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A push your luck, set collection card game from the creators of Call of Cthulhu and board game design legend Reiner Knizia
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Shipping update

Posted by Chaosium Inc. (Creator)

Dear MU Scholars,

We have been working with the MU game manufacturer to get the completed games onto ships and into our fulfillment warehouses as quickly as possible. Due a shipping backlog and the extra paperwork associated with the current trade conditions between the US and China the games are still en route to our 3 regional fulfillment warehouses.

For more clarity, I'd like to outline the final remaining steps in the shipping process and the delivery of the game to the backers.

1. The games are shipped from the manufacturer in China to our three fulfillment warehouses in the US, the UK, and Australia.

2. We make one last call for address updates before final shipment to backers begins.

3. Final shipment from our three regional warehouses to you.

Due to unforeseen delays in shipping from China to our 3 regional warehouses we are still at first phase of the final shipping process. The games are done, and are in cargo containers headed to our three regional warehouses. I have asked the game manufacturer for the expected arrival dates for the 3 regional shipments, and should have that very soon.

We apologize for this delay in shipping the completed games. As soon as we have a more specific date we will provide it in another update.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Moran Taylor on

      Thanks for the update :)

    2. Missing avatar

      V2C on

      Do you send to Australia and then back to China, South Korea, Japan ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Rob Tayloe

      As a Quality Manager for many years, understand that "stuff" happens, even when try to prepare for all contingencies... however there be times that factors way outside of our hands and control interfere... so, thank you for the news, and please stay upbeat as possible, and continue to share updates soon as possible... no news just brings demons from the closets!

    4. Missing avatar

      Stefano Pellone on

      Sorry, but I can't be happy for this news. You leave us with no news about the delivering for almost the entire November and now we know that we must wait for an unspecified time. I'm very disappointed.

    5. Chaosium Inc. 4-time creator on

      We will provide the names of the ships as soon as we have them. It's fun to track them online as they sail towards their destinations. usually the Australian ship arrives first, followed by the US shipment, and lastly the UK ship. In the past we have referred to these as the "ships of Cthulhu".

    6. Thomas Thetford on

      I patiently await my expected sanity loss!

    7. Frederick Olsen on

      Thank you for the communication. This is all that's required in my opinion for a kickstarter to be considered successful. We all know hiccups are going to happen, and it's nonsense to expect that everything will go perfectly. As long as you keep your backers in the status loop, you won't have weird mushrooms of doubt sprouting in the darkness.

    8. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney

      Will you be giving us the names of the boats?

    9. Chaosium Inc. 4-time creator on

      We have have asked the manufacturer for a more specific shipping status, and should have that shortly.

    10. Soulshredder

      What does that mean, en route? Is that in the ship and on its way, or is that in the warehouse and will be on a ship soon?
      And things can go wrong, that's okay. It is just nice to be informed about that in time.