in.  its neat to see what things changed through the process though.

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30 Days To Go

First off thank you for all who have donated and those who have helped spread the word.

next i want to address messages i have been getting about people wanting my other work that can bee seen on my other websites and in the video.  right now this kickstarter is my priority and needs to be my focus.  once the last of my rewards is sent out i will be happy to start on some new things for those who want them.  and anyone who donates to me now will be my next priority when i move on to the next thing.

also the success of this kickstarter will determine if i can even do some of those new things people want.  as of now shipping ceramics is hard and expensive, but if i get this printer then shipping the plastic figurines will be much easier on everyone.  so anyone that may want something from me in the future should try to donate what they can now, or try to spread knowledge of this kickstarters existence.

so i still ask if anyone knows how i can get more people to see this just let me know, or go ahead and do what ever you think will work, (just dont spam of coarse).  i have my friends and family on social network sites, and i have contacted all my local resources like newspapers.  i also have a few other art sites out there that have plugged it too.

as donations come in i am working on more of the 3-D models.  i have A through I about 90% completed.  ill wait to do the final details on all of them until i see just how detailed the printer will print them.  so just keep in mind these photos are not to be final, but still should be the basic shape.

Thanks Everyone,

Thomas Lakey

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